Take a dream, this heart is in our township

When the leisure is a style, it will be settled, and the extraction is disturbed. Quiet self-satisfaction, clear heart, this heart is in our township!

Shanghai Best Hotel is like this, not in the downtown, self-contained quiet attribute, and is located between Shanghai Disneyland and Shanghai Wildlife Park, it can be well-unique.

Bett, the homonym “Best”, meaning everything is best, establish a new style of the industry.

Chen Anzhi, a well-known speaker, said: “Customers are not buying products, he is more worked more seriously, service attitude and service spirit.”


Especially pay attention to service quality, whether it is a manager or a front desk, it is very professional, enthusiasm, and use a smile service to impress every customer’s heart.


For a hotel, the quality determines its hard strength and culture determines its soft strength. If you want to do a big stronger, you must “hard and hard”, and double tubes.

Bettte is the core of “home culture”, the main warm card, whether it is designing style or an overall atmosphere, gives people a fashion, warm, elegant feeling, demonstrating the intention, and strive to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.


A wonderful stay experience is enough to add light to the travel. Hotel facilities, complete function, integrating accommodation, leisure, catering, carefully launching administrative suite, tree cave room, parent-child room, standard room, big bed room, round bed room, six large-scale types, meet different needs of different people.

The restaurant located in the first floor is exquisite, the environment is comfortable, and the atmosphere of the home culture.


The flower lights lit up, and the bright light shines on a smooth ground, projected a beautiful light, attracting attention.

How can I don’t have food in a perfect journey? I have passed, it is absolutely not to miss!

The restaurant is a wonderful place. After a full meal, you can take a walk, talk about life, talk about ideals, or send a narrow, see the sunset, or fish play, it is very pleasant.


If you like quiet, you can also choose to go to book, choose a good book, enrich the inner world, and you will be worried about the brain.


Or the coffee bar on the side of the shift hall, lips and teeth, experience a leisurely slow time.


For hotels, comfort is the top priority, directly related to sleep quality. Bette is very good at this point, the room is still a warm style, spacious and comfortable, soft bed, soft light, excellent sleeping.

The overall design is very humanized, intelligent, and the whole process uses WeChat remote control technology, efficient and convenient. When walking into the bathroom at night, the lighting will automatically illuminate, and it will automatically go out.


There are four drinks of jasmine tea, green tea, black tea and coffee on the table. There are more options, and there are two bottles of mineral water as a gift.

The bathing products in the bathroom are special, including the cups of LOGO.

At the same time, pajamas, sleeping shoes and hangers can be said to be an face.


The wall “inlaid” is a LeTV super TV, you can watch TV shows and a variety of videos, and the hotel is also intimate on the desk.

It is worth mentioning that there is an opinion on the small cabinet next to the bed, and there is any opinion, you can feedback to the hotel.

One day, the only thing is in. The old saying is good: “The emperor’s breakfast, the minister’s lunch, the dinner.” Wonderful day, always starting with a good breakfast!

At the beginning of the new day, the restaurant has prepared a rich breakfast, porridge, powder, face, fried rice, dishes, fruits, desserts, beverages, and creates a perfect feast for customers.


Respect for personal, quality service, pursue excellence – this is the creed of international giant company IBM, perhaps the direction of Best Tert!