The quasi-netma flower 20,000 tap the sea wedding photo, see the finished product, want to cry, no tears, fish on the board

According to statistics released by the research consultation

As an important ceremony before marriage, young people will shoot a wedding photo as a form of official, but also want to stay the most beautiful memories of life.



Many girls’ color “high-gloss” is a lot of attention when I took a wedding photo, and I even hurt my blood.

But the result is not necessarily for human, and even people can’t smile!


The quasi-netma flowers 20,000 to shoot the sea wedding photo, netizens look: like fish on the board

The province in which Xiaomei (pseudonym) is in the inland province. She has always been in the ocean, and she decided to romance when I took the wedding, and I took the seaside to take a shot, I will take honeymoon in advance.

She carefully selected a group

“Romantic Ocean” wedding photo package, the price is 20,000 yuan.

Considering this price, there is also a car travel fee, accommodation fee, makeup artist and other labor fees, Xiaomei feels still worth it.

After the road in the road, Xiaomei finally saw the sea, her heart

After careful and makes makeup and put on white tube top wedding dress,

I put in the embrace of the sea.

However, because of the cold, Xiaomei is not familiar with water, she is nervous in the shoot, she is tensioned, and she is smashing into a group. I still shout.

The expression is quite rich, especially when the waves come over, Xiaomei is simply collapsed.

Although the staff and fiance are comfortable, it still has little effect. Xiaomei briefed to change the one day.

The photography team said it is difficult to arrange other trips. According to the contract, the date or location cannot be changed unless it is force majeure.

I think about 20,000 yuan you spend, and Xiaomei has continued to shoot.

After the finished product came, she wants to cry without tears.

, Good special effects are also difficult to cover their fears, this is the legendary romantic ocean?


Netizens have been very sympathetic, but they can’t help but ridicule.

The expression management has been out of control, it seems like the fish on the board!

These three “bad” wedding photos have made quasi-brides disappointed

The first kind, the detutor is over

Do you know “Asian four evils”? They are Korean intensity, Thai denatured techniques, Japanese makeup and China’s PS.

Compared to other countries, then China’s PS can be said to be “saving time and effort”, it is like Tony teachers in the hairdressing store, which is very good for repairing scissors.


However, this quasi-bride itself is very beautiful.

, The Tony detail by the photography industry has become a proper “snake”,

This is not what she wants.

Second, atmosphere

Previously a female netizen took his wedding photo. I felt very beautiful, and the result was reminded by my family.

Very like “Golden Toy Jade”


. The quasi-new mother has helplessly withdraws photos,

And self-deprecating “After a hundred years, I will use it, just”.

And another group of wedding photos is also the seaside, the bride wants

Peacock open


The effect, although the effect is reached, but

The style is very strange, like a ghost film,

The bride is also a regret.


The third, old mood

Previously, I have exploded a group.

Dili hotba has a wedding photo

Of course, it is not really married, but a group of photo. In this group of photos,

Di Li’s makeup is too strong, very old.


In fact, there are also many people in reality that there is a lot of people who want to retain youth. The result is more older than the makeup, which is very good for makeup artists and photographers.

It is important to marry the ceremony, but don’t have much pursuit of beauty and luxury.

Marriage is a big thing in a lifetime, the ceremony is very sacred in women’s heart, full of ritual marriage, will get a witness and blessings of loved ones and friends.

Improve the happiness index.

At the same time, this is also telling new marriage, life step into a new stage,


To be responsible for the newly established family.

The necessary links when marriage is not omitted, such as shooting a wedding photo.

But don’t have to pursue the ultimate excessive detailed picture, is the “beauty” or yourself?

It is also necessary to excessively consumption in order to pursue the face, causing a heavy burden to yourself.

According to the survey, 42.55% of new people in wedding photography between 5,000-8,000 yuan, with 28.41% of newcomers reached more than 8,000 yuan.

Keep real and happy images, this is the meaning of shooting wedding photos, what do you think?