“Hemisphere” brand home appliances have repeatedly depends on the quality of the blackboard

In the past two years, traditional electrical appliances such as rice cooker, induction cooker, soymilk, have an outbreak growth, attracting many home appliance enterprises.

“半球”牌家电产品屡登黑榜 质量问题谁之过

Recently, the Changchun City Administration for Industry and Commerce has carried out commodity quality monitoring of small household appliances in some shopping malls and marketing markets. The small household appliance commodity is carried out, nominally “hemisphere” produced by Guangdong Hemisphere Industrial Production. The induction cooker is detected by the mechanical strength project.

“半球”牌家电产品屡登黑榜 质量问题谁之过

Mechanical strength projects fail may result in insufficient impact strength of heating panels. If the heat transfer panel material of the electromagnetic furnace is insufficient, the panel is extremely easy to have cracks. When there is an overflowing, it will cause leakage and other accidents. For a more serious quality problem for the induction cooker product, it also involves the use of security issues.

“半球”牌家电产品屡登黑榜 质量问题谁之过

Although the induction cooker itself does not heat, but if the mechanical strength is unqualified, the explosion of the electric furnace heated can cause the panel to cause secondary damage, and there is also a safety hazard such as leakage, it is worth paying attention to consumers.

“半球”牌家电产品屡登黑榜 质量问题谁之过

The accident of the induction cooker exploded is not a new thing. There have been a media report. When a member is in the soup, the induction cooker suddenly sounds, an explosion. Furnace ceramic slices, pot and soup are filled in the various corners of the kitchen, the panel ceramic tablets are bombed in two meters, and fortunately, people are not in the kitchen.

In the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Shenzhen Municipal Supervision Bureau issued in December, in the Shunde District, Shunde District, Foshan City, the half-ball electromagnetic stove produced by the northern guidance, and there is abnormal work, that is, power-on It has not been used normally.

In fact, it is not only an induction cooker product, but the hemisphere is squeezed out of quality problems. The electric kettle of the hemisphere trademark is also frequently frequently squeezed units.

Xiaobian Search found that the frequency of the heated kettle in the hemispad is quite high in the unqualified list of quality inspection, and there is a figure in the recent black list of Jiangsu, Liaoning and Hubei, and its nominal production unit is also Five flowers, it is difficult to distinguish true and false.

The first stage of the first phase of the circulation field in the 2017, the first phase of the circulation field, published by the Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce

March 2018 Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce Household Appliances Quality Satchart Inspection Report

“半球”牌家电产品屡登黑榜 质量问题谁之过

In 2017, Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce on the Quality of Household Appliances Quality in Circulation Fields.

Unqualified electric kettle flows into the market, one is whether the quality is not guaranteed, the performance is unstable, it is easy to fail, and many users have bought these problems. The electric kettle is not used for a few times, and it is not good. It can only be sold into a waste.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee in use. Some unqualified electric kettle internal line connectivity has a safety hazard, and there is a risk of leakage, and the internal line is also easily short-circuited, which may cause a fire.

The technical threshold for small home appliances in the kitchen is low, and the company’s competition is relatively disorder. There are quality and worries in small households including small electricity in the country. The quality is not, it is often means that the user has frequent problems during use, with great use of hidden dangers.

However, the kitchen smaller in the hemisphere is still very unexpected. For such a lot of people who are familiar with the small, the small electric brand, they are actually named in the quality sampling list of each place. At the same time, the production unit is also a five-flowers, and the nominal production unit disclosed in the list of geological inspections has almost no resume, which is difficult to distinguish between true and false, the quality management and trademark management level of hemisphere. It is a bit unbelievable.