The American parents anger: give the female “body shaping underwear”, what is this school?

Source: Global Times New Media

According to the US “Capitol” 13th, a secondary school in Mississippi, Mississippi tried to solve the girl’s concerns by providing corsets and other methods. This raises the anger of parents, forcing school to cancel this practice.

On January 11, local time, parents called Ashley HEUN (Ashley HEUN) posted on social media face books, “This is my eighth grade daughter taking home from school, I am very angry. “The post attached a photo, and the 13-year-old daughter of Ashley took home from South Haven Middle School. The letter is written, because “the ideal of unrealistic social and cultural beauty”, “girls are more likely to have a negative idea than boy”, which may lead to depression and inferiority.


Subsequently, the school let parents choose a school counselor, providing “health books, corsets, underwear and other products” for female students enrolled. Ashley wrote in the post, “So you start detailing the negative physical image to have more harmful girls, in accordance with an impossible image, how to have a negative impact on their mental health, Then put forward to the body shaping underwear, let them better meet their own image ?!? “

After posting in Ashley, the school’s practice is a strong opposition to the US netizens in the social platform, including the American best-selling writer Glennon Doyle. Doriel is published in the twitter. “What kind of ghost is what is the ghost. What kind of school will give the female girl ‘shaping underwear’?”


After being opposed, this middle school has decided to stop this project. The spokesperson of the Dedoto County said in an interview that “Nanhai Wen Middle School sent a parent license form to the parents. The school district has been informed. The school district officials understand why such information will cause serious concerns of parents. Nanhai Wen Middle School The principal met with parents yesterday, and the school has stopped implementing this project. “