Thick small feet, jeans, thin legs are also warm

The material of jeans is not enough to keep warm in winter, but I brings a thickened little feet in jeans, let you love beauty in winter!

High waist slim, pinpen pencil pants

Warm and thin thickened football strength jeans, double-section design, waist hips, visual shaping charming small hips, stovepipe small foot design, showing slim ankles, let your big legs are highlighted, with high heels What is more perfect ~

“” “” “” “” “” “” “” Pencil jeans wear you make you fashion ~


2. Dark blue high waist elastic jeans

Wearing a comfortable and slimming hip effect, the chic blue high waist army jeans, the chic tailor shapes shape beautiful buttocks, improve the design of the waist, let you sit, it is very warm, the neckweed is very warm, winter can wear beautiful Jeans.

3. Black high waist thickening pants

The dark high waist and thick pants, the super thick but not bloated, wearing tightening makes you more comfortable, flexible, flexible fabric comfort, not tight, fit the curve design, highlight your charming curve Steady hip shaping your little hips.


4. Embroidery elastic high waist pencil pants

The design of the thin feet makes simple trousers, highlight youthful energy ~ medium and high waist can be very good enough to make hips, reflecting women’s beautiful body, foot, outline, beautiful leg line, comfortable personality.

5. Elastic plus velvet tight pants

The personality of the pants, plus the dotted of the small scorpion, fashion and trend ~ and classic back bag, it is very satisfying, there is a very comfortable dress, and the inner plus velvet is very warm ~


6. Korean version of the elastic tight jeans jeans

The irregularity of the trousers is designed, the design of the wear is better interpreting your temperament, and the nephew is warm, so that you will do one in the winter, it is not afraid of cold, soft and flexible fabrics, comfortable and not tight stretch.


The above is the thickened football jeans, wearing a warm and thin!