Mobile phone connection TV how to realize vertical screen to watch live broadcast, use a mobile phone connection line

Many people now like to use mobile phones to televise, watch movies, play games or online classes. However, the mobile phone depends has a defect visible to a naked eye. It can only be enlarged when you amplify the video.

If it is a normal deserve, it is like this, only one-third of the screen size.


Ordinary test


Even if you fall over, this is very crazy.

Rotating the screen is not


So I want to solve the mobile phone vertical screen, I can only use the mobile TV cable.

And if a mobile phone casting line that can put the screen.


Vertical screen mobile phone casting line


In other words, the vertical screen casting line is actually an improvement version of the mobile phone casting line.

What is it to do?

In addition to meeting the general proofreading requirements, its largest highlight is a vertical screen mode.

Live broadcast in vertical screen mode

Simply click the vertical screen button on the downloaded drive, you can switch the video from the horizontal screen to a vertical screen.

Vertical screen setting

Regardless of the original television or display, it is only necessary to rotate 90 degrees to become a vertical screen display.

In addition, when there is a black side of the screen screen, click the full screen button to fill the screen, the tablet users don’t have to bear the black boxes in the four sides.


Full screen setting

More importantly, this deformation line makes a smartphone compatible with all operating systems. That is, in addition to apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and VIVO to connect TV on the same screen.

It is necessary to know that most of the mobile phones on the market in the past are not supported by Vivo mobile phones.



Plug the HDMI interface to a TV or display and then connect to the USB power interface.

Insert HDMI connector


Insert USB power supply

The download driver is downloaded when the screen display system interface.

Connecting to the mobile phone completes the destination according to the relevant prompt.

Connecting Android phones

The benefits of mobile phone casting lines are not available to WiFi. Without the network at home, you can also use the data traffic to watch the content of the mobile phone, and the connection is stable and not tattoo, which is very used for home online.


And the ultra-low-delayed game mode can be operated in real time in playing various types of mobile games, and the mobile phone is equivalent to the game handle, the TV will become an amplifier.

Vertical screen game

The most important thing is to watch live broadcast is very cool.

In the appearance, this vertical screen line is used by the linker of the aluminum alloy and the wire of the knitting network, and the quality looks quite guaranteed. The line length of up to two meters is also satisfied with users who want to operate far away.

Video load …