Snow boots are winter cold “artifacts”, but do not apply to children’s long-term walk or outdoor sports.

Children wear snow boots


Department of Orthopedics, Children’s Hospital, Hunan Province

In the cold winter, many parents will focus on warmth when purchasing shoes for their children, but often ignore the impact of shoes on children’s foot development. Snow boots are “artifacts” in winter feet, don’t live with adults, many parents will buy them. However, most of the snow boots are large, too strong, bloated, the internal space is large, will reduce the child’s foot grip, the football cannot be supported, the child’s feet are easy to slide back and forth, every step The gravity will be scattered around the foot, so that the foot bows are greatly impacted to cause damage to the foot, ankles or even hips.

Furthermore, the post-side of the snow boots often does not support the feet, and it is impossible to support children enough to hurt the child’s arch. In addition, the material of the snow boots is thick and the gas permeability is poor, and the child is active, and the dishone is not in time, causing the feet of dampness.

Therefore, the child is best to wear snow boots. Especially 1 to 3 years old is a key period for the baby to learn and walk, and should be vigilant. Even if wearing, it is best to wear as home shoes and do not apply to long-term walk or outdoor sports. Pay attention to the child, the upper, the upper can not be soft. The upper is too soft, and the child’s foot is difficult to resist the impact of hardware to the toe.

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