The price is tens of millions, the luxury house is 7 hours, this is the real top ladies.

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Eating and drinking, doing it,

The fake names are in the whole network.


Look at the whole thing, I only think,

In fact, even if this time is not exposed,

“Lie is a floating wood, sooner and evening will be rushed up”

No matter how careful camouflage,


There must be a day of stuffing.


Because gorgeous appearance, luxury accessories may be fake,

Cultural and cultural cultures in the true name are not mimetic.

Waiting for you to see the real ladies life,

You will not care about her afternoon tea,

How many stars are living in a hotel,


Only the gap between people and people will be too large.


Maybe you heard

Late late

This name,


She has multiple identities,

Entrepreneur second-generation, 90-year-old invitations,


Youth charity, art sponsors,

At the same time, she is still a

Because of the luxury “collection” in the home, the fire is hot


Domestic top ladies



Overward, what extent you can think of?


How much do you have a lot of bank cards?

This expression is abstract.

See the house in the evening,


Maybe you will have a cognition.


If you say her rich oil,

May look a bit Low.

Exhibit a person who has the most powerful segment,


It is the value of every ornament in her home.

do you know? Walking over the mansion of late evening,

You may be able to get over 7 hours,

Do you think it is because of big?

Well, it’s right.

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But the main reason

No matter which room you enter

It will not open your eyes

Why is her home like museum?

An out of print, unique, unique,

Dazzling jewelry, the number of people can’t come.

Every girl dreams of luxury goods,

There should be every night in the evening.

Vogue British version of the selection is late


“The most important collections in the world”


How many more expensive is expensive to collect it, it is understandable.

Such as this dress below


Oscar de la Renta


Two designers


Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia

Commonly designed for her


Created by 25,000 petals

Process texture, no shortage

And the noble taste


Some people may not understand Oscar de la Renta,

As a host of trip to the junction

Brand named after the founder name,


Fan Bingbing said that marriage must wear his home.

Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, etc. When the red actress goes to the red carpet,

Is the first wife, a celebrity, star, and supermodels.

How many people have a high dream of his home,


Tight, but it is easy to have the joints of the two major designers.

The status can be seen.

And this dress is only designed for famous currents,

She is more common like ordinary clothes.


New York Yuanyuan Dancer in 2016,

This is this

Giambattista Valli


Elegant temperament dress.

Another star love brand

Ralph & Pusso

Gong Li passed through the red carpet in Cannes,

This is the above late, this high is above.


Also deliberately set her English name.

There is gorgeous in the classics.

At the same time, there is creative

Dior antique is high,

It is also her must collect.


Dior dress is in accordance with row.


Birthday party dreams dreams,

A gucci pink dress, a price



(that is)

Princess debut.


Like a beautiful and interesting small detail,

Estimate tens of thousands of euros of Valentino persevere embroidered skirts,

Say it will take it.

Because I feel that I have fat, I want to cover meat.

So I bought a lot of cloaks.

Lanvin is high, gucci … It is very expensive.


There are still a lot of nothing to say,


Look at the picture feel.

One of the ideals in the evening,

It is a high-fashion museum that belongs to China.

In her home, I saw this possibility.

In addition to the high-end dress of ordinary people,

She also has all the packages and shoes of different styles.

Not only please a well-known designer

For your own

Hermes bag


There are also many luxury products and custom packages.

Have you seen the shoe cabinet in the row of in the empty life?

The night is not lost late.

I have a favorite style.

Different colors are all income in the capsule.

No one will make a certain amount after a brand.

Buy all the best bought!

Look at the accessories,

You can feel the emitted nobles.

Headband of Elie Saab with Xianmei

琅 满 满, tens of thousands of jewelry items


Entering your eyes,

Not only occupies two walls next to the channel,

Several cabinets in the room were filled with lazy skin care products.

The favorite Anna Sufe Water during the teenage period,

Sending a tend to understand,

It is also a collection of collections.

The dressing table is also crowded.

After the night, 150 Barides have been collected.

Almost can’t buy it on the market, no price!

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn


Still is Oscar de la Renta

Qing Dynasty Gege Limited Edition

Artworks of different countries in different countries

I just want to say: I just want to say:


However, there are so many classic priceless collections,

After the night, he said that he never bought the status.


She is more

It gives the value of the person and


Its art value is greater than the value of the item itself.

Ah ah ah ah ah

There is money still such a taste

Where is this treasure?


Now you must be curious about the late night,

What is this princess?

Born in Zhejiang in the evening,

Is worth 10 billion –

Dream Tianmumen Group Chairman Yu Jingyuan’s only girl,

Including the born with gold spoons,

The night is late in the world’s fashion world.

I am afraid that even the first-line star of the country is like it.

She holds a activity in China.

Jissen was invited to fly to China to participate.


Editor-in-Chief of the American Fashion Magazine Vogue

And Fashion Policy Exhibition Man Andrew Bolton is very familiar,

Andrew Bolton is still known as the “Fashion Border Oscar”

Dean of the American Metropolitan Art Museum Clothing Institute.

do you know? Two international top balls worldwide,

Global events belonging to the top society,



Charlotte Queen Dance



New York Yuanyuan Dancer.


Participants are not royal members, aristocratic heirs,


It is the future generation of Forbes.

And, the family is not enough,

The public welfare and family of participants and their contributions to society,

It has a pivotable component.


The next night, 15 and 16 years, join two dances,

It was also invited to serve as a ambassador of the Charlotte Queen Dance.

Nixon daughter, old Bush granddaughter,

They have been invited to participate in the New York Yuanyuan Dance.

Participate in the dance, cumbersome dress card in the elevator,

Lvmh Group’s big group and international supermodel Natalia Vodianova

Help in the back skirt.


Scorpio, what is money?

It is usually an unreachable figure.

But there is such a close relationship with the night.


This gap is sour.


Such a powerful background,


Maybe you think she is sure from the small star.

In fact, she is careful,

Nor is not just a arrogant woman in the sky.

After the end of the night is Bai Fumei,

But she is working hard to create her own aura.

She is a number of enterprises with their own Baidu Encyclopedia.

15 years old began in London,

At that time, her mathematics talent is coming.

Win the British National High School Challenge Gold Medal.

Later, not only in Oxford, Cambridge’s top grade schools in the school,

Still in Columbia University

Advanced Management Program (Advanced Management).

It is convenient for her to enter society.

Manage family companies,


On the other side of your fashion industry.


To be the achievements of late evenings,

Two messages are enough to explain:

The British “Times” once said she is “the most influential female” in the fashion world. “

Selected as Forbes China, China’s “30-year-old elite” in 2018.

Every step in the evening has a clear position,

She loves fashion,

Just like she likes the clothes bought from ten years ago.

Advocate sustainable fashion and consumption concept,

And commit to the promotion of the new pattern of the development of the fashion industry.

Not only has created your own brand,

Also excavate the small designer, the platform to the TA,

Invest in domestic designers help TAs maximize talents.


More than financial support,

Hold the international competition for Chinese designers,

It also takes the contestants to participate in the Paris Fashion Week,

Dreamy bridges are realized.

Chinese and American fashion charity in July

I awarded her “Millennium Leader Award”.

Commend her aspects of the young generation of young generations


The outstanding contribution made.


Samantha Cameron (the founder of the front of the British Prime Minister, Fashion Brand Cefinn),

Pascal Morant (Chairman of the French Senior Fashion Confident)

It also expressed warm congratulations to the rest of the night.

Celebrity life has always been impressed by people

Take the lady, look at the time, travel …

They only know how to enjoy without care

The high-level life brought by the Yin real family.

After the night, let us see another side.

She is committed to spreading Oriental culture.

Help Chinese design to the international world,

I hope to let the world to see the charm of Chinese culture.

At the same time, she also pays attention to the education of domestic poverty-stricken areas.


Many people will feel that life is not satisfactory.

Tell everyone at the end of the night,

There are more people living in a deep heat.

And she already has a lot,

I hope to help children who need art education.


As a member of the beautiful Chinese, a member of China,

Support for twenty teachers’ tutorial fees.

Through your own influence,

To do more is good for others,

The label on the night of the night is not “famous”.

A magazine describes her:

“After the time is washed, grow in failure,

No longer afraid of sharp public opinion,

Nowadays, the 100th is in the evening,

The world is more likely,

The heart also has a gentle and firm,

She has been using practical actions to prove to the world “

Perhaps this time is over the night,

Everyone has different feelings in their hearts,

But her experience must give you the power of the salted fish,


In order to buy buy buy, do not fight, use high-end skin care products,

Make money!


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