He Chaolian wore a real “lady style”, a white dress is elegant, really advanced

Although He Chaolian is not a female star in the entertainment circle, but her well-known is more than a lot of peers of the same age, as the gambling family’s thousand gold, she is a true name of the golden scoop, although the age is not big, the big things raise hands Between the interpretation of the ladies, wearing a basis of the white dress debut, dignified atmosphere, no unfortunately.


He Chaolian’s modeling analysis:

Basic dress – simple exquisite

He Chaolian wore a real “lady style”, and a white dress is elegant and true. Many young girls will love the colorful matching method when wearing, and the bright colors often wear a bright matching effect, but the grievance is not enough, and if you want to wear, you want to wear a simple and duty, a foundation Black dress or refreshing white dress is the best choice.

Fangchang model – wear romantic style

This dress is very simple and low in color design. It doesn’t look at it. However, in the location of the neckline, use the square collar to show the romantic and elegant french style. The style design of this square is actually this The face is very bone, and the little sisters are very friendly, they can be moderately beautiful and beautiful, but also highlight the romantic elegant matching effect.


Loose big cuff – wear a chic sensation

When wearing a foundation black dress, if you worry about color matching, you can try to start in the selection contract, and the white dress on the white dress is romantic in addition to the design of the square. In addition to the elegant french style, it is also uses a relaxed big cuff to wear enough chic.

Moderate Slim – Wear Perfect Machine Curve


This foundation-based white dress uses a moderately slim style with moderately slimming style, for girls with very good body, this moderately slim dress can be worn By very simple outlook, it will be superior to highlight the body.


Pointed high heel shoes – exquisite and temperament


He Chaoylian with a pair of gray pointed high heels, the foundation gray mix, the simple white showed a very simple high-level feeling, the pointed style high-heeled shoes were exquisite and the temperament, and the hand is equipped with one Small handbags with shoes with color, color matching is simple but harmonious.

Feather element dress

On the basis of the nude dress, it can show a light feeling. For young little girls, this light feathers can make young little girls have more fairy, dress In the design of the skirt, the short design method is used to show the effect of slightly beautiful legs, and the superiority of the leg shape is perfectly presented.

Satin shirt + slim pants

Light-colored satin shirts with the top-based slim pants, use the shallow color matching mode in the colors of the pneumatic color matching effect, the upper body shirt is relatively loose, the lower body of the foot The pants are more slim, and the pine is tight and the slimming in the legs can be wear.

High collar knit sweater + colored wide-leg pants


The high collar style knit sweater is matched with the shadow of the same color, which presents a simple and harmonious matching effect on color match. In addition to very hundred, the warm performance is very strong, and the style design of high collar can be made. Warm performance is upgraded, but if the neck line is not slender enough, it is not suitable for wearing a high-necked trowel sweater.


He Chaolian is a real giant ladation, not only the length of the best, the temperament is picking up, even the clothing is more powerful than the average person, I don’t know how to wear a famous haunt, learn to learn from the true name.


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