It turns out that there is so many clothes for your baby, I have bought it wrong.

I have bought a variety of styles of clothes for my baby, and I have gone a lot of detours, and now I will briefly summarize my own experience, give new mothers and pregnant moms.

Don’t buy too much


The children within the age of half are really long. The clothes really can’t be more. I gave the baby more. As a result, there were several new new things, I only got people.


50 yards 2-3 sets, 59 yards 3 sets, 66 yards of 3-4 sets are generally enough. If the baby’s birth weight is expected to have more than 7 pounds, you can buy 59 yards directly, 50 yards can be prepared.

Of course, if you are a mighty, please feel free to buy a dozen sets.

About style


Continuous or split?

Little babies within 1 year of age suggest.


Split clothes, it is easy to expose the belly and waist, and many split trousers rafts will be tellers, so it is recommended to wear a luggage before the baby walks.

After the baby learns (generally 1 year old), the split is recommended.

In addition, if the weather is warm, you can give your baby a fart (as shown).

Verify that urine is very convenient.

Open a piece of coat and two-purpose casing, which?

The picture below is purely open, and the diapers are convenient.

The left is two-purpose files, and the trousers are built, and they will be convenient to flush and trousers diapers.

But the two-purpose trouser legs are easy to shrink, it is recommended to wear long stockings for your baby.

I started to buy a baby to buy a baby. As a result, when I wear two-use file, the trousers are always shrunk, and the child’s calf is coming out, and I will wear the stockings to the baby.

Pure open files don’t have a trousers that are shrinking.

Pack of pants do not recommend buying


It is not recommended to buy a feet or trousers, which will be stretched when you hold, your baby is uncomfortable, and you may also affect your feet bone development.

The baby bought the backband package is the feet, the clothes are very warm, but the style of this feet is recommended less.


I changed it, and disassemble the package!

Handmade is too bad, ugly is ugly, but not stretched with the foot of the baby.

Within 3 months, the baby: it is convenient to do it.

Give a baby within 3 months, it is recommended to buy a button with a button, it is not recommended to buy the head.

Because this stage, the baby’s neck can’t support it well, so the clothes of the head are not so convenient.


When buying two-purpose file, you must buy a big 1-2 sizes. When I have a high 64, I wore 66 yards of the coat, and I will shrink it into this, it is also drunk … Even if you wear your stockings, your baby is still a calf.

Baby grandmother said that I bought too small, I can’t refute. I should buy her 80 yards.

The following clothes are dangerous!



There is a cord of children’s clothing, and the Ma Ma should check the head and neck, the back, the legs in the legs, try not to give children under the children under the age of 7.


Or after taking the rope, wear it again, otherwise it will be ascended by the child’s neck.

There is a 3-year-old boy in Henan. When the children’s garden slides, because the hat on the clothes twisted together to pull the neck, causing the esophagus reflux, the things in the esophagus refractive flow into the trachee, causing childhood suffocation, unfortunate death.

Waist rope should not exceed the bottom of the clothes

If you want to wear a rope clothes, put the rope to wear, give your child, the back of the child wear, and the trousers that are leaving the bottom of the trousers are also avoided, because the long rope belts easy Pour or fall.

For example: Some female dolls are too long, and may get off the car behind the door, very dangerous.

Less wear of metal ornaments


Try to buy less, especially children in children’s clothing, sequins, rhinestones, etc., and rhinestones, etc., which may bring hazards, such as diet, scratching, suffocation.

I hope my experience can help the treasure moms to go to the detour ~