High collar sweaters don’t have to buy too much, one piece is enough, take a variety of coat temperament, look good

Many women’s winter wear stits are often based on elegant maturity. This simple daily matching, in fact, it can be done with a fresh and low-key white high-necked sweater, whether it is a commute or shopping, such a match is suitable.

I suggest you try the match of “White High Lead Sweater + Jacket”, gentle and age, suitable for most people, let us enjoy this kind of style.

First, coat match


• Wood coat + white high collar sweater


Many mature women have more and more high-level feelings, so using “white plus gray”, this simple atmosphere, often does not have wrong. The loose gray woolen coat, there is a black round neck sweater and white high-neck sweater, revealing the high-end part of the embellishment, so that the original dark color is not so monotonous.

Khaki’s coat is extremely good, it looks comfortable, the lower body will match the black trousers of the upper straight style, visually give people high and thin feelings. The neckline of this white high-necked sweater is relatively loose, and it is more comfortable with the body, and the large jacket is matched together, and the inside and outside is relaxed. It is very decent.


The fresh and elegant gray matching continues the low-key texture, this extreme sexual color, the high-level feeling of autumn and winter, especially suitable for mature women. The overall dressing style is also aesthetically beautiful, reflects a stable and immersive texture.

When we are in daily commuting, we can choose the simple and high-spirited brown woolen coat, with a fresh and low-key white high-neck sweater, which reflects the retro style of the literary and art, which seems to show the elegant and mature charm of women. The lower body matches the upper straight version of the trousers, clean and neat.

The stacked is a very popular autumn and winter wearing method. In this style, the little sister uses the windbreaker jacket and the garnish suit, and creates a stacked immediate appearance, plus the white high collar of the inside. Sweater, forming a hierarchy of hue, which is desirable and atmospheric.

Second, short jacket

• Wood short coat + white high collar sweater

The bright rose red short coat puts the upper body is very lady gentle, suitable for most small children, this small fragrant short jacket wears exquisite and high-level feelings, and choose a white high-neck sweater, neutralized coat Greenness, look fresh and nature.

Another light brown woolen coat, more suitable for mature style, plus white high-neck sweaters and white skirts, greatly enhances the overall maturity. From the lapel pattern of the woolen coat, you can see the coordination effect of the overall match.

• Black skin jacket + white high collar sweater

This design of the leather jacket, combines soft warm plush and tough and thick leather, integrating practicality and versatility. The short style black cashmere jacket has been very violent in recent years, because she doesn’t look like a cotton clothing and down jackets, and the warmth is also excellent.

• Gray cotton clothes + white high collar sweater

How to create a new and aged gentle lady style? Try this gray short cotton suit and white high-neck sweaters. The short style cotton clothing is biased towards the slim type, and the basic sweater is used as an inner, highlights the elegant and quiet temperament of women.

• Black plush jacket + white high collar sweater


The black and white match has always been very popular in the fashion world, the classic and atmosphere, wearing such a short coat and high collar sweater in winter, both of which have been warm and fashionable.


• Black Down Jacket + White High Collar Sweater


The black down jacket of the bright material is short, and it is very suitable for small children to be worn on the body, simply with a wide-leg pants to achieve long effects. The white high-necked sweater in the slight pattern is selected, and the comfort is not bloated.

The original white high-neck sweater has so many kinds of matching, where there is so much high collar sweater in winter, one is enough, admire the “white high-neck sweater + jacket”, you are also like this simple and low-key dress What is the style?


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