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“36 and his friends” Spring Festival version!

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Superman evaluation


It has also reached the “36 and his friends” big factory gift box evaluation link! Every year, we will receive a lot of packaging gift boxes during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, and in these three festivals,

The gift box in the Spring Festival is the most superficial assessment classmate!

After all, in the Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, most gift boxes are all types of scorpions and moon cakes. Every time we have to eat fluster, leading to the selection of scorpions and moon cakes after every time you have finished the selection.

And the gift box of the Spring Festival, everyone exerts more space, each evaluation will bring us new surprises.


Not much to say, let us see what surprises have brought us on the year of the Year of the Tiger!

Byte beating

As the world’s fifth company in 2021 engineers, the byte beating is naturally not soft.

In all gift boxes in this assessment, the gift box of the byte is a number of two in size or weight.


After dismantling, it was found that the gift box of the byte was “routine operation” such as the couplet and red envelope.

The brand of pots is Morphy Richards, a British brand with nearly a hundred years of history. The multi-functional pots of their family have some small heat on the Internet for two years. They are called net red pots by netizens.


I have to say that the British net red pot is really good, the color and the feel are first class.

It is said that a multi-function pot can be used to boil, stir,, fried, fried, roast, brand, it seems to have it, the Spring Festival can learn some cooking (fried kitchen) skills at home.

Byte beating public welfare

Byte beating Every festive season is a big hand, and all different business units will launch their own gift boxes.

This public welfare gift box

It is the “Yuanshan Blessing” embroidered theme gift box that is created with the “Genius Mom” ​​public welfare project, and the female country-owned non-legacy crafts in Yunzhichuan area have invited nearly 1,000 non-legacy crafts.

There are four patterns, integrated into four non-embroidered skills, what kind of patterns on the scarf are comparable to the blind box, which is very cultural.


The red scarf in our gift box is attached to a cute little tiger embroidery, and the water washing is 100% mulberry, but the texture is cashmere, soft and thick.

This process is simply shock!




Tencent this year’s gift box theme interprets what is “big landscape.”

Take “Technology Sickness” as the vision and mission Tencent, this year’s gift box is also a public welfare topic.


The most eye-catching in the gift box is of course three magnetic pastes made from the enamel process, which can be attached to the refrigerator or stick on the metal plate in the calendar in the gift box.

It should not be said that Tencent’s red envelope design is also very “low-key luxury connotation”. Unfortunately, everyone now uses WeChat to send a red envelope, so let’s talk about whether there is a WeChat red envelope cover with the same paragraph?


Jingdong This spring gift box is the theme of “home ceremony”, the content inside the gift box is really “home”. In addition to the most basic coupled and red envelopes, there are dolls, Jingdong movie coupons and all kinds of snacks.

Here you must focus on the praise of all kinds of snacks inside the gift box:

It is said that these snacks are selected through multi-wheel employee voting.


Moreover, Jingdong also conducted nucleic acid detection for food, escorting the health of the “brothers”.

There is a saying that these snacks are really very delicious, especially the yogurt hobbies and white pembers, and we can’t stop at all. really! However, we are said that the Spring Festival has not yet been eaten?

It is recommended to send more boxes to the brothers of Superman!


Netease (Wen Jiang)


Netease Danguang is a partner of this year’s winter Okue.


So this time, the king’s three gift box has a lot of ice and snow themes. For example, this “future silk scarf” related to ice and snow movement (meaning the future), a snow photo frame that can be changed background photo, And a set of refrigerator stickers.

More fun is to have a set of 22 Datota, the new year is suitable for engaging some metaphysics, accurately pining the psychology, there is a golden card, scan the QR code above, you can get a king three three NFT Picture and a lovely king three three red envelope electronic cover.

Wang Sanli calendar, in addition to a luminous base, it also designed an acrylic plate next to it, and it can be made by the coming whiteboard.

But the most practical or this is the couple: the delivery takeaway is put directly, don’t knock on the door, don’t be shouted, horizontal: you have worked hard

It is true that there is a true love in the world, and the city youth most wants to take the time to take the courier, let this couple helped this.

Tik Tok


The most exciting link of the Spring Festival gift box this year,

It is the shake and fast hand, two old opponents have actually don’t work together!

The theme of the shake Spring Festival gift box is called “wuhu take-off”, but it is good enough that there is also a “dance tiger take-off” couplet in the Spring Festival gift box.

As a network infarction, we must need to go to the science: “Wuhu takes off” this stalk actually originated from the League of Legends, the Heroes of the Fighting Platform, Wuhu Mission. We can only say that in 2021, Sima is actually “take off”. After all, he was also elected as a member of the Wuhu Municipal Committee last year!

Half a day, what is the “WUHU Takeoff” gift box of shakes? First, there are many red envelopes and couplets in the Spring Festival gift box, in addition to this, there is a portable speaker and tiger hand of the cat.

quick worker

The Spring Festival gift box produced by “Quick Hand Sale” is one of the Spring Festival gift boxes that can be purchased in the official channel.


The price of the Taobao shop is 288 yuan (currently seemingly sold out).

288 yuan is not cheap, but I can only say that it is really a penny.

First of all, the packaging of the trick gift box is very simple.

It is a paper shell that is not removed like some complex gift boxes.


The gift box is also very “rich”, a tiger hanging bag with a change, can turn the aromatherapy candle, the tiger theme blanket and window flowers.


One of them is satisfied with the Tiger theme blanket, because it is true that it feels very good!

In addition, there is a pair of windows in the gift box, which is a work from the quick-ended non-legacy – Shandong silhouette, this wave of small links are really very heartless.

Many large-scale Spring Festival gift boxes will be attached to a couplet, and the traveler is also bright, especially the “dance tiger take off” in the horizontal batch –


The skill of the fast-handed classmates is really shouting “Dance”.


Small red book


I really should add chicken legs to Xiaohong Book design team!

The design of the small red book gift box is simple and not simple, and the outer packaging looks very textured. And whether the last time we evaluate the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box or this Spring Festival gift box, the design language maintains coherence.

The Spring Festival gift box of Xiaohong Book is still a little small, to break the “window paper” to take out the New Year.

In addition to a “true little red book” in the gift box, there are several beautiful red envelopes, a camping light and “German heart disease” card game (there is a card with a card and a rimbell) .

In our doubts why the little red book is to send these things in the gift box, the explanation inside the gift box told us answers:

Because the year beast is afraid of red, rays and sound!


It’s too cultural family! After the epidemic is alleviated, it will bring this exquisite gift box to engage a small red book exquisite camping party!


The gift box is printed to limit the tiger’s skin version of small TV, you can love love.


Open the box with two B stations special thermos cup, and the 22nd mother and 33 mother are printed. This kind of cute little thing is of course a must-have!

Unlike other home delivery calendar, the B station directly completely auntie – steampunk wind machinery clock, all hand-made self-assembled, hand-made enthusiasts, hand-made party crazy.

For the annual card of the B.


Thank you B station package, I will watch TV freedom for one year!

Watermelon video

Watermelon video This year’s Spring Festival gift box is the theme of “Xiyou”.

Xiyou has three layers of meaning: rare, Xiyou and Xiangyou


Represented the blessings of watermelon creators.

Watermelon gift box is a leather suitcase, in addition to custom watermelon video logo badges and tea cup sets, there is a whole “shooting package”: there is a lantern, reel coupleding, fan, auspicious graphics and shooting screen, annual concentration Extreme, meaning, I hope everyone can also be created during the New Year!

Himalaya FM

Several companies have a small shopping box every year of the Spring Festival gift box, and this year is round to Himalaya!


I think about it to the reporter’s short-term short-term short-term, but the epidemic will not be able to move everyone in place.

The gift box is quite rich, determined to fill my stomach and brain, including Himalayan VIP membership card, red envelope set, mascot cotton doll, fierce male powder neck pillow, a big bag, small snacks … Zero straw heap.


There is a saying, your IP cotton doll is still very cute, excellent workmanship, worth learning!

Know almost

Although there is not much “annual taste”, it is exuded at the breath of knowledge.

Open the gift box, there are only two products: a 2022 calendar that is known to launch, and five cold-clad coffee from Budget coffee.

Knowing the calendar and community style, each page is a question, and behind it is known as the user’s answer. Have such a calendar to ensure that you can learn some useless knowledge every day. (About the detailed introduction of the calendar, you can refer to our previous 2022 days of evaluation)

As for cold-class coffee, there is no time to taste, but there is a lesson of the last Mid-Autumn Festival gift box. I believe that these coffee liquids will not let everyone do “jet warrior”.



The famous Miha Tour should no one don’t know?

This year, the Tiger Year gift box is a very practical sealing can, three pieces of sealing can, all kinds of nuts of the mountain walnuts are all kinds of nuts; in addition to this, there are three-dimensional window flowers, refrigerator stickers, multi-function storage dispensing The whole staff is red, it is very in line with the Spring Festival adjustment, except for eating.

The necessary red envelope set is going to live, this red transparent PVC bag is more suitable for children, relatives, and directly put the red envelope directly after the year of money.

In addition, the theme design of the gift box is also worth mentioning: combining the traditional “lucky improvement of the treasure” with the currency design of several major games of the company (collapsed into the school 2, collapsed 3, the unstoped event book, the original God) , With the ear of the IP p 姆 姆, the lucky property is straight!

Anyway, there is this gift box, and I will not agree with the Year of the Tiger.


After taking the Miha, we must not be less Lili!

Lily’s New Year gift box design is a little careful

: The outer packaging box itself is a puzzle maze toy, manipulating a small red ball from the starting point to the end through balanced way.

I have to say, this game is really a time tool. I don’t know if Lili’s classmates are always holding the new year gift box in the last few days before the Spring Festival.

In addition, the gift box also comes with a 95th copy of calligrapher Zhu Jingyi’s calligraphy calendar. It can be said that it is sincere, the literary case has “killer in order to cool anything”, “people are iron rice is steel for one day. Panic, “Rock,” presenting a copy of the copy of nonsense literature and literature.

The competitive world is not happy


The competitive world may not be very familiar with the original aging agricultural approval for love to play the glory of the king and the king.

But we can hear that they are the largest landlord game company in the universe.

So what is there in the new spring gift box of the entire universe? In the first place, there is a tiger skin blanket. It seems that I am afraid that everyone is frozen in the New Year. This orange jumping tiger is a blanket. It is simply as if it is Wu Song.

There is also a Spring Festival couplet in the gift box. Shanglian: Tiger year old tiger is hitting the sky; the following: Le Fule enjoys the Yue year, the horizontal batch: Tiger Le Double, anyway, the tiger is really a lot.

In addition, the tiger red envelope and an environmentally friendly DuPont paper were also sent, and the carbon was completed as soon as possible.



The design of the fish is a fifaka

A total of two-story Aka hometown two-storey self-building, adding a strong feelings of hometown in the New Year, and work hard.

Pull the drawer is a bucket doll with a tiger skin contempt set, a bucket breacha, and two pretend to be a hydrangea, it is really not able to install it. You can hang it without consuming the Christmas tree. atmosphere.

The biggest squatting is this electric red envelope. It comes with a battery, allowing you to make red packets to make it immediately to play, and achieve common prosperity.

Business soup

As a Shang Dynasty, one of the four small dragons, it is finally welcoming at the end of 2021.

And its share price has not yet disappointed with investors and investors.

As a company just listed successfully, the gift box of Shang Tang still lets us look forward to it. The Spring Festival gift box of Shang Dynasties is a soft shell, except for the red envelope, there is a snack bag, neck pillow, eye mask and luggage. It is indeed very business, and the employees who may be your company often travel!


However, let’s come back, we found that Shang Dou this year’s Spring Festival gift box and last year Jingdong’s Spring Festival gift box, no matter what it is in the packaging, let us not help but suspect that there is no possibility to provide the same supplier.


I heard that the other of the four small dragons will be listed soon!

This gift box is a powerful, including a fascia gun, and Director Li is big, and the waist disc hernied by the sessions of him all the year round is a one-time operation. There are two small buckets M & M beans, maybe it is Convenient Li Director Li can add some energy.

I also sent a gorilla hand in the gift box. We didn’t have a orangutan.

It turned out that it is a mascot “program is small”.

After playing for a while, we found that Xiaogang is actually an eight-speech box, which is equipped with a ribbed outer shape. In addition, there is also a roll of absenteeism in the gift box.


The couplet is like this, the perspective has a tiger, and the world can be, the horizontal batch: Zhijiang four-party, there is a double-sided glue in the spring of the Spring Festival, I am afraid that you have no family, thoughtful.


Furious beef cattle

As a big famous Internet brokerage company, the rich Spring Festival gift box must have a whole point, so that everyone can get a joy, come to the stock market in the stock market in the stock market!


The rich “Big Yun” gift box includes a practical super good luck with the bag canvas bag, the red envelope in the inside is super-powerful, and the fortune will take it!

In addition, there is also a lucky bullwhovers to the Niu Niu New Year Hand Office, and a box of workplace exit-Nahue tea mixed flower tea gift box, including jasmine roses, etc. 7 packs of different tastes mixed flower tea, let you bless Financial peach flowers are all Hengtong.

Soul · 365 days

As the SOUL gift box theme of “social universe” is about companionship,

Slogan has such a veins, but the calendar has written a lot of earthwise love words, which is no longer possible.


The tiger skin coral velvet and Soul image IP candle can be wrapped in warmth and place a aromatherapy candle at home. However, this snow-white candle is really a bit like “dynasty”.

The mini Spring Festival is still very interesting, Shanglian is: Changyou cosmic touches Soul; Downlink: Soaring four-sea tiger to add double wings, horizontal batch: Xinghuo “yuan”, take the decoration station or decoration cat toilet.

Shouwen Group (Mo Mo and Proba)


Momo’s design is particularly cute every year.


Like this year’s tiger gift box, this blessing is directly posted on the lid and you can tear it, avoiding usual blessings are rolling up to need additional flattening troubles.

Open a family game similar to flying chess, touching fish, playing games with friends, in short, in the past, the workmanship of the New Year is particularly friendly.


There is also a cute tiger calendar and four specially designed red envelopes, which write “Menghu Down”, “Tiger Tigers”, although now the New Year’s red envelope is directly transferred, but it is time to take it out. When you are a child, it is still quite ahead.


Dark blue packaging prints cold silver calligraphy “pulse”,

Talking about the uncertainty of this wave

. It is the brightest blue in the red gift box.

How is the pulse of a “cultural man” gift box, including one pulse limit version of Lingmei Pen and ten reading calendar. Lingmei Pen is really practical for people who write words, but now she can use the computer to be crazy!

The calendar of ten o’clock is the “book version” of the Douban calendar, but I think about it. One day, I will see a movie. One day, a book is really too difficult to make our 996 people!

I realized that this is to unscrew the Lingmei Pen when I am deep in the night, copy 10 o’clock reading calendar quotations, and self-cultivation and less pizza. The world is so wonderful, but I am so violent, so it is not good.

Really happy (Gome)

In order to prevent everyone, I don’t know, I really happy app is the online shopping platform of Gome.


Just a happy mascot is also a “happy tiger”, which itself has auspicious, guarding the meaning, so it is unique to the Honorary.


The gift box style is also warm and intimate. For example, a elder loved the thermos cup, a red cat king portable radio, four tiger red envelopes,


There is also a kind of warm and intimate couplet: Tiger Yue Shenzhou Putian is happy, spring is in Shengshi Thai people, the beauty of life, horizontal batch: Gome’s beauty.

At first glance, my dad will be interested in the couplet, heaven, feeling home.

Famous excellent product

We are saying that it is a little bit of a good product. It is a little powerful. Shen Dian is red, and it is thought that there is a gold bars inside.

As a result, it was not a gold bar after opening, but a small box of mini mahjong!


Also attached to a mahjong cloth, a box of chips, two dice, and a red envelope. No, is this used when Mahjong is transferred?

This mini mahjong can be described as a Sichuanese ecstasy, carrying it with you, saying to go, home travel essential.

Odor library × hello kitty joint gift box

This gift box is too shocking! It’s too much to have a little better! !

All products in this joint name are Hello Kitty, including perfume, no fire, shower gel and body milk, there is also a Hello Kitty wardrobe aromatherapy package, which is directly contracted in the first year!

The refrigerator stickers and red envelopes are all Hello Kitty. The perfume formula is probably like this: the front-hit candied gourd, fireworks, middle-aged rice incense, daffodil, and then adjust the Chinese five incense, East into the fragrance, especially joined the anise, lilac, cinnamon, pepper, fennel I have helped you to try it, probably the taste of the little girl who like Hello Kitty will like. # 联 春节 礼盒 大 #