Kardashian big sister took the lead in exposure! High help Yeezy 500 high at the end of the year

April this year, Yeezy family exposed a new member for the first time.

Yeezy 500 HIGH

Recently, the big sister of Kardashian family was taken the lead in the first football.

The exposure color should be the starting colorful Yeezy 500 High “Slate”, the overall shape continues the familiar retro dressing of Yeezy 500, which looks quite similar to Yeezy Desert Boot.

卡戴珊大姐率先上脚曝光!高帮 Yeezy 500 High 年底发售

The upper black-filled leather with dark blue synthetic fiber fabric is mixed, and the warm performance is significantly enhanced, and “Stone” recently reported in the near future is designed for autumn and winter season.

The high-end face continues the imitation feet shape of Yeezy 500, and embeddiPrene ㊉ ㊉ 科技, the same is exactly the same as Yeezy 500.

▼ yeezy 500 high “slate” effect diagram

卡戴珊大姐率先上脚曝光!高帮 Yeezy 500 High 年底发售

The overall feeling is still a favorite military boots, the upper foot effect seems to be more tough, and the future will bring more physical foot photos. What is your evaluation of this dual Yeezy new member?

The current pair of shoes will be this year


卡戴珊大姐率先上脚曝光!高帮 Yeezy 500 High 年底发售

Official delivery, release price

$ 220

Compared to Yeezy 500 is $ 20. The specific release date has not been announced, we will continue

focus on

And bring tracking reports in the first time!

Adidas Yeezy 500 High “Slate”

Offering date: December 2019

卡戴珊大姐率先上脚曝光!高帮 Yeezy 500 High 年底发售

Offering price: $ 220

卡戴珊大姐率先上脚曝光!高帮 Yeezy 500 High 年底发售

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