The reporter secretly visited the safety cap market: the leaders used very strong, the 4 yuan for workers used, and they broke themselves.

On April 21, the hard hat in the hands of the female reporter, only cracking with other hard hats. Video screenshot

Inferior safety hats have triggered the attention of workers’ production safety. The official microblog of the Emergency Management Department said, “If the worker’s hard hat is unsafe, how can you achieve production safety? Implement the responsibility of the company’s safety production, and must not flow in the form, floating on the surface.”

From April 19, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter visited Changsha’s multiple labor insurance supplies wholesale market found that the safety cap mains have three materials, ABS resin materials and glass steel, including the “leadership wearing” in the business port, the best price From more than 20 yuan to dozens of dollars, the yellow hard hat is dedicated to the workers, the cap lining is relatively thin, the cheapest one is 4 yuan. Female reporter tested the top hard hat according to the network transmission, and the cap shell ruptured after a collision.

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Press by hand, the safety cap cap shell is deformed

The reporter’s full network search, the price of the three or four yuan “site safety hats” is everywhere, 4 yuan a plastic safety hat is also available.

The reporter visited the “Xianghu Hardware Market”, many labor insurance supplies wholesale shop found that the safety cap material is three kinds of plastics, ABS resin materials and FRP, and the corresponding price is from several yuan to tens of dollars. In the “fire traffic protection” store, I saw the reporter asked the hard hat, a clerk replied, “cheap 4.5 yuan, good 25 yuan.” She handed a red hard hat called “


“, 25 yuan. The reporter checks the certificate, the above material is indicated as” imported FRP “.

Confirm that the reporter uses a hard hat on the site, and then asked the boss that came out, “You want to lead, or worker.” The reporter said it also needs to buy several worker caps. She refers to a few yellow hard hat on the shelves. “These are workers wearing, 4.5 yuan, 6 yuan, 9 yuan and 10 yuan”, the price depends on the material, cap The thickness of the shell and whether there is a cap lining.

The boss took the 4.5 yuan a yellow helmet introduction, this is a plastic, cap shell, white plastic cap lining, but she guarantees “new plastic”. The reporter picked up a yellow hard hat without a hat, and the appearance looks rough, gently press it with hand, and the cap shell is deformed. “This hat is not resistant, can’t be used on the site, in case, there is something to fall, even It’s useless. “After the price, Li Bo said that if you purchase, the two yellow workers’ caps can be taken by 4 yuan and 3 yuan.

“3 yuan hard hat, said that the quality of the truth is too bad.” Li Boss provided a “inspection report” of 4 yuan and 25 yuan, called “Relevant departments” “is the same report”. However, the reporter carefully viewed that the two information has information such as a safety cap brand belonging, business license, production license and inspection report, but cannot confirm that the relevant inspection report is sent to the test products and the two security caps for the same batch. .

I am afraid I haven’t dare to sell inferior safety hats.

On the afternoon of the 19th, the high-bridge market “vertical and horizontal” labor insurance supplies, see reporters to buy cheap and hard hats, a customer reminder, “The ‘hard hat collision” video is so fire, you also dare to buy a few dollars. “

“Net exposure hard hat is one-time, and it will be broken on the floor.” The store owner said that because of customer demand, in the previous store sold three or four yuan hard hat, now at least 11 yuan, The reason why she did not sell cheap goods she said “afraid of checking”.


In the “Wang Xinlibao” store, the female boss introduced the reporter to the in-store hard hat, next to a male boss forward to stop: “If you buy samples, there is not very cheap”, the reporter asked him, he said, “Now to investigate, we only Selling, the cheapest is more than ten. “The man then evaluated,” The online smashing is not a hard hat, called ‘plastic hats’. “

See someone to buy a safety cap, “Olong Labor Supplies” boss will hang a red hard hat hanging on the wall to the reporter, “Level high-grade red glass steel, worker wear plastic, color Niddhaw. “The boss said” The cheap goods sold in the past, three or five, now unsafe, no one wants. “This store, the cheapest is 11 yuan.

The reporter visited the high-bridge market, nearly ten labor insurance supplies were found. Most stores were affected by online video, and they did not dare to sell low-cost inferior safety hats. They were also very cautious, and the safety of hard hats was basically The last ten yuan started. However, the reporter bought a 6-yuan yellow hard hat from “Zago Labor Support Support”, in addition to “brand logo”, there is no logo on the hat, the workmanship is very rough, and it hits it.

There are not many stores in the South Lake Hardware Electromechanical Market. The hard hat of “Tianpeng Labor Supplies Store” is also ten yuan. The boss said, “The type of hard hat exposed as long as four or five yuan.”



A plastic safety hat, call unified replacement

On the afternoon of the 20th, the “Gaoqiao Zheng Rong Yue Project” in the East Second Ring Road in Yuhua District, the entrance to the site is just talking, the hard hat on the top of the head is yellow.

The head wearing yellow hard hat is worker, and the reporter checks its hat found that the material is indicated as “ABS”, and the cap lining is also very thick. White hard hat is managers, and the hat is “FRP”. The administrator said that it is affected by the “hard hat collision” video on the Internet. The company tests the performance of hard hat on the construction site on the 19th. He said for a few dollars in the market, “What is it used?”

Without any registration, the reporter entered the construction site in the “Hua Yinnan Court” project of Zhuang West Road, and some people who have not worn hard hat together, they carry the big bag and enter the site dormitory. Ask a new worker. The reporter randomly views the hard hat of three workers, one of which writes “FRP”, and the other two is ordinary plastic. For security issues, these two workers said, “Good quality is more expensive, this (plastic) is nothing, indoor work is generally not to be.” Near the entrance of the site, a worker headed yellow plastic hard hat It is very thin, and the top of the cap has been broken.

In a walk in a workshop, three men are resting, and the table is placed in a red hard hat, and after viewing confirmation is “FRP” material. “Workers seem to be a plastic safety hat”, see the stranger asked the matter, a person in charge of a surname, “still wearing a helmet,” one next to a man explained that “is a qualified product, it is not a problem. “

After the reporter shows that the person in charge of Chen surname is explained that the construction site is a hard hat that is unified to purchase “FRP” material. The ordinary workers are more than 20 yuan. “After the completion of the main body, I took a group of workers, now the interior decoration is still In the preparation stage, a new group of people was newly entered, have not officially handed. Plastic safety cap may be sent before the construction site, and will be replaced after the handover. “


“Wear is equal to it”

In response to the video “hard hat collision” video, “Fire Traffic Labor Store” Li Boss said, “That is too exaggerated, we will throw it down from the sky.” On April 21st, Xiaoxiang Morning News Female reporters tested the three-top hard hat bought from the store according to the network. Female reporters first used workers ‘3 yuan hard hat collided with “leadership” 25 yuan hard hat, and after the result, the workers’ safety cap housing cracked, and the 4 yuan hat hit once, and the glass steel After three impact, the hard hat is only a few scratches.

A few days ago, CCTV Finance reporters will take the three-top hard hat purchased from the market to the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the experimental personnel perform the impact absorption performance test under the simulation conditions. A 5 kg of drop hammer falls from 1 meter high to the head model wearing a hard hat. According to the test method, the head mode is not more than 4900 cattle, which is the maximum value of the biological human cervical fracture. In addition, there is no fragment falling off.

The test results show that the price of 4 yuan and 12 yuan will be significantly damaged after being hit, and the inner cap lining is completely broken. The price of the price of 25 yuan is not changed in the appearance. Experimental person introduction, in practice, the cap lining will close the top of the head and pass the impact to the head.

“The results of the test, there are two unqualified things in these three helmets. Wearing such a hat, straightforward, it is equivalent to nothing.” National Labor Protection Quality Inspection Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) Deputy Director Chen Hao said in order to accept media interviews, the current national standard “GB2811-2007” Hard Hat “applies to hard hats commonly used in work, stipulates the safety protection performance of the hard hat, the main indicator is” impact absorption performance “and” ” Punching performance. ” This standard stipulates that the material of the cap needed is real, and it is necessary to use a qualified material. If it is a particularly thin cap shell, it will have a lot of deformation, and the cap line also needs qualified materials, too Single is also unable to play a good buffer; the connection between the cap shell and the cap lining also needs to be very strong, so that both in the shock can effectively absorb energy.

How to choose the science hard hat

On April 17, the official microblog of the Emergency Management Department said: “If the worker’s hard hat is unsafe, how can you achieve production safety? Implement the responsibility of the company’s safety production, and must not flow in the form, floating on the surface. National Standards, the hard hat must comply with GB2811-2007 “hard hat” requirements, the selection of the hard hat should comply with GB / T30041-2013 “head protection safety hats selection specification” requirements. “

The official WeChat public number of the Emergency Management Department issued a scientific articles entitled “What are the national standards of hard hat national standards”, in order to make everyone better understand and use the hard hat, detail the hard hat related knowledge points, including the hard hat Features, primary structures, specifications, main roles, color classification, usage specifications, and problems that should be noted during use.

The Emergency Management Department said in the text: “The hard hat as an indispensable personal labor insurance supplies, play the function of protecting the most important heads of the human body, undertaking important roles in safety production, the quality of the quality is qualified in production Everyone. Therefore, when buying a hard hat, it is necessary to choose a qualified and high quality product. Whether it is a hard hat manufacturer, seller, quality inspection department, or a company responsible for purchasing, construction The team should be responsible for this, strictly control, and ensure the safety of frontline workers in homework. “


Elliptures from the source to “crispy cap” into the market

For the quality of security cap, it has previously been concerned. In 2007, CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” column reported that “a winning” inferior helmet event: A construction worker in Hangzhou was smashed by a steel bar dropped by the top floor, and the steel bar penetrated the hard hat and workers were killed. After the investigation team, the hard hat worn by this worker was unqualified.

In response to CCTV exposure issues, Zhejiang Quality Supervision, Industry and Commerce and other departments launched centralized rectification actions in the local hard hat, helmet production base, concentrated on producing inferior safety hats, helmets, and found that many companies have used garbage Production of safety hats, helmets. The law enforcement department immediately seals these companies and seals the problem products.

Liu Ming Lawyer, Executive Director of Hunan Ruibang Law Firm, said that according to Article 122 of the Civil Law, the product is not qualified to cause people property, personal damage, product makers, and sellers shall be responsible according to law. ” If there is evidence that the hard hat quality of the workers is unqualified by the workers that the workers do not receive the safety protection injury in the work, the manufacturer of hard hat should be responsible for liability, and the employment construction enterprises of workers should also Take responsibility for work injury compensation.

The quality of the construction industry security products involves the life safety of the frontline worker, and Liu Ming lawyer suggested that the market supervision department should formulate the corresponding quality standards, adopt a market access system, will not meet the quality standard manufacturers and product blocks in the market access. Outside; on the other hand, it should increase the investigation, and the counterfeit and shoddy products suspected of producing and selling non-quality standards should be investigated and severely punished, and thereby eliminating the inferior products such as “crispy cap” from the source.

When the reporter visited Changsha’s major labor supplies wholesale market, a store owner said, “Today (April 20) held at the China Labor Supplies Fair, there are manufacturers to exhibit low-cost helmets samples.” She also suggested that “The manufacturer can produce, the following sellers can sell, this problem needs to be controlled from the source.”