How big is the size of the bedside table? What should I do if the bedroom can’t stand? Don’t you do your bedside table?

The bedside table serves as an important furniture in the bedroom. It provides a flexible storage for the bedroom, which provides a very convenient for our bedroom life, but many times because of the limited bedroom area, it has caused us to give up this furniture. So how is the size of the bedside table? Can you have a small size? Today, I will introduce this topic!

1, conventional bedside cabinet size

Common bedside tables, size ranges: width 40-60 cm, deep 35-45cm, high 50-70cm, general bedside cabinet is this size range, of course, some custom style can be customized according to their own reserved dimensions.

2, what is the use of the bedside table?

The bedside table is a furniture that most families will use, and its role is also more.

1 bedroom storage assistance

The most important thing in the bedroom is the wardrobe. The wardrobe is filled with our daily clothing, spare sheets and other items; if there is a bedside table, some trivial small items, such as jewelry boxes, albums, diary The object can be placed in the drawer of the bedside cabinet, allowing the items in the family to accommodate.


2 temporary

When you sleep at night, glasses, watches, jewelry and other items can be put on the bedside table. You can wear it again when getting up; The phone can be charged in the bedside table, which is very convenient.

3 rich bedroom design


If the bedroom is slightly large, if there is a space of the space, if there is a space, it may look a bit empty, put the bedside table, and enrich the design of the bedroom space.


3, what should I do if I don’t have enough position to put the bed?

When some bedroom is compact, how do you design when the bedside table is not enough?


1 changing small size bed

For example, like a bedding such as a skin bed, it is relatively heavy. After the 1.8-meter bed is on, it will take a 2-meter-wide bed position. When you encounter such a situation, you may wish to change the style of the bed. Then take the placement position of the bedside table.

2 custom bedside table


If the position of the bedside side is relatively small, you can’t buy a routine size of the bed cabinet, or you can choose to make a size just a bedside table.

3 bedside table with bed

When customizing furniture, you can also use the bedside table to be integrated, maintain a concise and unified design, and achieve basic functional needs.

4 dressing table + bedside table


The dressing table is combined with the bedside cabinet, which does not take up the space to realize the function of the bedside cabinet.

5 bay window

If the bed is next to the windows, you can use the boiler window to make the boiled window act as the function of the bedside cabinet, so that the cocks can be used in place.

4, do you want two bedrings?


In general, the bedside cabinet in the bedroom will be placed on both sides of the bed, and it is a symmetrical design; then like a double bed, there are two bedside tables to be convenient, and people in both sides can take the jewelry before going to bed. Or put on the bedside table on both sides. Therefore, if the bedroom space is large enough, the two bedside tables are still necessary!

About the bedside table, I personally feel that it is necessary to put it. If you can’t put it, you must find a way to realize the function of the bedside cabinet. Of course, the space is big enough, and you will be better.