There is a daily simple, accessories don’t add chaos, these mushrooms are cool, skirts are really good.

In the clothes,

There is a dazzling line up and down, the accessories do not add chaos.

Very important.


Cross skirt on color



Top color


Shoes and accessories can not be addressed, these mushrooms are cool to the floral skirt, is it very in place?

I want to wear a broken flower skirt, when you happen to a bunch of blouse, the simplest rude method ~ match


White top.


No matter what body, what skin is color ~ full Hold.

Black is the most inclusive, flushed with more colors ~ black is the main color, so


~ Serve the people wholeheartedly.

These two mushrooms want to have a bit level, they choose the most insurance ash and blue ~ so don’t work.


If you think that the shape of the skirt is too simple, you can properly do some articles in the style of the top ~ around the neck, shoulder, the door can take a little thought,


Can’t add to it, be cautious.

Shoes, bags, etc., no matter from color and style,

A public servant of a broken skirt,

Don’t be polite.

Complex design, jumping color, inner-skinned beautiful long legs can stay.


These few mushrooms are cool, is it very in place for the floral skirt? like

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