If the clothes are no longer limited to men and women? Understand the core of Chuanjie Bao Ling

Chuan Ji Baoling

Japanese name: かわくぼ れ れ

English: Rei Kawakubo

Japan’s pioneer clothing designer

(The age is also very big, it is 80 years old, it is the same era of Yamamoto Yaosi)



Comme des Garçons (Abbreviation: CDG)

The founder and designer, who can’t understand the classmates of Chuanjie Bao Ling and CDG, mostly, this little love

In fact, this brand is just another brand of Kawu Bao Ling, named:



And the designer of this love is a cartryer from the Netherlands:


Philipp Papgoski

s work.

Comme des garçons

And our CDG designer, the style of Sichuan Duo Ling is divided into three times: the public called the poor style before the 1980s is the first 190s to the early 1980s to subvert the traditional clothing version as the second Three is a design topic, add a new meaning or explanation, focus on re-masking the shape of the clothes.

But now, in recent years, it has been in the fourth phase. The exaggeration of high-grade subscribers seems to be extremely rebounded for today’s boring fashion status, but also the status quite.


“-” The Study of Comme des Garçons “


At first, she just did it is the women’s clothing of the Comme des Garçons series, and the meaning of the Comme des Garçons this name is:

Like a boy

But this does not mean that Chuanjused is a femaleist, and Comme des Garçons is more like Sichuan Bao Ling and is unwilling to compromise to secular conventions, like breaking between men and women’s clothing.

The world’s first Comme des Garçons store opened in 1976

Like Shanmoto, both people play black masters, the two do even have this long-lasting Platt fantasy, but in the end, Chuanju Baoling is married to a woman, and the two also maintain a good friendship (this may be the master Heartbea

In 1981, Chuan Jihuoling held a meeting in the Paris Fashion Show. At this time she began to receive attention from the global fashion sector, even for her costume, and the title of “乞丐”, led the 80s loose , Broken, asymmetrical, unsmailing, like Yaoto, throwing a fashion bomb from Japan in the show of Yaoto, in Paris.

CDG 80s works

The secret of business success?

I want to create a new market, let different people from all sources come to make their respective conflicts to achieve a beautiful chaos. Whether it is intertwined or different blood, you can share your own senses world.


In design, she has received the attention from the global, but at the same time, there is also a small achievement in the business sector. His biggest creativity is: She is a bought shop and the flash of the flash shop, created a fashion buyer’s Dover Street Markets, gathered a lot of international first-line designer brands, became the world’s top fashion buyers. In Dover Street Markets, in addition to commercial trading, there is also a non-regular small art exhibition, the form of exhibitions is different.


In addition to the business of buyer shop, there is a lot of branch lines of Comme des Garçons, probably sorted out.


(I have found a picture of a style, some really can’t find it)

Dover Street Market:

Sichuan Jiuping’s women’s main line

Comme des garçons homme:

Men’s main line


(This didn’t find it. In the past few years, it seems to be a Plus’s branch line and show.


Comme des Garçons Play:

Signatureful love, main T-shirt, sweater, etc.

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus:


Compared with the mainstream masculin male image, maintain free style

Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons:


Women’s series, pursuit of exquisite tailoring and material by Sichuan Long Bao Ling


Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons Man:


Men’s series of men’s clothing


Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons:

Comme des Garçons s sister brands, it is alleged that it is a style that is the founder of the founder.

Comme des Garçons Girl:

The charm of the main brand is hit, and it is a unique female breath.

Comme des Garçons Shirt:

Multi-change men’s shirt design

Comme des garçons shirt boys:


Shirts are more young, street feelings

Tricot Comme Des Garçons:

Main knitted product



Watana’s pre-tester’s designer’s brand

(But in 2017, the Pillowners have already terminated the Ganryu brand and leaving the mother’s Comme des Garçons.

NOIR KEI Ninomiya:


Comme des garçons before the female clothing brand of the Miya Mao, the design style Diablo


Comme des garcons, the company’s product departments, basically by the young generation designer who supported Kuanju, and the departments have also continuously launched a variety of joint products, the design style is very different, which makes Comme des Garcons to cover wider Consumer group.

Go back to fashion, as Raf and Virgil et al. Pushed us to popularize Archive and Vintage, more and more people began to love the meaningful “old” fashion, making it started to collect landmarks, not just clothing It is itself, our collection is even more spiritual and attitude of each season, like comme des garçons, like a boy, fashion needs patience, may we now enjoy fashion, but after the baptism, the fashion attitude will gradually reveal .


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Philipp Papgoski

Comme des garçons