Too unexpected! These hot-fired women’s brands come from Guangzhou! Which home have you been through?

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This time, Xiao Shi wants to share with you.

Women’s brand from Guangzhou explosion

(Inexplicable powder)

Every time you go to major business districts in major cities

These women’s brands are full of full

Going to see!


This is looking at this time


International Fan Max’s clothing brand,

Actually from Guangzhou!

Gloria is the main brand of Guangzhou Ground Cloth Co., Ltd., and is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. More amazing is that Gloria is the first domestic women’s brand that came out of the country and around the world.


Have to say, in addition to its clothes,

Countless sisters with pink girls,

Love to Gloria’s store

Why? After reading the picture, you will make ↓↓↓

“Green Track” concept store in K11

The branches are lingering, emitting a faint fresh aroma


Romantic star is hulls, romantic to extreme


People seem to be pure wilderness ~


▼ ▼

Gloria 225, Beijing Road

Is an old house that will tell stories

The secret garden hidden in the heart of the first floor


The second floor is placed in various years of decoration.

Come it, I still want to come again.

Mo & Co.

Guangzhou larger business district has Mo & Co’s existence,


It is simply an anger.

This brand has always been handsome, rock ROCK


The style is deeply rooted.


Many girls are also a small angel of its house.

Want to cool a crystal girl ready to empty wallet

Guangzhou Aihao Clothing Co., Ltd., Mo & Co. Moi, advocating personality expression, with its unique design and tailoring, rapidly winning the market, has achieved global sales through online channels, can be online shopping.


Musk, advocating nature, comfortable life

Will not know this brand


Advocating “Su Ya and Simple, Personality Not Zhang Yang”

Clothing design style

Let people can’t help but buy buy …

Inman, Guangzhou Huimei Fashion Group Co., Ltd. has a cotton and linen life brand. The original design of “cotton and linen artist” is known for the Internet, and the domestic growth rate is fast and representative network apparel retail brands.

Premier language

Inman’s Sisters Brand

It is also the favorite of young people’s youth

There is a personality and not losing

Want to pursue your true yourself?


Then let the clothes become their own heart!


The premiere is the tidal brand women’s brand in Guangzhou Premier Gardening Design Co., Ltd. (Huimei Group). According to the independent designer, I recall in Xiamen in 2006. Relocated to Guangzhou in 2011, with the “original” spirit and “art tide” brand style has quickly become the brand of well-known women’s materials.


Esons, the main simple fashion,

Compatible with individuality, variable design style

Create a unique temperament for urban white collar ~

Esons as a city apparel brand in Guangzhou Inheritance Clothing Company, in 2007, Esons was officially born in the Italian Jato plant that brought together the best young designers in the world.

Sedate, Osinc

These two brands have temperament “elegance” and

Pioneer “Fashion” ~


For the urban white-collar, the sister is yearning for a better life.

Provide confident, comfortable, decent dress ~

Sedate Water Clouds and Osnic Oshanni are brands of Guangzhou Original Apparel Industry Co., Ltd., as of 2015, Sedate, Osnic brand has developed more than 700 retail terminal stores, including 220 direct stores.

Mystery MIIDII

Before the store passing the mystery,

Will be attracted by a natural fresh power

Everyone’s story, life history


Maybe it is a mystery,

Use the language of the clothes, guess the happy mystery ~

Guangzhou local brand mystery (MIIDII) is committed to the development of natural culture, adheres to the design of original, advocates love nature, love freedom, loves yourself.



I believe that everyone is not stranger at this brand.

Even the mind has emerged.


Sweet magic advertising words …


Ayilian is still still

School or more young girl

But compared with the previous sweet system,

Now there will be more show


They personally, on the side of Modern ~

Guangzhou Imprinted Clothing Co., Ltd., Ayilian Ayilian, a women’s brand representing the urban fashion grade, with a good market performance has become the next show in the Chinese casual apparel industry.

Well, your clothes,

Maybe it is from Guangzhou.

In addition to the above brands, there are ↓↓↓


Jin Jinjin, Blossom, Ouhe, 37 ° Love, neighboring girl



They are all women’s brands from Guangzhou! !


What do you know?


Welcome to the message to discuss discussions ~

These you are familiar with … all come from Guangzhou

do you know? In fact, there are many stems and products you are familiar with from Guangzhou, come and see inventory before the small cloth:


It turns out that these explosive brands come from Guangzhou!

It turns out that the Internet companies you are familiar with are all from Guangzhou!

It turns out that the listed companies of these super cows come from Guangzhou!

It turns out that these familiar high-tech products are all from Guangzhou!


Future Xiaobian also counts more

Your familiar Guangzhou brand

Please look forward to!

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