“Handan” snake swallowed the tail, this is not a hungry, it may be full of support

Legend of the snake swallowing giant


The earliest thing to speak from “Shanhai Jing”

“Shanhai Jing” mentioned:


Bacard eating, three years old

. Since it is a legend,

Don’t boast, you must have no shock

If you say how many pounds of the bar snake, the hometown of the Pakistan’s hospitter is not casual, and it dares to provoke.

Kill the killing of the bar, but

The sun shot nine, and the snake must also highlight the majestic.

After the sake of the snake

In fact, the snake’s lower-jaw has already determined that it can swallow more food than his own head, when human beings are still swallowing fists, swallowing light bulbs,

The snake has taken advantage of their unique lower jaws, swallow more than ten times more than their head.


The reason is

The snake’s lower jaw can be active, I want to dislocation, not only the up and down, and their lower jaws can be separated.

Although it is often facing “mouth” after swallowing too, as long as you have more activities,

The terrorist image just swallowing the prey immediately was replaced by the “Swous” temperament, the proper “Suit Mobs”.

Such successful evolution allows snakes to swallow their tensile prey as much as possible

If you can bite, I think they are also eager to chew the thrill of prestige, they

The teeth can only be used in conjunction with the left and right interaction of the jaw.

In the stomach, drag into the stomach,

At this time, the snake “does not take the common road”, and they caught their tails, and they began to swallow their tips.

Many people will be very surprised after seeing, this snake is too brutal, and they are all eating themselves.

Many people think this is hungry, eat yourself to fill the hunger, and some people think this is the snake being controlled by parasites, then, why is the snake swallowed himself.

Hunger causes the snake to swallow your own theory, stand?


Hunger swallowing their animals


Nothing in mammals

Unless the trap is not in the case of the beast clip, it is more advanced in mammalian evolution.

Top more is females when they have a cub, eat their placenta.

, Such as gazelle, horns, etc.

On the one hand, it is to eat a placenta to add a little nutrition, but the most is forced to survive.

, Know that Africa’s big cat big dog, the sense of smell is too sensitive,


The bloody smell of the placenta is simply like the brightest star in the night sky, and the Ming put it tells the predator here with “small meat”.

In the ocean,

Smart octopus does have a habit of eating your own tentacles

But it is also because of helplessness.

Female octopus has habits of nest ovity

In order to ensure that the small octopus can successfully hatch, the female octopus has to exchange the cost of the child,

It’s really hungry, they eat their own tentacles.

It can also reduce energy loss, but don’t worry, since this is sure, there must be no fear, waiting for food,

Octopus will grow up again.



There is also a kind, the sea sci, will eat your body, after all, the lower level, some can not understand what the mind does not understand, not to mention

The sea sheel has also eaten his own brain.

Some people think that snakes swallowed themselves because of excessive hunger, but let’s think carefully.

Snake begins to swallow yourself from the tail, what is the result of the last will

Some of the snakes swallowed by themselves

Ergonoma causes suffocation


,another part

Swallowing finally found that the snake didn’t have or swallowed, then how to swallow how to spit out

It is not hunger to take a shower, so it is not hungry.

Is the snake yourself controlled by parasite in the body?


How much impact can parasite bring to animals? Think about if there is a bug, drill into the ear, and we don’t have to stop with your hands, what is unbearable.

There is no such thing as human beings.

The animals that are not annoying will often make weird behavior.

I will even use self-disabled or suicide to let myself free from pain.

Parasites survive than simple parasitic bodies,

Those parasites that control the host action are real horror

Some people think that the swallowing of the snake is caused by parasitic control, then let’s see what the parasite controlled host is like.

Double tray insects are a famous parasitic control host

As the animal of the two-cavity periscope, they operate their despicable breeding between the snails and birds. they

Can control the brain of the snail to become a zombie snail

, Make the snail of the original night, adventurous exposed the branches under the light day,

Let the birds with snails for food easier to find them

The eaten parasites continue to develop into adults in the bird body and spread through the bird manure.

Insects, not involving parasitic pictures


Our well-known iron nematodes are also a good hand in controlling host behavior.

I want everyone to see the video that is controlled by the water. The iron nematode is a kind of worm like a dark to-face, and the adult life is in the water. After incubation in the water, the larva is eaten by insects, will Continue development in the host,

Once developed, it will control its host generous to water, and the host will be drowned, and the climb is developed into a pest in the water.


These hosts are some insects, which is relatively low. To allow these parasites to control the developed snakes in the brain, their tactics is not enough to see

It is quite a lot of parasites that have absorbed nutrients in the snake body.

Almost every wild snake has a large number of parasites

, Because the parasites swallowed by themselves, but

Snakes will bite themselves because they can’t stand the drill of parasites.

Therefore, it is a very dangerous behavior of the wild snake.

Why is the snake swallowing yourself?

Not hunger is not a parasitic effect,

Most of the snake swallowing their own behavior exists within the scope of artificial farming snakes

Snakes in the wild will have such actions,

Swallowing your snake is basically those that have snakes with snake behavior.

In the artificial feeding environment, the scope of snakes is limited, most of the time is curled, and the snake in the wild is comfortable.

So when you go through, the smell of the food will stick to the body of these snakes.

Eat your own pet snake

The problem is here,

After the snake is preyed, it will still be in the predation.

That is to say that it is too excited that it is eaten.

During this period, these snakes still capture the prey odor of the surrounding environment.

Suddenly I saw fat, fat, fat, fat,

The big probability will be able to come to a bite, even started to swallow myself.

Make a reason

Snake developed tactile does not feel the feeling of not piercing the body

, But in a hyperfaster,

Probability This kind of pain is identified and the pain when fighting “prey”

If you see the “憨” you raised, you are careful to guide them to spit out to avoid suffocation, if in the wild,

In the case of a snake, it is also the best way to operate with a tree branch. Otherwise, “Hook” spit out of the tail and then went to the hand, then he is not “憨” in “憨”.