Men’s scarves must not touch the color

In the accessory industry, very few items can change the temperament of a person like a scarf, especially if you don’t love too much. Therefore, Ya intention, exquisite scarves, and become luxury and fashion brands, it is not surprising.

A morally sewed scarf is almost every gentleman’s heart, can’t imagine, always bring one or gentle or elegant style and texture. The wave point is equipped with the naval blue, dark green, dark yellow or light gray beauty slaves (£ 125), is a non-two choice for the modern fan of music idol Paul Weller. The luxurious tailoring goats, 195 pounds, and bright, exotic, Esolia, woven, cashmere scarf (1,75 pound), natural pleats can be made in uncomfortable. “The men always buy scarves, but they quietly hide them.” Advanced Custom Men’s Shop Anderson & Sheppard’s Image Consultant Audie Charles said, “Scarves can actually become any common jacket. Pen, you can use it to match any T-shirt or a saucer. “

男士围巾必不可少 不动声色装点男人

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Burberry prorsum scarf

Burberry prorsum scarf scarf art master Hermès’s Le Nombre d’or series mulberry silk / cotton woven square (£ 335), with square design, the trend is a luxurious nomadic. The water blue and emerald collections can excellent in conventional naval wind, geometric print style series and leather jackets and sweaters are more unparalleled. Pima cotton scarf (£ 355) produced from Japan has imagined ductility and light texture. Kéa silk scarf (£ 450) is how to have a type, double-sided silk twill silk scarf (£ 165) can always create a just good feeling in jacket or sweater.

男士围巾必不可少 不动声色装点男人

British national treasure brand Burberry Prorsum, Men’s Dragonfly, men’s clothing, London, 2014 Spring / Summer Men’s Series, Burberry’s accessories, the spirit of singing art and literature, praise Yinglun Art, to a generation of British drama writers Alan Bennett pays tribute to the British painter and the photography master David Hockney. Whether it is Burberry, a thin cashmere / silk “Summer bib”, or shallow lemon yellow shackle scarf (£ 395) is justified into the overall dress, echoing with coats, t-shirts, sweater, becoming the subversion of traditional scarves alternatives. Shallow Navy Blue or smoked lattice Trench color cashmere scarf (£ 495) is also a symbol of it.

男士围巾必不可少 不动声色装点男人

Different styles of scarf decoration

男士围巾必不可少 不动声色装点男人

Gucci double-sided scarf

Many brands of scarves can also act just in the party bouting. Cerruti 1881) Black and white silk screen printing and dyed silk scarf and seven-point sleeve jackets, which can add a sprinkle and release in the solemn dress. In addition, the first women’s high-end clothing fashion show released by Haider Ackermann Paris Fashion, Colombia, the striped cloth long silk scarves are really amazing full. GUCCI in the 1970s retro style silk equestrian scarf (£ 160) and two-color wave point scarf (£ 137) have added a cold. Emmenegil Dougna (Ermenegildo Zegna) Dream Short Mint Color Wat Scarves (£ 190) can make summer dress presents a great freshness.

男士围巾必不可少 不动声色装点男人

Berluti red scarf

In the evening gown, a tailorful jacket will make you look more and more different, if the jacket is mixed, it is Berluti deep purple red striped scarf (£ 190) The led shirt will look more elegant.

Begg & Co Scarf

男士围巾必不可少 不动声色装点男人

In fact, the twill scarf is actually the protagonist of the season. Founded in 1866, the famous cashmere brand Begg & C recently introduced a series of scarves in color tones and texture combinations. Kishorn wash effect (£ 270) has a deep charm, and the thin series (270 pounds) wins in fine tones and pulp fabrics, slightly graceful goat scarves (£ 325) are not copied. Brunello Cucinelli, linen, cashmere and silk blend scarf (440 pounds) with a low-key luxury, and the truly luxury goods of the clothing industry have highly anticipated, and cashmere / Many silk striped double stripe scarf (£ 490) looks more like a collection of art treasures. However, my favorite is still a 100% natural silk scarf (540 pounds) with edge slight wear design. The edge wear is also very common in House of Hackney, monochrome Modal / Goats with signs of scarves (£ 145), and colorful print cotton scarves (£ 145) mixed with jackets and jackets.

As far as I personally, I especially like those scarf carefully tailored, they always express their personal style and the unique feelings of men. The scarf is like a variable vest, the only thing you need to do is to pull them a little from the collar, don’t always hide. Because “the scarf is in the right place, you can become the source of men’s charm, any suit, jacket, jacket can get a good embellishment.”