Men use the right to joine the gossip after steaming death: What is the reason for the reason for the right to review?

According to the Voice of China “News” report: The wind wave of the right health care products is more intensified, and it is adjusted to the health, the positive layer of the outer garment of the hundred diseases is pocked. Recently, Ms. Zhu Qiu responded to China, in April last year, her brother Qiu was steaming after steaming after a health beauty salon called “Natural Medicine Right Health Treatment” in Hunan Huaihua City. The equipment is the “right health gossip instrument” of the company.

Subsequently, Qiu’s father took the three partners of Baoquan and the Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. In September 2018, Huaihua City Hecheng District People’s Court first-instance judgment company was responsible, Bao Qunan and other three people undertake 40% liability, and the deceased Qiu himself assumes 60% of responsibility. Qiu father did not accept, filed an appeal. So, why is Quan Jian Company sentenced no responsibility? What is the current recent new progress in the case?

After steaming with “Quan Jian gossip”, he did not inform any matter before the start, and tried to pull users.

男子用权健八卦仪汗蒸后死亡:一审权健无责 原因何在?

Mado, who is now in Shenzhen, her brother Qiu, 40 years old, suffering from epilepsy. In April last year, Ms. Qiu returned to Huaihua home, and the brother came to the Quanjian Fire Treatment Hall of the neighbors to Biyun Daughter Baoquan. “In the intuitive impression of going, I dare to do anything, everything is doing. The store is probably about six or seven square or so, the middle partition is not separated, and the license and business license issued by the industrial and commercial department. No. When we entered, the people were doing fire, and that person told us that this flame has blue, there is yellow, what is the disease that is ill, what flames are present? “

According to Ms. Qiu, she did the project with your brother. It was steamed, using an instrument called “Quan Jian gossip”. The shape of the four four square can accommodate a person sitting inside. Before the younger brother Qiu steamed, Bao Qunan did not say any precautions. Ms. Qiu said: “At that time, did not introduce us any of the requirements of the product on the physical fitness of the population. The requirements of the disease did not mention anything. Just say this is particularly good, disease disease, disease.”

Ms. Qiu said that during the younger brother, one of the soldiers of the fire therapy hall has been telling Qiu’s product and bonus system, trying to laze, and join the direct sales camp. But Ms. Qiu does not agree with the direct sales, just have a lot of listening. “They are boasting that there are more than 300 secrets of the company. Many hospital can’t rule, they can cure, they can be cured, can cure have been sick. It is absence to say that the disease that may occur in the future is ill. Already sick, she can help you. “

According to Ms. Qiu, the younger brother Qiu has been steaming after 30 minutes, and his face looks not good, and he will not be sweating. She also steamed itself, and she felt dizzy about 20 minutes, she came out to lay down the bed. During the period, I heard the staff said that the brother fainted, but it took a few minutes and stood up.

Ms. Qiu thought that the younger brother did not have a tube. After a while, Ms. Qiu’s brother went to the toilet, but it still didn’t come out after ten minutes. After the staff of the physiotherapy hospital, after the opening of the toilet was found, Ms. Qiu’s brother has fallen to the ground, the neck card is in the edge of a bucket of the toilet, there is no breath.

One trial: Quanjian is no responsibility, the deceased himself assumes 60% of compensation responsibility, the three of the physiotherapy hospital undertake the remaining 40%

In a trial, Qiu’s father requested the three partners of the Academy of the Academy to compensate more than 700,000, and asked Quanjian Company to undertake the joint responsibility. In September 2018, Huaihua City Hecheng District People’s Court first-instance judgment company was responsible, Bao Qunan and other three people undertake 40% liability, and the deceased Qiu himself assumes 60% of responsibility. Qiu father did not accept, filed an appeal.

In the first-instance in May, Qiu Yuanmu’s agency lawyer, Li Yuanmu, believes that Quan Jian’s “Quan Jian gossip” and irregular manual, giving Qiu Madu for the steamed “contraindications” with epilepsy The source of danger. The accused ‘s common fault and infringement caused Qiu to die, and the Quanjian Company should bear the liability of Qiu’s father so on the liability of Qiu’s father. “This case has no judgment in the second trial stage, and the judgment of an instance must have problems. The authority and physiotherapy institutions are illegally operated, on the other hand, they are indeed fault, and there is an infringement, it is not active. They All compensation should be assured. “

And the reply, the defense given by the Quanjian Company said that the contraindications of epilepsy did not have authoritative basis and judicial identification, and the three people such as Bao Qunan did not know, Qiu’s sister should bear more Obligation.

男子用权健八卦仪汗蒸后死亡:一审权健无责 原因何在?

The first-instance judgment shows that

男子用权健八卦仪汗蒸后死亡:一审权健无责 原因何在?

Although the defendant Quanjian Company is responsible for the producer of gossip, the evidence submitted by the plaintiff is not enough to prove the product of the product quality of Qiu’s death, so the lawsuit against the plaintiff asked the defendant. Request is not supported.

In December this year, Hunan Huaihua City Intermediate People’s Second Institute tried the case, and the court indicated that the selection was pronounced. For the second trial judgment, Ms. Qiu believes that it will get a fair judgment. “This result we believe that the court will give us a judgment, and look forward to getting this chaos to contain, let my brother get a rest in peace.”

Many similar cases, why is the right to take advantage of?

According to media statistics, many cases related to “Quanjian Company”, the right to work is often placed, and there is no prosecution. Even if it is prosecuted, the subsequent judgment is hard to bear the joint responsibility. In April 2015, Xi’an’s white has been introduced to use fire therapy for the treatment of psoriasis. After ten days, white death; in May 2016, Inner Mongolia’s Baoqing River with his father, after the spring, Package to spring sudden heart disease death; in August 2016, Zhu was uncomfortable after Qiwu twice, and then died due to the death of thermal reflection.

However, in 2016, Shenzhen Xiao sister case, Quan Jian Company did not take off the dry system, and it is necessary to undertake the loss caused by improper operation during the power of the right to practice. Han Han, the lawyer of Beijing Kangda Law Firm, explained to China Voice, whether there is quality defect in the fire therapy product itself, is the key to the responsibility of the power: “The fire therapy is a license individual industrial and commercial household, can be independent Civil liability is not attached to Quanjian. Therefore, it should be an entity that can be responsible independently. If the fire therapy is providing a service for consumers, it has caused consumer rights to damage because improper service is damaged. It should be brought to the responsibility of civil compensation itself. Secondly, if the fire therapy is under the normal operation of the standard, consumers are in charge of the consumer, and the consumer is defective or quality. The talent should take this responsibility of this product. “

80 million cancer secret recipes, up to more than a thousand yuan to cure the “bone orthogony” insole of the hundred diseases, according to the flame color, it can judge the condition of the condition, and even the secret recipe that has not occurred … These power is suspected of false The case of promotion, the authoritative media has reported a few years ago, but why still has the victim of the case constantly exposed?

Previously, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Information Office officially microblogging, Tianjin has tried to supervise and guide the investigation team to monitor and guide the investigation team. The relevant person in charge of the joint investigation team said that legal legal protection and violation of the law, The ban on violations, all staff of the investigation team will check the relevant clues, strictly dispose of the law, and don’t work soft, give the public with a responsible reply. China Voice will also continue to pay attention to incidents.

(Source: China Voice of China)