Dog collar so much? In fact, 7 categories!

Dog neck is very sensitive | 一 淘 | Dog dog collar

The neck is the most weak part of the dog, and gently stimulates to catch its attention. Don’t say that the collar limits the dog freedom, it is just based on the dog life, let the dog get better with humans.

On the online, in the absence of a colony, shape, function, and material are different. Which is more suitable for my dog? Today, I’m using the index to explore various collars, collect 14 items, and are divided into 7 categories.

The first is ordinary traction rope, and there is no different time, but the control of the dog is poor. If the dog likes to rush, it will be tensioned, causing the blood pressure to increase, so it is recommended that the dog has been more embarrassed, and use this.


狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Lav Wil collar

Price: ¥ 299

Amoy password: ¥ YTA103RCO2M ¥

The circular (non-stripped) collar does not hang, and it does not affect the shape of the long hai.


狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Lav Wilnon collar

Price: ¥ 220

Amoy password: ¥ mkxc03p7ahr ¥

Leather is more comfortable, but pay attention to maintenance, and it is not waterproof.


狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Lav Will Leather Order

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Price: ¥ 399

Amoy password: ¥ MDXV03PILMK ¥

The recruiting collar is not found in the domestic website. It usually uses the traction rope to play fast, if the rope is released, the dog is fighting, and the collar is bitten, the button will open after a certain force, will open, prevent After being biting the collar by other dogs, it was hit.

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


Fast buckle breakssenion

Ordinary chestback, it is more comfortable, which is more sensitive to trachea, like toy VIP and nasal short dogs.

Also, don’t expect the chestback to help the dog behavior, because it is too comfortable.


K9 chest straps

Price: ¥ 199-369

Amoy password: ¥ 2nak03pjhgr ¥

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

There is a dog, there is also the merchant city.

This type of cotton should be taken to keep drying.


Shibako chest back

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Price: ¥ 158-198

Amoy password: ¥ lluo03pk7jl ¥

Training rope is also a P chain. It is very good for dog behavior corrections, but users should exercise more to skilled.

When using, it should be kept in the position of the dog’s neck. When the dog makes the wrong behavior, it will be alert, if the dog is ignorant, then use a larger force to stimulate. In this way, only gently pull it, the dog will understand.

Sometimes, after the dog is rushing, it has always been a very tight state. It is easy to cause the trachee, which is easy to cause intraocular pressure. If it keeps tightening, it will damage the nerve, and this is not Stopping effect. In summary, it is not possible to use a p-chain in a fixed place.

Also, when the ring of the metal P chain is rubbed on the chain, it will clam the hair, and the long-haired dog will appear in the neck.


Stainless steel training rope

Price: ¥ 30-58.5

Amoy password: ¥ MCKI03PP31E ¥

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


Nylon training rope

Price: ¥ 15.8

Amoy password: ¥ 41YV03ppbrg ¥

The half-P chain does not play the effect of the P chain. It is just that is relatively loose, and when the dog is running, it can be tightened, and the collar will fall off.

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


Lav Will half P chain

Price: ¥ 249

Amoy password: ¥ WZIF03RGMT4 ¥

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Similar to the P chain, it is also used to train the dog, it looks very horrible, in fact, more comfortable than the P chain. The advantages and disadvantages are the same. In short, you can’t abuse, otherwise it will lead to psychological problems with dogs.


狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Price: ¥ 20-27

Amoy password: ¥ pel03PLFVC ¥

These fews are rushing out in the dog, let the dog change direction, see the owner, transfer attention, and effect the thief.

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

In addition, the dog will be very uncomfortable, and it is good, don’t care.

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


Petsafe explosion-proof risking

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Price: ¥ 125

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Amoy password: ¥ 0ihc03pokwi ¥

This kind of head, should first slowly let the dog adapt, can’t use it directly, the dog rush is too fierce hurt the neck.

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


Petsafe head traction

Amoy password: ¥ udy003pm6wm ¥

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

The head of the short nose dog is pulled, and the domestic website has also been sold for the time being. Also, please don’t spit the short nose dog wearing the shape of the traction, don’t spit!


Short Nose neck traction

Electric shock will not hurt the dog, will only make the dog feel uncomfortable, transfer attention. However, the owner needs to “introduce” to the dog, let the dog understand the relationship between the dog and the electric shock. Also master the timing of use, or you will make the dog inexplicably, there is no role, and it will ruin the relationship between the dog and you. Also don’t take the static noodle as a buffer, you can’t have a power.

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!


Electrostatic collar

狗狗项圈那么多?其实也就 7 大类!

Price: ¥ 198

Amoy password: ¥ L8QO03PMA4W ¥

In short, these are just tools, and it is important to build the tacit understanding and trust between dogs. The dog cares that you are your master, not these tools, forcibly use, dogs will become aggressive. Our daily 丨 一 系 系 参.

In addition, about the two I have not found, who knows where? Look at the officials, I am waiting for you in the comment area.

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Price: ¥ 125