In September, relatives have given a BYD dolphins and open a week. Have a feeling of feeling

At the end of September, relatives made a BYD dolphin, opened 1 week, and said:

Naked car 108,800

Tape fee 1000


Insurance 5000

Landing 116,800


Nowadays, many electric vehicles are ready to make an order on their own software, and BYD dolphins are also, such experiences are actually more than Gaoxiao, but unfortunately, it is generally no discount.


1, the interior is very beautiful, the beige and pink, it feels particularly warm, before BYD 100,000 under the car is very heavy, the dolphins seem to be the series of BYD’s new design, so I have a big difference with the previous BYD.

2, the power is excellent, the car is very fast, especially when accelerating and overtaking.

3, the electricity consumption is also very good, guanfang said it is 11 degrees 100 kilometers, I have more than 8 degrees, sometimes 9 degrees, may also open more Buddha. Guanfang said 405 battery life, actually starting around 380, this should still be in the middle level.

4, the seat is sitting very comfortable relatively soft

5, the space is enough.


1, the price is still too expensive, the drove is 120,000 cars, only the main driving seat is electric adjustment, this car is a fashion version, calculated that most joint venture tops with the number driving electric adjustment should have, domestic The control of the car is higher.

2, the panoramic sunroof is actually not practical. At the beginning, relatives think this is particularly beautiful, you can listen to the rain when you rain, the result is found later that this thing is not allowed to stop the sun, so I spent 30 Taobao I bought a car. Umbrella, you must support this umbrella when you stop outside, or you can’t sit on. These 30 pieces of things are still very easy to use, and I bought it.

3, A column is a bit blocked, everyone is different, which may be different, I adjusted to my habit, I feel that the A column is a bit of this kind of cable, so I have to go more to take a look. .

4, the car key is not good, the dolphins is the new series of BYD, the design is novel, the interior is very beautiful, and if the truth, if you should change the design language, the relatives also feel ugly, just bought a few keychains in Taobao, cheap By the way, buying the pillow, car purifier, vacuum cleaner, etc., although it is cheap but it is really practical.


Summary: I personally should not buy this car, mainly because of the same level than the same level, there is no advantage, I know most of the choice of a stepchy car, the price is still Diyi considers, a lot of car, a lot Domestic cars can already be highly configured, a bit controlled and comfortable, but BYD is indeed a technical engineer man, it feels that most of the consumers, it has technical and strength, but marketing and aesthetics do not too good. Of course, this is not my car, relatives I like it, and the dolphins look significantly better than before the car in BYD.