My stockings can not only be a burm, still have patented

The Queen’s Day a few days ago, I believe that the queen has gone without being drunk. As for what is the Queen? Knowing that the exclusive match should be like this: skirt + stockings + high heels. Look ~ Look ~ Look at the queen, which is not going to open the air field?

Do you see that I am missing is stockings?

No, I am missing is the value!

Stockings development history

Although the stockings are a must-have artifact, the girl is improving, but

The stockings are not designed for women, but the 16th century royal men!

With the stockings’ update iteration, the ancestors of modern stockings

Ernestg. Rice

The prototype of the pantyhose was first designed, and the patent No. 2,826,760 was applied to the Patent Application Explanation.

US2826760 patent specification

High quality stockings patent

After the shape of the stockings, the inventions began to work hard in stockings.


Because the stockings are very good, it is also easy to hook, especially the thin sexy stockings.



Baasas Socks Co., Ltd.

It has been developed a kind of anti-hook-resistant composite elastic wire and steel stockings using the composite elastic wire, and the patent is applied in 2015, and the patent number is ZL201510037586.3. “Steel wire” mentioned here,

Refers to the elasticity and wear resistance of stockings, not the material of stockings.

▼ ▼

Steel stockings instructions

2 Pinghu Jinxiang Textile Co., Ltd.


China’s practical new patents (ZL201720880878.8) applied and granted in July 2017 (ZL201720880878.8) have been mentioned in the specification.




Katherine Homuth


From the bulletproof clothing, I found “indestructible” inspiration, using the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber material of the bulletproof clothing, the stockings produced

Good toughness, tear, cutting


Subsequently, Sheerly Genius once again


“Light as paper, tennight,”


Stockings are improved,


Make it more soft and skin, give skin zero compression while maintaining it.

This invention is rated

The best stockings in 2018

And in the application patent …

It can be seen from the history of stockings:

Every change in stockings will have new patent applications

It is because high quality patents can give companies the benefits of enterprises:

Monopolize the market;


Preventing technology is imitated;

Patent can be sold, transfer;

Avoid being spoiled;

Corporate promotion effect is good.

Knowing that the technological research and development in each industry can apply for patents for their own innovation products, because


Can make


Shield, protect your own technology and products; it can also be used as a spear, combating the infringement of the opponent.

The patent is well used, and the later value-added amplitude is what you can’t think of.

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