Do not worry baby shampoo US Mom Reviews 10 models BB shampoo cap

[Mother] network feature articles to the baby when her hair because babies crying refused to wash your hair that would water down the discomfort caused by the baby shampoo and water into the eyes or ears prone to lead to pink eye, otitis externa, otitis media. In order to prevent water into the baby’s eyes, you may want to take out a few people together to help the baby to wash their hair, wash your hair often use strange postures in order to successfully help the baby shampoo. Mother network users fruit Little Prince Comments 10 models for our baby shampoo cap, take a look at baby shampoo cap in the end Which is better?

1, chicco baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB49

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

Comments: When to baby shampoo, baby’s head in the sleeve, to prevent eye irritation baby shampoo and flow of water, can adjust the size of head circumference, two to three years to be used for a relatively large head circumference matter baby, the mother If they buy, then you should pay attention.

2, South Korean MANITO baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB42

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

Comments: The special waterproofing and water-repellent fabric, will not allow water to penetrate. Waterproof coating and water repellent fabric, it is not easily damaged, the baby will not pull bad friends. Flexibility in use within a rubber band, regardless of the child’s head size, can be used, big head baby can also be used.

3, Man Bao baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB43

Comments: This shampoo cap material is very soft and flexible, so a large head circumference

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

Baby head and tiny babies can be used, it is generally more than 40cm head circumference may be used, heat-resistant temperature: 80 ℃.

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

4, Italy OKbaby Hippo baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB68

Comments: This shampoo hat brim is wide, like a hippopotamus, like, wear it when the baby shampoo can prevent soapy water flowing into the ears and eyes of friends. First resilient ring is made of soft rubber material of the tongue portion along polypropylene. In 42-52CM head circumference can be used for age 8-36 months.

5, United States Rinser baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB138

Comments: This relatively large head circumference, for more than one year old baby with oh. Brim and scalp contact circle is flexible plastic, and they are able to meet the baby’s head shape is very good, and then a big flow of water not afraid, but not too tight, strangled the baby’s head, this must be the most baby love it.

6, infants Lu’s baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB16

Comment: suitable for 6 months or more with BB, this relatively soft shampoo cap, size can be adjusted, not just shampoo cap Oh, you can also use it as a hat.

7, high elastic adjustable thickening children baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB10.5

Comments: Shampoo when the hat on the baby between the two ears, and the hair exposed above the hat to give the baby shampoo can start it, note that there are facing a pattern around the top of more than 40cm, which is 3 BB months or more are available.

8, Ha Mi odd adjustable baby shampoo cap

Price: RMB11

Comments: BB head circumference between 34-54cm can be used, this is two kinds of functions, not just shampoo cap or visor does. Tip: suggested that the mother will have a one-time adjustment buckle open snap cap shampoo good position, you do not have after each use, so you can extend the life of the baby shampoo cap oh according to type of head size.

9, the adjustable dual thermometer & shampoo cap Set

Price: RMB30


This is ABS + RESIN, non-toxic EVA material, said first bath temperature, room temperature dual-use thermometer, because the baby bath water temperature is relatively high, will be more accurate measurement of temperature for your baby. Tips: Recommended baby bath water temperature is 37 ℃, winter water temperature 37-41 ℃, maintained at 24-28 ℃ ambient temperature, remember? Suitable for 0-3 year-old baby to use. The thermometer after detecting toxic mercury and no, we will be assured to use BB.

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

Again is this petal-shaped adjustable shampoo cap, this color is pink, so the BB will love. The material is soft, non-toxic material, does not irritate skin; apply 3 months -5 years old baby with. The baby’s head circumference, Velcro adjustment may adjust the elastic cap shampoo; out can have use as a sun visor. This is after shampoo cap non-toxic to detect the use BB we will be more at ease.

10, Dr. Ma baby shampoo cap temperature sensing

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

Price: RMB36

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

Comments: This is a special environmental shampoo cap material and is thicker type, so prolonged use are not easily deformed; velcro buckling because it is employed, it is possible to adjust the position of the baby suit according to the baby head size; for 0 8 year BB use myself.

宝宝洗头不用愁 美妈点评10款BB洗头帽

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