38 pieces “Dynamic Charlock” man with the same paragraph, British Shuai fly ~

The fan is said: Master the gentleman’s posture.


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The fourth quarter of “Detective Charlock” is finally broadcast. In the past few seasons, the fan not only likes to watch the plot, but also is very interested in chasing Charlock, Huasheng.

During this time, the fan is in the Sherlockology Science website, and I seized the clothes of the men in the play. If you also have the virtual style, you will follow the man in Charlock in Charlock ~

– Charlock –

1, Belstaff Milford coat

Belstaff is a brand created by the British designer Harry Grosberg in 1924.

Charlock wearing a Milford coat, which has become a symbolic clothing of Charlock. Ray Holman, a drama, has also received the BAFTA award, in the original coat, add a small detail of red bowl.

This Milford coat is made with pure Irish wool. The fan is most interesting that it has a special waterproof weave, wearing breathable and comfortable.

However, the same paragraph was discontinued before, in August 10, the Belstaff brand rebuilt the production of this dress, and the new color match was still in 2015. ↓


▲ The official website reference price is £ 1350, about 11,610 yuan.

2, Spencer Hart Suit

Spencer Hart is a high-key brand created in Savil Street in 2002.

▲ The price is about 4201 yuan.

Although the brand created by the brand is relatively young. But the slim tailor, the simple and simple style wins a lot of royal and stars.


Ben Nikte himself, in addition to wearing its home in the Charlock opera. The real life is also the fan of the spencer Hart. I have also walked through its family show.


3, DOLCE & GABBANA shirt


Although Charlock in the film passes through many different shirts, this drama model thinks, or this purple striped Dolce & Gabbana shirt, most in line with Charlotte’s mysterious elegant characteristics. And this is a more expensive.

▲ The reference price is between 1700-3600.

What is the cause of Charlock wearing this Dolce & Gabbana shirt is that he has a relatively long figure.

4, Derek Rose nightgown

Derek Rose’s morning nightgown is one of the most often weathered brands in Charlock in the play. Fan is found in different dramas, there have been three different colors of mallowns.


▲ Blue pajamas, priced of about 2,615 yuan.


This pajamas brand is also open in Savil Street, and is a world-recognized pajamas brand.

▲ Red pajamas, priced at approximately 2462 yuan.

The stylist in the drama said that in order to save the budget, it is still purchased on the e-commerce website (it is really fine).

▲ Plaid pajamas, priced of about 2207 yuan.

5, Jaxon & James Huntou Hat

Charlock’s top hatred in the play is mainly the image of the Solo Solmes. The hats of the JAXON & JAMES home have always have a continuation classic. The British and European regions have always been the biggest buyer of Jaxon & James.

▲ The price is about 220 -340 yuan.

6, Paul Smith Scarf

When the fan is written before writing a cashmere scarf, he introduces the British brand Paul Smith. The scarf in the drama is also its home. But because this style is already out of print. The stylist is beyond “props” each time.


7, hugo boss scarf


Because the PAUL Smith, upstairs is really not easy to find. In the second quarter, the roller’s scarf became a German brand hugo boss.

The same blue stripes, but the price is much cheap.

▲ The price is about 338 yuan.

8, Paul Smith gloves

Paul Smith’s twin leather gloves, 100% wool. There is also a small hole at the finger joint, although the fan is more interesting, it is more interesting. But still feel cold.


▲ The price is about 1483 yuan.

9, Rotary watch

Rotary is a Swiss brand founded in 1895. Because in 1940, the British army will provide timing services, and its home is very popular in the UK.

The retro stainless steel watch GS02424-21 in Charlock is a relatively simple and low-key. The price is also cheaper.

▲ The price is about 820 yuan.

10, Yves Saint Laurent Shoes


I want to find a pair of suitable black Oxford leather shoes, saying that the ultra-thin long legs such as roller blessings and a big feet are not too easy.

The stylist finally chose YSL this traditional Oxford shoes. Its shoes are slightly high, the shoes in the toes are not so long, and the overall looks a lot.

▲ The price is about 4231 yuan.

– Huasheng –

Charlock’s partner is a “old military doctor”. Dressress in the film, it is more casual.

11, WOOLRICH Down Jacket

Huasheng’s Woolrich’s PARKA down jacket, the fan is also said before. American century old, classic model, and wearing very warm.

▲ The price is about 5,685 yuan.


12, Haversack jacket

Haversack is a Japanese leisure brand. This year, its home’s clothing style is the tooling army.

Huasheng this black cotton hunting jacket, with a woven velvet collar, and a leather shoulder. There are a lot of pockets in front, and it is also very in line with Huasheng from the image from “Old Military Medicine”.


▲ The official website is priced at 6134 yuan.


13, FOLK jacket

Folk is a brand of British wind, founded in 2001. The design style is very simple, and the details of this dress of Huasheng wear is very good, it is a bit like a green “scarecrow”.

▲ The price is approximately 2246 yuan.

14, Barbour Jacket

This waterproof jacket wearing in Huasheng, Fan Friends should be familiar. A few days ago, the Fan Lord also wrote this old brand BARBOUR who got three members of the British royal family.

From Queen, to Charles, William, they all pass through its waterproof jacket.

▲ The price is about 1906 yuan.


15, Albam Set of sweaters

Albam is a British men’s clothing brand created in 2006. The styling teacher has just begun to see this brand in department stores, and I feel that it is more in line with Huasheng. The quality and workmanship of this brand itself is very good, one of the brands that the British is very like.

16, FOLK pullover

This pullover has been one of the classic styles of the FOLK home. Huasheng worn it in the second quarter.


▲ The price is about 890 yuan.

17, Uniqlo Jeans

Huasheng said in a dialogue with the stylist, he felt that the jeans in the Uniqlo were very suitable. Well, it’s really cost-effective. Straight man love?

▲ The price is about 300 yuan.

18, TAG Heuer Watch

This tag heuercs2111 watch is far from the price from the price. From the appearance, there are three additional timing pointers on the black table belt and the dial. There are 30 meters waterproof. Limited sell 5,000.

▲ The price is about 25,434 yuan.


19, Loake (Ashby Brogue) shoes

Loake is a British old footwear brand founded in 1880. Warri-wearing this shoe with high quality calf skin, but a solid special rubber base. Leather tissue and insole, wearing a gentleman. This pair of shoes itself is also a very classic shoe.

– Jim Moriarty –

As a big oppression in the play, Moriarty’s clothes are also very looking.

20, The Kooples Jacket

Moriarty and Charlock were in the hospital roof confrontation. Black cashmere coat wearing a French brand the kooples. The collar is made in addition to leather.

The Kooples is founded in 2008, and it’s the street fashion, the British rock. Most of its home jewels, buttons and embroidery have skull patterns.

▲ The price is about 3411 yuan.

21, Vivienne Westwood suit

Moriarty wearing this Vivienne Westwood suit using a classic two buttons. In the details, there are also brand signs on the button. The whole is very slim, it also conforms to Moriarty temperament.


▲ The price is about 5090 yuan.


22, Reiss suit

Reiss is a British local brand created in 1971. Kate Wang Hao really likes its home’s clothing. This limited edition gray suit is made of 100% wool. It is a style that celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the brand.

▲ The price is about 3,817 yuan.


23, Spencer Hart Shirt

When the stylist was purchased in the drama group, she bought a series of clothing of the Spencer Hart. This round neck shirt, I originally wanted to let Charlock, but I still worn in Moriarty (more fit).


▲ The price is about 1441 yuan.

24, Reiss Shirt

When the hospital roof was confronted, Moriarty worn in the Spring radiant shirt in the spring of Reiss 2011. This brand is now in more than 90 stores around the world.

▲ The price is about 669 yuan.

25, The Kooples Shirt


This white 100% cotton shirt of The Kooples has a little round neck design. In real life, many French girls like to wear boys’ clothes. This brand will have an idea, specializing in dressing for lovers (see the name).

▲ The price is about 990 yuan.


26, Alexander McQueen Tie

British brand McQueen’s classic 骷髅 pattern is printed directly on the tie. Give the fan feel that the gas field is very in line with Moriarty.


▲ The price is about 763 yuan.

27, vivienne westwood tie


Still the shape of the hospital roof, Moriarty wears a black plus silver silk tie. However, the Fan mainly tells you that you are unfortunate, and you can’t buy the same paragraph.

▲ The price is about 571 yuan.

28, TIE PIN Tie Needle

It should be an ancient item. The fan has not been searched. However, such a tie decoration is very bright, detailed.

29, duck cap

This baseball cap is obviously in order to cooperate with the plot of the time. Moriarty visited London City, wearing a typical souvenir hat, making it difficult to find in the crowd.

▲ The price is about 50 yuan.


30, ray-ban sunglasses


Ray-Ban has always been the best-selling sunglasses in the world. Moriarty is in the drama. Golden brown gradient sunglasses of the pilot series.

▲ The price is about 976 yuan.


31, Gucci shoes


Moriarty appears when the old bailey, is wearing a pair of gucci gray leather shoes. This shoe is one of the series of items at the time of 11 years. But I can’t buy it now.

▲ The price is about 3,560 yuan.


– McCroft Holmes –

McCuff Holmes is, Charlock’s brother. In the play is a politician identity.

32, Crombie suit coat


The brand Crombie founded in 1805, although the famous name is not high, but in the UK, it is a representative of Bigger gentleman men’s clothing.

It is said that there should be a Crombie Cabinet, George, Duke of Windsor, Churchill … Many British royal nobs are the loyal powder of Crombie. Cromie home’s suit coat is naturally suitable for “high weight” brother Maxov.


▲ Price is about 995 pound

33, Gieves and Hawkes suit

Gieves and hawkes are already a “old friend” of the business, Savile Row is unique to the British royal family’s custom brand.

In addition, in fact, Gieves & Hawkes in the Asian region has been acquired by Hong Kong companies in 2008, and has a certain gap compared to the UK manufacturing.

Fan Friends want to experience authentic G & H gentleman’s customization, can only go to the British shop experience.

34, Reiss suit

David Reiss 1971 in London creates a REISS clothing store. Special sales pay attention to detail, quality men’s clothing. In 2000, Reiss began to get involved in women’s clothing, Tayleswich and Kate, all fans of their women’s women.

35, Paul Smith suit

Mycroft Holmes in the second season of Charlock, Wearing a light gray lattice of Paul Smith. This dress is from Paul Smith for 11 years. It is more difficult to buy now.

36, Woodford pocket watch

Compared with the watch, Mycroft uses a vintage pocket watch, it looks very unhal. Woodford This brand was established in 1860. The pocket chain is generally fixed on the vest of three sets, and the table is placed in the vest pocket.


37, Gieves and Hawkes tie

This tie of Gieves and Hawkes is still a uniqueness only that it is not seen as a whole. The repeating pattern of the tie is a goose in flight.

▲ The price is about 703 yuan.

Henry Knight –

Henry Knight is the owner in the second quarter.


38, Woolen Mills by Woolrich Jacket


He is very simple, and it is very simple to wear. Previous Fan Lord also talked Woolrich this century-old American outdoor brand. During the US civil war, its home mainly provides a wool blanket to the Alliance soldiers.


▲ The price is about 1483 yuan.

▲ The price is about 3,600 yuan.


After reading so much, Fan You Meng has a wooden GET British wind clothes?

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