Life is elsewhere 5 | Taicang, 80 kilometers from Shanghai, is becoming the old-age “next stop”

With the new concept of differently pension enters people’s vision, the heat of the elders in the long triangle is heating. Or the market is promoted, or the elderly spontaneously, more and more Shanghai elderly chooses the surrounding cities to pension, scale is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more style.

The reporter walked into the northeast of Taicang City, there is a small town called Qihu, the newly opened Nine, the town center (Ziyu) nursing institute, and the resilience of the name “Chuyang Times Home”. “There is a lot of people from Shanghai.” Xu Bin, Dean of the Nursing Center. Taicang and Shanghai’s distance, here as if there is a “epitomy”.

Figure said: outside the hospital

Give your family to reduce the care extra points

If you start from 2016, the 94-year-old Jiangxi Mei left Shanghai for 5 years, she and the retired son, the daughter-in-law, located 80 kilometers away from Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. In 2020, because the son suddenly stroke, it is necessary to do long-term rehabilitation treatment in the hospital. The daughter-in-law will be too heavy, and the family sent her to the Weijing Care Center, only a few minutes from home. And this live is more than a year.


The picture said: Jiang Yi Mei has been in this year for more than a year. Mao Lijun

“But there is a way, I will also give my mother-in-law here.” Daughter-in-law Liu Xiaoying is Wenzhou people, has been nearly sixty years, wearing a thick down jacket, with a mask, and the eyes are tired, “My mother is more than 80 , The body is not good, this year’s hospital has entered several times, I am running three places now. “


Significantly space on weekdays, Liu Xiaoyong will always take the time to see the mother-in-law, and chat with her. “Fast New Year, I am going to pick up the mother-in-law home for the New Year, who knows that she doesn’t go back, here is very good, here to stay here.” Liu Xiaoying’s mother-in-law, although the old age, but the brain is clear, I like to communicate with people I chose to live in the care home, in addition to daily dining, taking a bath, taking care of her burden, live with the old people, and someone accompanying chatting.

Figure: 泾 护 院


In the Jijing Care Center, most of the old people staying like Jiang Xi Mei, the family care pressure is large. The nursing institute allows them to breathe.

When I saw Jiang Xi Mei, she sat in a wheelchair and sunbatched the sun in the middle of the old man on the third floor of the nursing home. Black woolen coat, black and white wool scarf, purple wool cap with a silver gray flower, I heard that the reporter came from Shanghai and showed a kind smile.


“I am a dragon tour (Zhejiang) people, I went to Shanghai in 10 years old. From Luwan to Zhabei, I lived in Shanghai for more than 70 years. After retirement, I wanted to return to my hometown with my wife to buy a house, and helped my son to bring a section. Time child, the child is big, I am also in 80 years old, I can’t move. “Son, the wife’s championship is chosen in Taicang pension, Jiang Yi Mei is also coming together,” The son is sick, the wife is sick, and the wife can’t take care of it. ” This is good, the conditions are good, comfortable, they will come and see me when they have time. “

Living in the nursing camp, Jiang Yimei is still concerned about the current situation of his son. “I didn’t meet him five months. He made a rehabilitation in the hospital. He didn’t move. Live the Spring Festival, Jiang Yi Mei said that the son did not go home in the hospital, the wife also went to Wenzhou to take care of her mother, she stayed in all aspects of the nursing center, some people care, do not give home to increase the burden, “You see that the old people in the nursing home are not much more, and after two or three years, these beds are definitely not enough.”

Shanghai next stop next stop Shanghai

At present, there are not many old people who are young people who are young in Jiu Yicheng (Qihu) nursing homes, Xu Bin can count. “We are the first publicized private home aging institution, officially put into operation on January 1, 2020, a total of 300 beds, set up internal medicine, rehabilitation department, hospice care department, test department, etc., according to medical institutions, professional doctors , Nurse, pharmacist, rehabilitation therapist and other medical technicians, but now there is only more than 70 people who are collecting, mainly based on Taicang. “The occupancy rate is not high, and the influence of the epidemic is directly related. Since the operation of the operation, in order to ensure the safety of the elderly, the nursing camp is from time to time, the elderly receive the work and the time is intermittent, watching the medical skills department of the building, Xu Bin is helpless.

Xu Bin calculated a bill, according to different needs, the care centers a month of charge of 2,000 yuan to 4,600 yuan, including bed fees, nursing, meals. Benefits from the medical insurance, the old people currently stay, most of the beds can be reimbursed by medical insurance, and the ratio of reimbursement is 50% to 90%. And the Jiaxing Yihe source is that the Jijing Nursing Center has been a list of the first batch of 15 long-term provisions of the first 15 parents of the Triangle area, which means that the choice is here. The old man can enjoy the same treatment of the long-term insurance for Shanghai old people through fixed-place applications, assessment.


“The specific operation path file is officially issued at the end of 2021, we also inform Liu Xiaoying, follow-up to ask for an application, you can decide, but apply, assess, settlement channels have been smooth. If you lose the long-term insurance Subsidies, the burden of the old man in the old man will be further alleviated. “Because Xu Bin’s” positioning “of the Qihu Nursing Center is very clear because of the advantage of the Huijing Nursing Center:” Taicang is the nearest place in Shanghai, South side and Jiading In addition, we will open the remaining pension resources to the Yangtze River, and the first stop is Shanghai. “

Standing at the entrance of the nursing home, the sun is very good, the West Tower, which is separated by the hospital, is the local landmark building. The People’s Hospital, which is not far away, opened the green channel to the nursing institute, Xu Bin looked at the front of the door to be designed into a small park. The air land, starting the development prospects of the Imagine Nursing Center “Postpartum Era”. “Taicang has a sentence slogan, called ‘Shanghai next stop, next to Shanghai’, we are the same. Although the epidemic is affected, the old people in Shanghai have not much, but we have been preparing, last year, Shanghai Laoshui, Taicang City Specially set a booth for us, it is to promote publicity, introduction. “

And Xu Bin’s eyes, itself is the “reserve” of the Jijing Care Center. In the case of aging, it will become a “base”, which is based on the local and even the country.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Mao Lijun

Figure: 泾 护 院

Figure: 泾 护 院