Simple and beautiful rhombus lattice boys pullover knit, attachment teaching

This is the first time, the first time I tried to weave, the book of Zhang Jinlan teacher from top to bottom.The simplest flat needle, the simplest plug-in, simple short sleeve …


Line: Pure Wool

Needle: Sanwang 11

Dosage: 8 more points

Weaving process:


After the needle, the needle 92 knit 1.5 inch double ribs do not do not reduce the flat knitter, enough 8.5 inch long open, flat 30 needles, then 4-2-4, weaving 4.8 inch rear collar, intermediate flat 30Needle, then 2-1-2 shoulder lifetime 16 pin bell shoulders 5, 5, 6.


Pre-needle 92 knit 1.5 inch double rip 102 knit pattern, refer to the illustration, slightly changed, the other is the same, weave to 2.5 inch digging neck, intermediate flat 30 needles


Sewing, picking 120 pins

Sleeve starting needle 54 knit 1.5 inch double ribs After the whole flat needle tope hair no more than 76 needles, weaving enough 8.5 inch, two sides have 4 needles and 4-2-9 (small swallow closing needle)

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