Sexy no limit gathered underwear to create a perfect body

Sexy underwear is the secret magic weapon in each woman’s wardrobe. Whether it is displayed in the outside, it is only hidden in the inside, and the sexy small underwear can bring you unlimited confidence, good underwear, make your body. Follow the Cup! European family selection nine fashion sexy small underwear, in this fall, let you get it from the inside.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材臻黑诱惑,在公主褶皱点缀下变得高雅,为这份浪漫高雅的魅惑增添了别致感和时代感,散发出惊喜的效果。

黑, 高 高 高 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别 别, 别,,,,,,

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材简洁却不失性感和优雅。薄棉透气舒适,呈现自然健康的胸型;上薄下厚则可塑造迷人胸型,同时前扣工字款,还可更方便的搭配衣物。

Diendaves and water-soluble embroidery of pearl cotton lines are used, and the white lace is flourishing.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材采用珍珠棉线的交织勾勒及水溶刺绣的繁复工艺,另 纯白的蕾丝光泽泛泛。

Composite stereotypes, three-in-one, and washable. Fixed shoulder strap, simple chicken heart, comfortable and stress.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材简约的光面纯色杯面。方便搭配任何外衣。即使是夏日里搭配很薄的上衣,也不会露出难看的痕迹。

3/4 thin thin thickness mold mug of three-dimensional feelings, such as water-like cropping, shaping rounded chest, natural, and is unfortunate.

With elastic tone noodles, charmous gloss, more feminine sexy, local elastic lace fabric, exquisite floral, vain exposed skin, create the ultimate sexy visual effect. 3/4 ultra-thin cup design, upper body effect natural post, perfect bag. Comfortable chicken heart design, can be well stable, showing charming cleavage.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材3/4上薄下厚薄模杯立体感超强, 如水般流畅的裁剪,塑造圆润的 胸型,自然饱满,无造作。

Simple light surface solid color cup. Easy to match any coat. Even in summer, it is a very thin upper, and it will not show ugly traces.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材复合定型杯, 三合一定型,耐洗不易变形。固定肩带, 简约鸡心, 舒适无压。

Simple but does not lose sexy and elegant. Thin cotton breathable and comfortable, showing natural and healthy breasts; thin lower thickening can create a charming chest shape, while the front buckle works, but also more convenient to match the clothes.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材光面更舒适,深U设计聚拢效果更好。蚌型一片式无痕,集中聚拢,透露性感。

The silk is generally color, very high-grade, put on low-key sexy. The hand is smooth, with a variety of clothes that will not pan, the safety color, cover the nature design, the ultimate sexy.

The light surface is more comfortable, and the deep U design is better. The prime sheet is not trace, concentrated, revealing sexy.

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材采用弹力色丁面料,魅惑的光泽感,更加妩媚性感,局部弹力花边面料,精美的花型下,隐约露出肌肤,打造极致性感的视觉效果。3/4超薄杯设计,上身效果自然贴服,完美包覆胸部。舒适的鸡心设计,能够很好的稳固定型,展现迷人乳沟。

★★ I like to comment on the number ★★

性感无极限 聚拢内衣打造完美身材真丝一般的色泽,很高档,穿上低调性感。手感光滑,搭配各种衣服不会透出来,安全颜色,盖过乳点设计,极致性感。

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