Banana milk is really secret

Fruit and milk juice drink itself is a kind of nutritious and delicious drink. However, the development of the food industry has made this simple nutritious taste change. Banana milk has no bananas, and the banana flavor and sugar water are made into a sugar water. It is completely a sugar mixture, and the raw materials containing rich nutritional value, and the amount of milk is inexpensive. This product is full of major business. Dairy shelves, bringing great confusion to consumers.


However, it is undeniable that some companies are still conscientious, Yili flavor, Mongmei, new hope, Binggei and other banana milk high, have a certain nutrition value! But there is different in the flavor of the banana, and there are different products in the product color.


The flavored beverage represented by Mengniu’s large-eyed banana breastfeeding drink, there is no milk protein, the nutrition is uneven, the milk is flavor, the banana is too heavy, and the throat is not suitable.


The big eyes, this type of product, no milk, you can try, but don’t drink more. Yili flavor, the product of Mongolia, can be purchased according to its own personal taste preference. If you are allergic to milk, it is recommended to drink pure milk because pure milk will have a lot less, after all, health is the most important.