Annual decoration fashion single product: louvers, make your home add a curtain warm

On the weekend’s leisurely afternoon, the whole person was trapped in the soft sofa, holding a favorite book, or watching some old movies. The right sunlight? So, the next appearance is the decoration fashion item of this year -literary and fresh representative: louvers!


The most versatile -horizontal shutters


First of all, what came to us is the horizontal shutters! As the pillar of the shutter combination, the application of horizontal shutters is the most widely used. If you love simple, Nordic or small,


The simple and lightness of PVC and aluminum shutters must be included in your pocket; if you are a national wind or a two -dimensional enthusiast, then the more simple and natural wood or bamboo lunch curtain will be your heart.

If you want to be used in the living room and restaurants, a wide -leaf curtain can be selected.


The built -in louver, which is used in the middle of the two -layer glass aluminum alloy alloy louver, can be used for space partitions. Privacy ownership, good sound insulation effect, no need to clean. It is necessary to be independent and transparent. It is right to choose it. It can be used in the bathroom and study in the bedroom.


The warmest -honeycomb curtain

The honeycomb curtain is also called Fengqin curtain. The side of the leaves looks like a honeycomb. This




Design allows

The air is stored in the hollow layer to keep the indoor constant temperature, which can save air -conditioning electricity costs ~

The honeycomb curtain is made of mesh, and the leaves cannot be rotated with each other. The mesh has the characteristics of transparent light and impervices.


Honeycomb curtains containing tin foil ingredients are better, and they are more suitable for bedrooms. In addition, a “day and night hive curtain” is derived from the different light transmittability of the materials.


Frank light transmission, soft light, free lighting; good night curtains, good shielding properties, blocking light, insulation and noise reduction.

Two kinds of light and shadow, a dream.

The biggest atmosphere -vertical shutters

The favorite of large windows and large spaces is vertical shutters. The main materials are PVC and polyester.

The vertical shutters can be opened to the left and right, and it can also be turned on to ensure the cover effect; the blades can be adjusted at 180 degrees to control privacy and light. A bunch of light shadows seemed to be pulled open for a long time, passing all the grids, harvesting endless warmth.


The shielding of the shutters mainly depends on the light transmission of polyester fabrics, and can choose the fabric according to the needs of different spaces. Choose a polyester fabric that is treated with electrostatic treatment. It will not adsorb the dust, and it is easier to clean up. It is enough to clean it with rags or feathers.

The most hazy -dream curtain


The fantasy curtain adds more mesh on the basis of the vertical typhoon, which is more hazy. The mesh is responsible for filtering strong sunlight to make it more softer and comfortable; the thick cloth maintains a vertical sense, and through the conversion angle, it guarantees privacy and shading effects.

The most treasure -Shangri -La curtain

In Tibetan, “Shangri -La” means the sun and the moon in their hearts, which is extremely sacred and precious. Among the many shutters, there are such treasures. The softness of the screen, the shading of the rolling curtain, the lighting of the louver, and the head of the family, it is the Shangri -Lalau curtain.

This kind of curtain is composed of a translucent curtain and a thicker material in the middle layer, and the intermediate layer can flip the adjustment angle.


Has high -quality light control and shading effect




The Shangri -La curtains gathered the advantages of cloth and gauze, which can not only be tuned, but also have functions such as anti -ultraviolet rays, filtering sunlight, anti -radiation, heat absorption, sound absorption, antibacterial and mildew and other functions.

When its middle layer turns opens, the two layers of the front and rear layers of the screen filter the sun, and immediately turn on the soft light filter mode, giving the curtain of the immortal sense.

A ray of sunlight, a trace of cozy, I wonder if this many shutters can give you a dream you want?

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