How do ordinary “plaid shirts” Unlock these fashion, hate must not wear every day

The plaid shirt can be described as a small life in life, and a single product that can be seen everywhere. Because of this feature, many people will feel that plaid shirt is flat, wearing a plaid shirt will appear and bored!


But in fact, various plaid shirts have their exclusive grace, classic grilled patterns integrate into our daily wear, and there will be a sense of spare sense. In addition to and basic jeans with the basic jeans, there are super more novel and good-looking and trendy. What are some, let’s take a look!


First, refreshing and clean matching plan


Putty plaid shirt, as long as it can wear it is refreshing and not greasy, it is already a more than half of the image. Even a simple combination, a variety of colors style plaid shirts, can also be a colorful style. Is it cool and fresh and gentle or lazy to retro, just look at how you want to match!

1, white t-shirt + plaid shirt + jeans

The most classic matching method of lattice shirt is “white t-shirt + plaid shirt + jeans”, a simple white letter T-shirt is equipped with a basic black buckle jeans, two piece items are very The basic paragraph, the color is very clean and simple, and it is very refreshing and clean.

There is a bright yellow lattice shadow shirt, cool and energetic. Tied the plaid shirt into a small tuning at the belt, while improving the body ratio, the spicy flavor rises straight. A complete set of love is very similar to the university campus and cool school sisters!


2, the day is fresh and gentle

The gentle sense is to wear the most unliked plumber, build a gentle and fresh dress with a plaid shirt, and the workplace girl does not miss the “suit + plaid shirt + half skirt”. Yellow little scorpion with hue suit jacket and skirt, generous.

On the color, very warm, apricot with a faint yellow. The light-colored match is clean and fresh, and it also exudes a touch of gentleness. The whole color is a very daily routine color match, which is also suitable for daily travel. Such a group of girls who have been wore, high and hosted, and the girls who have a small child and pear shape are very friendly.


3, French retro feelings

The dark lattice shirt is originally brought by retro bonus, and they use them to shape the retro inherestance. Choose a black high collar bottoming shirt as the bottom, with a brown plaid shirt, retro calm, standing up.

The version of the shirt is very hard, it seems to be very precise. It is very simple to match a loose roller high waist jeans. This set of matching is very convenient. When the weather is colder, it is also suitable for a suit jacket or a cashmere coat.

Second, the Yuanqi girl is aged

The plaid shirt is so magical, you can wear a retro mature literary, and you can create a sweet and energetic sweet. I hope that the plaid shirts do less girls, and female friends can try the following wear everyday.

1, plaid shirt + vest + jeans


If you want to build a “college style” to wear, let the wear full of a girl feeling, with the aging effect. Everyday wear, we can try a “plaid shirt + vest + jeans”. A vintage blue plaid shirt, the colorful blue knit vest is mixed on the same color, and there is a retro literary fan.

Simply match a high waist blue jeans, a full blue dress, it is very uniform and fashionable, the bow design on jeans, but also makes wearing more personality, more Extremely eye-catching.

2, literary freshness


When building a literary sense, it is the most effective in the plaid shirt that uses some cotton and linen materials. It is almost a shirt to put on the upper body. In the autumn and winter season, choose a bit of bright colors, but also quickly enhance the girl’s diet. A mango yellow plaid shirt looks full of vitality.

The material of cotton and linen also took a little retro literary sense. With a meter-white jeans and yellow canvas shoes, the color is clean, and the age-proof effect is full. The jacket is equipped with a very caramel color corduroy jacket, which is also very autumn and winter atmosphere. Such a set of wear, it is simply who wears young people who can wear!


3, sweet sweet girl feel

In the autumn and winter season, the good-looking plaid shirt and strap pants can also combine the king of Wang! The shirt of the hair is stronger, and the plaid plaid is very pure and simple, very pure!


With a brown strap pants with a wickle, bring your own soft sister effect. The loose style is also very lazy, and I can love love, watching it is comfortable and comfortable.