From a boy’s point of view, the image of the girls on the 10-point proposal


It is worth mentioning that the first girl please refer to your dad and opinions of your boyfriend, another man really is not too concerned about you.

[Hairstyle, is with the face of change]

A girl, if nothing special interests, keep long hair.

A girl, if nothing special character set, please do not recklessly flying.

You can tie up the disk up into a hot wave, pull a small hanging flowers.

Do not wound together with no texture to your neck, especially prone to static electricity of the season.

Moreover, the hair is according to face change.

Do not go to the barber shop for those sissy free to play, and then come back on make-up remedy.

From your glasses off in front of the barber moment, everything was too late.

Especially the bangs. Please think about what their own bangs.

If there is no bangs for you, do not be a fringe.

The point is, Qi Liu girls, eyebrows do not expose okay? I would like scary ah.

Please feel free to not dye your hair dyed, but always remember that they are not snow top coffee.

Please feel free to pull straightened, but please do not tangle when others could not stand the extent of your hair, ask you why do not alter the protein structure of the medulla time, a look of ignorance plus justice to answer, because my hair is good.

[Hair strong girl, please take care of the feelings of the boys]

Evolutionary girls better than boys, it is true anatomically.

So, women should not be long beard, thank you.

That circle of hair around the mouth, whether it is black or white soft and hard, are not called villi, and called beard, thank you.


If your arms, underarms, legs strong hair, tied hair removal is your freedom, out scary is wrong.

There are at least four glasses []

With a dress, with a sportswear, with a casual, a spare.

Of course, this does not count the United States pupil or invisible.

In any case, I mean, in any case, must be consistent with the United States and pupil color.

Otherwise, not as a problem, unlike Persian, is not the same on both sides face a big problem.

Some better quality of glasses, the nose pad can not be seen from outside the patina.

Girls do not wear glasses also please with the right pair of plain mirror, eye makeup can make you reduce three steps.

Not a non-mainstream decent little girl with glasses on it, a white frame this kind of thing, do not it.

Face big girls, do not attempt to hide the fact that a large face by exaggerated glasses, useless.

Choose a little tougher glasses, angular or hierarchical enough.

I forgot to say, formal wear glasses, choose better quality. Every time before going out to correct it nose pads.

[Makeup, not disguise]

Black skin is a natural, life Ren Ren passed, do not toss okay.

If you have technology, not with their skin color differences that that that that that that that that that that that big firms it.

If the difference insisted that that that that that that that that that that so much, remember that the way of the neck also okay.

If it is low-cut clothes, please respect the feelings of what line of your chest.

Eyebrows will find a person to help you trim the eyebrows, it is much more important than the double-fold eyelids.


Eyes must be level, not all black lines through it, but not the panda.

Makeup concealer aim is not to gain weight, almost on the line, do not like with putty.

To form good habits, go look in the mirror and then hands when packed mirrors, feel uncomfortable face.

The most important thing!

Do not ignore your own hands ah. Hand is sticking out that you are not forgotten.


To nail scissors-shaped growth, not short and anti-Alice, too difficult to read.

If not deliberately leave the nails, and please cut the fingertips, like Sarkozy, not to cut the nail root.


Nail also have a limit, you exaggerate it to be a fake nails, your husband at a glance you do not want to work ah.

[Dress is really very important! ! ! 】

I can not think why girls like to wear stockings.

Those Tuicu, like goose leg, two legs of the rope does not significantly shorter legs, stockings beg you let it.

Above this is a color card, if you have nothing special professional needs, you try to choose the color of the penultimate row of stockings (including leggings).

Of course, you can also choose the flesh.

White do not, the 21st century has been a pro; but also 20 to 30, and let go of this world now.

Do not buy a leggings to wear a winter okay.

A loose leggings, is an even socks cotton trousers ah.

How can cotton trousers to wear on the outside, how can you wear on the outside, how you can wear in! outside! noodle!

There are three dress is totally unacceptable:

a, stockings (or leggings) when equipped with clown shoes, basketball shoes, canvas shoes …… how you do not wear sandals?

B, stockings (or leggings) when the swing coat with broad, yet lower body skirt, culottes, shorts.

c, stockings (or leggings) with a dress when actually someone told me that this is the Bohemian style.

So, it is this black silk dress with the world’s most difficult, do not dress so random.

The impact of clothing on the body, the most important thing is to see you have raised waistline.

Waist can be wearing a suit, with a belt …… but can not put it bluntly, a long section of the coat to cover the waist, others will not see where you are at the waist.


If you wear dress pants, no matter how thick your legs, please wear high heels.

Flats Not only will you appear short legs, you will look long foot, seen no kangaroos? It is like that!

but! Cotton wide swing casual dress (note the difference dress), if not the skirt than your legs, do not wear high heels now, especially not to wear a black dress high heels.

UGG really so warm it? Really warm to everyone regardless of the image to wear it? UGG with anything not see ah.

[Carry a lipstick, but not the kind of bling bling of]

Lips dead, what dress are no good, and complete a dying look ah.

Carry a lipstick, wipe out touch. Hydra on it, reflecting it worthwhile!

It will become very thick lips, you feel sexy, I feel like a sausage filling.

7, naturally, is beautiful

Natural makeup is the most beautiful.

Not saying that natural makeup, is dressed up others do not see the kind of natural.

Do not make walking!

Do not sit for!

Do not speak for!

Do not make hair rope!

Do not make a meal!

Everything must be natural.

Of course, if you will not even make the girls ask you to make up the lesson.

Can only say, you are still primitive tribes, some girls have to slave society.

Girls, girls like to have.


[Perfume must choose right]

Age of perfume, sub-tone, sub occasions.

Not only brand and price points.


If you do not know the perfume, you can find a goddess ask, what is she.

If goddess reluctant to tell you, that you rely on the taste of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are trying to conquer it.

This was good for you.

Perfume Enough is enough, ah, do not have to spray every few blocks can smell (excluding girls have body odor).

And do not spray perfume in the clothes Shanghao bad clothes and no temperature, no heartbeat, no breathing.

Most importantly, do not simultaneously use two or more or perfume.

[By the way to deal with old clothes]

Figure changed on clothing or take a new one change, not the hardcore.

Not just how long skirt can be ……

Do you accept the waist can not ……

Neckline not much can be ……

If short skirts, remember to change the side a little better, do not do it ourselves.


If a sweater, a long time do not wear loose up the mountain of special needs children sweater.

If a sweater, do not try to hold up to a bigger size underwear, not deflated will bounce back.

If it is not even socks leggings, please, do not wear boat shoes ankle barefoot, corner curled it look great?

[Finally, talk about jewelry]

There should be standing hairpin bangs

Long hair should be standing rubber band (either shawl or platter)

This should be common sense.

At least there is a watch, but must not be an electronic watch, the dial must not exceed Jin Xiang Yu medals

Hand wearing a bracelet, wearing a string of beads is the limit, do not wear it in a row, but not the Hmong people!

The upper body of the pocket and do not put things, especially the chest inside the bag and sweater pouch.

Feeling from the chest to come up with a card, how to look like a man ah!


In any case, I mean, under any circumstances, do not use the pen when the hairpin, do not use a pen when Bob.

Unless your boyfriend is handed to you.

Even just take a book, but also across their chests; do not use your fingers pinching his arm thrown.


Even take a small card package, do not arm straight; not to mention handbag.

Even wearing high heels have the spotlight to hate you in the library, everyone.

Do not take off the high heels, walking barefoot.

If you do not know how to dress with? I do not know how makeup braided hair? I suggest you add my personal micro letter, let me teach you. My Micro Signal:


(Taught only girls)