Song Yan is really fighting, and it is not built, and the black belt is out of “Feng Yi”.

The beauty of the woman contains the exquisiteness of the facial features, and includes a distinctiveness, covering the temperament of temperament. The value, body, temperament is the key to test the beauty.

The female star in the entertainment circle, the value is outstanding, the body is tall, and I will not be inferior. Every group of them wear, like a template, can’t help but learn from.

Song Yan is really fighting for beautiful legs, and the colorful denim dress is not bundled, and the black belt pulls “Feng Yumei”. Although the female star has a natural hardware foundation, it is also extracted in dressing. Looking at the Song Dynasty program is a glimpse, the thick striker cowboy skirt is hard and domineering.


This fashion small directory

1. Appreciation of Song Song fashion modeling;

2. How to create a more handsome and stylish wear shape;

Song Yizhen wore this group, and it was a more handsome and stylish style. The colored cowboy dress is very simple, but it is also full of senior handsome beauty. Wearing in the hands of the buckle, suddenly the wind is in the handsome. Especially the slim tailor, put the Song Yin’s body shape, and there is a woman taste.

In order to pursue elegant, most women choose a solid color, or gradual color. It is also particularly rare like this contrast. Light blue cowboy with dark blue cowboy contractions, in style, consistent, and visually eye-catching.


Song Yin’s cowboy long skirt is a special version of the company that is very simple in design. V-neck cutting, double-breasted design, contracted embellishment, self-contained beauty, even in daily wear, it will be very eye-catching.

How to create a more handsome and fashionable wearing shape?

Tip 1: Cowboy fabric, handsome pull


Cowboy fabric selection, self-existing sense of handsome tensile wind. In daily wearing, some of the girls who like neutrophily, or handsome cool, will also choose denim fabrics. The dresses are more common. Whether it is a denim dress, or a cowboy skirt, it has self-contained rays, and the woman is not so rich.

We want handsome and fashionable wearing styles, we can more refer to the choice of cowboy fabrics. As a dress, the comfort of the soft cowboy is stronger, but the drooliveness may not be as good. However, the length of the skirt is lengthened, and it will be more dropped, handsome pull the wind.


Tips 2: Slim tailor + belt embellishment


Slim tailoring, matching the embellishment of the upper and wide belt, making this denim dress more fashionable, Song Wei’s overall temperament is also more abroad. In fact, in the daily wear, we can also try to work more. Slim design, combined with belt, can create a more advanced beauty.


The long coat in the winter may not be as friendly to the little child. And we only need to match a delicate belt, you can better outline the proportion of waist, shape more perfect three-seven ratio, and the whole person’s temperament is more superior.

Tips 3: Hua Gui Accessories Effect, Highlights Senior Beauty

Many times we like to use silver-white accessories to match cowboy clothes, but in fact, the combination of cowboy and golden color is also an extraordinarian and exquisite style. The luxurious gold necklace takes a high level, you can better highlight an elegant gas field.

Because Song Dynasty’s set, the skin area of ​​the neckline is large, so the gold necklace chooses a stacked approach, and it has highlighted the beauty of luxury. Overall, this group of styles is still very handsome, sexy and high.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now how should you create, handsome and fashionable wearing a model? Share the fashion trend of fashion trends every day, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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