A very simple and practical Korean Korean headscarf

Have you tried the head towel?This kind of joining the headscarf as a decorated dress is very close to the ground. Today, Xiaobian teaches everyone a very simple and practical Korean Korean headscarf, four steps can be easily set, so you will learn!

Korean headscarf hair type


The long Liu Haibang on both sides, the curvature of the curling, the cheeks are hanging, and the exquisite and small faces are removed, the design of the low-pony tail with the headscarf is very novel, and the simple and generous, the hair is designed, and people lookLove.

Flush step

step one:

Pull all the hair all over the right and enter the headsheet ready to make a hair;

Step 2:

Cut the horse and headscarf together into a three strand;

Step three:

After the braids, the tail of the headscarf will be tied to the end;

Step 4:


Finally, pull the braids out of the fluffy.


Simple and good-looking and practical Korean headscarf, do you learn?