Dream is still the bridge

Original title: Dream is still the bridge

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Author: Wang Shuzhi (Bridge Engineering Expert, Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge main bridge construction chief engineer. He successively participated in Jiujiang, Runyang, Caiyuan Dam, Chao Tianmen, Tianxingzhou and other 12th Large bridge and three major bridge bases, national May 1st labor medal winners)

Following the footprint of the construction of the Winter Olympics, we ride to Zhangjiakou, visit the Beijing high-speed rail and the bridges on the high speed. Along the way, the companions warmly discuss, my God is relocated and accompanied by, but the heart is “fast arrival, it is coming”. During the speech, the official reservoir high-speed rail bridge came to face, and the orange red arched components on both sides quickly flashed. I close the window glass, and my eyes are greedily chased the figure of the high-speed rail bridge close at the time. Friends laugh at me: “I ate the bitterness of the bridge in half a lot of people, how to retire, is it obsessed with the bridge?”

bridge! bridge! bridge! Fenghua is mushroom, the soul is nothing, the dream is nothing …

A hundred years ago, Zhan Tianyou hosted the construction of the construction of the Beijing Railway Huailai River Bridge. The picture is provided by the author

After hundreds of years, the prostitutes of the high-speed Prince City Winter Oko Snow Five Ring Bridge boosted Beijing Winter Olympics. The picture is provided by the author

“I thought about it, I must take the high-speed rail to Chongli to see Winter Olympics. I understand the feelings of the bridge. I understand that the reason why it is not only for the newly built bridge on the official hall reservoir. The love, more than one hundred years of the mountain bridge factory with Zhan Tianyou to build a Beijing-Zhangzhou-Zhang Zhang Railway to make a three-seat steel bridge, this origin and obsessed. “

On July 7, 2017, the main project of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has passed through the line. I left the bridge site in Zhongshan, Guangdong. To participate in the “Super Engineering”, the “Super Engineering” is a sentence to his own career, it should be said to be a successful and gratifying.

“Years are in a hurry, dreams, still the bridge.” After retired, I am in the traceability of traditional cultural art, drunk in the bridge culture. But whether it is socially speech, or daily life chat, but always can’t work for forty-two years of “100 years”, inseparable from those bridges that have been involved in the construction.

For five years of retirement, when you travel to the majestic mountains and rivers of the motherland, you will always meet with those bridges. Remember to visit Hangzhou in 2018, visit the West Lake, specially detach the road to see the Qiantang River Bridge. Staring at the spectacular bridge, recalling the wind and rain experienced in this bridge in the past few years, feeling very much. At the end of 2019, the road was Qingdao. Despite the only one night, let a friend drive with me to go to the Qingdao Bay Bridge, find the memory of the construction of this bridge. The bridge passed from the sea, and the people were on the bridge, and the world was so broad. In 2020, I went to Hohhot, but also took out the time to Erdos, visited the Dongsheng Bridge and the Kangbash Bridge built more than a year ago. The grassland is flying, and it is full of hot soil. Every time I go to Zhuhai, I always squeeze time to take the bus from Zhuhai to Hong Kong, only to take a round trip in the Hong Kong-Pearl Macao Bridge, and then look at this bridge. On the bus, even if it is constantly adjusting the angle, chasing the partial details on the bridge, everything in front of me is turning away …

Although it was a large bridge, it was only on the bridge after passing the car, and it could only look at the bridge in the car, and it could not overlook the surroundings. In fact, I have been mentally prepared, so I have also boldly let it go. On April 29, 2009, the moment before the opening ceremony of Chongqing Tianmen Changjiang Bridge, I sat on the bridge between the central bridge door, took a photo of Zhang Shuzhi, “Declaring” the photo of the bridge, reserved.

On July 31, 2015, Beijing went to Zhangjiakou to win the right to hold on the 24th Winter Olympic Games. The event, a series of large-scale transportation facilities, I have served the China Railway Mountain Bridge Group, successively bidwardly bid for 16 steel bridges of the Guanshi High-speed Railway Bridge, the Guovernmental Reservoir Road Suspension Bridge and the high-speed Typical landscape significance. The amount reached 51,000 tons.

Zhang Jiakou Huailai bridge site is not far from Beijing, and Liu Yan, the project manager, is also a colleague in the 20 years ago to participate in Jiangsu Runyang Yangtze River Bridge. Therefore, in more than two years, I have repeatedly distributed in the Guanshu Reservoir and the bridge site on the high-speed bridge, from the ground, water, and air, the majestic posts of these bridges, as much as possible in the construction process. text document. At that time, I thought that after the bridge was completed, I must take the high-speed rail to Chongli to see Winter Olympics, and experience the feeling of the bridge.

In April 2021, the dream came true. The high-speed rail pride is revived, from Beijing North Station, all the way, Qinghe, Changping Station passed, and there was a southern mouth tunnel under the cliff in the south side of Badaling.

And now, this is all in front of you! Beijing-Tibet Expressway and Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway, Jing Zhang Railway and Beijing High-speed Railway exchange, history and realistic depth, telling a hundred years of vicissitudes.

More than a hundred years ago, Zhan Tianyou led the pioneers of China’s industrial workers, and broke through the mountains, and the mountains were deep, and they were hard to build China’s first. Self-design, construction, management of trunk railway – Beijing railway, breaking the situation of foreigners monopolizing and building China Railway. Founded in 1894, “Mountain Customs Bridge Factory”, in 1905 to 1909, 121 large rail steel bridges were created for this railway. There is a single hole bridge across the mountain, there is a concrete steel bridge across the river, the longest number of iron bridges. Today, on the Cultural Square of China Railway Mountain Bridge Group, there is still a statue of Zhan Tianyou.

The Jing Zhang Railway carries the hard exploration of the Chinese national industry, and opened the new era of China Railway Bridge Engineering. On December 30, 2019, Jing Zhang high-speed rail opened. From independent design, zero breakthrough to the world’s most advanced level, from time to 35 km to 350 kilometers, the Beijing-Zhang Zhangwi witnessed the development of China Railway, and also witnessed the leap of China’s comprehensive national strength.

The revival of the wind is a huge force to drive out the tunnel, another tunnel, huge roar, bringing a hundred years old bridge unlimited exciting.

In addition to Qinhuangdao, the hinterland of the mountain is located in China’s oldest, largest, and has a brilliant bridge company – China Railway Mountain Bridge Group. The mountain bridge in the 1894 period was born. He has built China’s first steel bridge – Juanhe Railway Bridge. After the completion of the bridge, more than 300 technicians faced the dismissal. Li Hongzhang, who is the Northern Minister of Northern, lending the “Western Affairs”, retaining this batch of steel bridge manufacturing talents, and established the “Mountain Customs Bridge Factory”. This is the first railway bridge manufacturing enterprise in the Chinese national industry, namely the predecessor of China Railway Mountain Bridge today. In 1922, a major representative of the CCP, the early working leaders of the north, came to China Railway Mountain Bridge, establish China’s earliest corporate party organization, implanted red gene for the mountain bridge.

Three centuries, after a hundred years of baptism, the mountain bridge has long been a bridge national team, built more than 3,200 milestone bridges, created countless “China’s first” and “the world’s most”. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge, as well as German Bridge, Sweden Bridge, New York West Bridge, “One Belt” on the biggest bridge engineering Bangladesh Padma Bridge ……

Renaiss number whistling at the high-speed railway bridge of the Government of the National Room with 350 kilometers, I tried to see the magnificent image of the eight-year-old cross bridge. However, this effort is the same, their figure is over. However, in order to revive the number of more than ten seconds, it can be safe, and the builders have paid too much …

“‘The world is too big, it is, everything is easy to become difficult. Day and night … “

Hundred Years Inherit, Winter Olympics. The 16 steel bridges on the key nodes of the Winter Olympics, to be completed in just two years, it is difficult to know.

Whether it is the Jingzhong high-speed railway official hall reservoir, the high-speed cross-official hall reservoir suspension bridge, or the “Five Ringqiao” represented by many landscape bridges, which breakthroughs in structural forms, bridge steel quality and assembled welding technology. promote. The construction conditions in the high Hanshan area are complex. “The world is also awkward, it is easy to be difficult to be difficult.” – Zhan Tianyou’s quotes excited the builders.

In the Shanha Customer Department, the technicians are transformed from the day, and the world’s first bridge welding robot has been successfully applied to the Macao Bridge steel box beam manufacturing. Nowadays, there is a big hand on the Winter Olympics; “Green Winter Olympianship and ensure the special requirements of Beijing drinking water source, promote the mountain bridge people to innovate construction technology, assembling steel beam sections on the shore, then transporting to the heart of the lake, minimizing water homework, avoiding debris Pollution caused by lake and ecological environment; all environment-friendly coatings are all adopted on the bridge, and there is no pollution to water quality; from the initial number of projects, the third-party water quality monitoring unit is hired for real-time monitoring …

The project department of 400 kilometers from the department is a pioneer team who is located in the first-line construction site of Huailai. After many times, I received a total engineer of my 80-year-old project department Xie Daozhen, summarized the seven hundred days and nights between Jacheng, Zhang Chongshan. “Think about it, on April 26 is still snowing, and the earliest snow in winter is September 15.” How to meet the time limit for construction conditions is very short, how to protect the construction period? !

At each coordination, the project manager’s face is always anxious, anxious, anxious, and cold. Beijing Zhang high-speed railway, priority! The meeting seems to be only on these sentences: what extent is completed? Can you complete? When is it finished? What is the other remedial measures? Don’t reason, don’t excuse, as long as the solution!

The experience of participating in the construction of bridge engineering has made me deeply experienced, “urgent” is the characteristics of China’s bridge project in these years – no urgent project. “All settled shipments of Jingchi Bridge in Beijing Tailor Road have been used less than 8 months, and the amount of railway bridge participated in six years ago, and 20,000 tons were completed in 3 years. Just come out. “Missing memories,” Excellent high speed is more urgent, 10 months complete 38,000 tons of engineering volume, people coordinated, every day is on the edge of the collapse. “

Liu Yan and Xiaoyan like to put the thrilling days, called “Passion Burning Years”. After the end of the Dongaoqiao project, Liu Yan, who had 20 years of bridge construction experience, was sent to Nanjing Changtai Bridge, and Xiaoyan took on Qingdao Bridge Project. They said: “Look at the beautiful Olympics five rings, orange red steel beams, beautiful! Although they are still doing projects, we will arise, but we have no regrets for your choice.”

“Since 2018, I have traveled along the Badaling Expressway along the Badaling Expressway. At that time, I was very concerned about the construction construction of this high-speed rail viaduct. First, the flat seat pier is poured, and then the Qing Tian Juzhu is pulled up, and then Seeing the bridge machine relaxed into a wonderful reinforced concrete beam section … The builders are free to dinner, overtime, to interpret the great dreams to create a beautiful dream. “

There are countless employees who have added to the bridge, have never been to the Winter Olympics scene. “Whenever I see a beautiful five-way bridge in the TV picture, I really want to go to touch the scene, even if I stand in the distance …”

Yes, every section of the Winter Olympics, just like their children, in their hands, “pregnant”, and they have been sent away, grow up, Peugeot. Although Qinhuangdao and Zhangjiakou are not far away, they can only watch on TV – the demand for the country and the world is explosive, and they are in addition to the bridge every day, or bridge.

At this moment, the world’s eyes are focused on Beijing Winter Olympics, “Ice and Snow Five Ring” Bridge, “Unlimited Ring” Apricot Bridge, “Feihong Lingdu” brick building special bridge, and Jing Zhang high-speed railway official hall reservoir special bridge, etc. The nine bridges with unique landscapes, bloom, amazing world. A rack of steel rainbow, unique modeling design, ice and snow along the line, leaving a memorable winter trip to the world.

When you take the Beijing high-speed rail residence, the sense of wind leaps the official House Reservoir Bridge, as long as the mobile phone, board the bridge cloud platform, the operation of this bridge life cycle is all between the shares. From the high-speed era into the intelligent era, the Beijing high-speed rail marks the milestone of China Railway Tree and “Wisdom Bridge”.

Not only bridge manufacturing and operation, 5G signal, wireless charging, smart light adjustment, barrier-free facilities … Flying rejuvenated smart EMUs make people directly feel the welfare brought by “Black Technology”.


In the past few years, from the steam locomotive from the Beijing-Zhangzi Railway to the internal combustioniometer, the high-speed EMU, a train head, a changing train, the change of the train, is a growing technological innovation strength. A hundred years ago, the maximum span of the Beijing Railway Bridge Bridge is only 30.5 meters, and now the largest span of China Railway Bridge has exceeded 1092 meters and became the most world. Every one hundred meters of bridge spans is a big step in human beings.

Orange steel beam, clear blue sky, green lake water, jade wind power, mountain cyan, ice and snow Ying … They weave a colorful dream. Mountain Bridge Red, Winter Olympics. The tie soul, bridge dream is Yiyi …


“Guangming Daily” (February 09, 2022)

Source: Guangming.com – “Guangming Daily”