Car aromatherapy, instantly eliminate odor in the car!

Automotive products are produced in the industry, there will be less


“Every time you use the car.”

Leather flavor, rubber flavor, gasoline flavor

Mix together, people who don’t haak hooks are also smoked.

So many people like to put a bottle in the car.

Car perfume


But some owners are worried, those adds

Chemical fragrance and industrial alcohol

It is easy to throw rhinitis, the child, pregnant woman, and the old man’s body is not good. It will be self-explosion, and they will not pay attention.

I recommend a bottle today today.



Car perfume.

From Japan


Fast beauty zeolite car

TA can effectively purify the air, also with absorbent mildew effect, and it is more slow to volatilize than liquid perfume, and the taste is more fresh and natural, and

Pure natural no alcohol, very safe and healthy

What is zeolite?


Zeolite is a natural aluminate ore, a surface covered with a small hole, a tiny one-degree micron has 1 million nanoscale hole, with excellent

Adsorption, ion exchange, catalysis, and heat resistance

Waiting for five major characteristics.

As early in the 1980s, scientists used it to adsorb the elimination of nuclear radiation.

, Also widely used

Repair soil, purify air, sewage treatment


Now this magical stone is used by Japan’s largest automotive supplier CARMATE (fast beauty) to use zeolite magical characteristics, use it to adsorb the aroma of natural plants, after passing

49 days

Naturally, this fragrant fragrance is accumulated.

Scrub material, high-value high end

The perfume bottle used to load the zeolite is very high.

Scrubbed glass

High-quality non-slip and do not leave fingerprints.

It looks calm and full of texture, like a well-polished art.

Be in place

Color value explosion form

At the same time, when turning on the air conditioner, let each corner of the car, decompose the fragrance of the odor, refreshing air, greatly, improve the air in the car.

Different from the ordinary car perfume on the market, CARMATE

No ingredients such as alcohol, pregnant women can also use safely

It is even more secure hazard that becomes “invisible bomb” in the car.

[Zeolite car air incense]

Natural zeolite fresh nature

Fan welfare: 29.90 yuan

Soft plastic clip, no injury

Carmate zeolite perfume, clip

Soft plastic

Strong toughness, not only fixed stability, not easy to fall off, and will not wear the venting blades, can match all kinds of models, the self-contained and the delivery is very good.

Ultra-long fragrance 90 days

The stay is very long,

A fragrance volatilizes up to 2-3 months

The bottle is unique, the wind can circulate from the bottom zeolite, each bottle of perfume comes with a zeolite aromatherapy supplement bottle, can

Supplement 2-3 times

This perfume can not only


Cover 90% odor in the car

It also extracts deodorized ingredients from natural persimmons to quickly decompose those messy flavors in the car. Every corner in the car will only leave the fragrance and do not leave the odor, and it is comfortable and comfortable.

And have

Four kinds of fragrance

You can choose, each with your own features.

Suitable lavender ▼

Few a refreshing ocean flavor

Energy green tea ▼

Charming white musk

The fragrance is really a very magical thing. Many times, your taste represents your style.

People are, the car is also.

A suitable fragrance can not only cause others to explore your desire, and you can enjoy the time that you stay with yourself alone.

Now, this carmate naturally zeolite perfume

In the car mall, it is also on the shelves!

Original price:



Yuan / bottle

The factory price is only in the end of the year.


2 bottles special offer only:

39.9 yuan

▼ ▼

Bring it, full of cozy and fresh, start forward!


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[Zeolite car air incense]

Natural zeolite fresh nature

Fan welfare: 29.90 yuan

Yuan / bottle