Used a decades of porch + floor mat, you may have never thought about it!

Treat porch, many people will treat it as a whole, and some are only paved as a shoe area, but they don’t know the fabric material of the floor mat is very difficult. However, in the app, we have found that there are many users who will choose the easy-to-clean material or different styles as the flooring materials of the porch, and completely distinguish the porch and living room. Want to know how they do? Look together.

1. / Hexagon brick paste the porch feel

The laying of the hexagon bricks will make the porch more fluent, which makes both the obvious distinction between porch and living room, and the random collage of geometric shapes is also rich in space visual.

Have a good APP user tiger girl

Trunge Hexagonal Bricks Cement Self-leveling living room ground.

Have a good APP user ZHYLXF1015


The porch taken by the room, I feel better than I take.

Have a good APP user fay357

The hexagonal marble stickers can also be paved in the Xuanzi District.


Hellorate App User Wang Kexi

Entering the door, the right is the toilet, the toilet has a dry and wet partition, and two barn doors do decoration. The ground uses the hexagonal brick floor, the partition is still good, the area of ​​the door shoe shoe is also relatively large, and the opposite is a big shoe cabinet.

Sticking brick mask warm little tips:

Hexagon brick wall or floor can, but pay attention to 0.5-0.6 cm in the construction time.


Because many hex bricks are not a positive hexagonal brick, it is not absolutely equal to each side, but the size and shape are not like a general rectangular tile to easily repair the like. So the seam of 0.6 cm, the master is more space-elastic to fine tune the position of Hexagonal tiles when constructing on site.

2. / Use the electric heating layer to build a Japanese Sinking

In the Japanese film and television drama, we will often see the sinking porch of the Japanese traditional and room residence. Such a porch provides a clear shoe sho, and the low steps can also take a shoe. In the living, many livers also follow this Japanese-style porch style, and create their own sink Xuanzhi Shoes:

Good APP User Lakuii

Because the family installed the floor heating will raise the ground, the sorry makes a sinking porch in a small piece of the door, so daily shoes can kick the area below the shoe cabinet drawer, neat and convenient. The top panels and sits have a solid wood board, and the wood films at the cabinet handles are all eyeps.

Good brothers who live in app users sell pork

The link on the side of the cabinet is planned to be used to hang the rice noodle of the takeaway package. After all, it is not easy to sell the soup water. Results and I haven’t eaten a few more soldiers, and the hook that is idle is used to hang the key, and it is easy to use!

Good havo, appler sauce

The same umbrella frame and the side of the coal cake are all the products of MUJI.


Have a good APP user asan

Japanese porch.

3. / Different materials from the floor, distinguished living room and porch


Due to the function of shoe shoe, porch is also the most likely to be ash in the home, so it is important to select the material that is easy to clean.

a small flower brick

Hellorate APP users

Cement flower brick porch.

Have a good APP user vivien.

Have a good APP user’s empty design


This picture of this picture is divided into regional divisions.

b. Dacquise Brick Floor

Have a good APP user UNSPEAKLE

Cement brick porch.

Have a good APP user ball

Standing in the restaurant to see porch.

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