Which of Japanese and Korean style women’s brands have common Japanese and Korean women’s brand recommendations

Many girls feel that the Japanese and Korean actresses are very beautiful. In fact, a large part of the reason is that their dressing is more fashionable, Japanese and Korean style women’s fashion atmosphere, style and elegant, so many Japanese-Korean style women’s women are also consumed in the market What are the women’s brands of Korean style? Today, the women’s clothing network Xiaobian will recommend several shopping malls common Japanese and Korean women’s brand, for your reference!

What are the Japanese and Korean style women’s brands?


Fashion women’s brand “Yixiang Li Ying” founded in 2000, born in the beautiful West Lake. “Yixiang Li Ying” apparel is for the love of fashion, the pursuit of life quality, the age is not a key issue, the important thing is that the attitude of life and the inherent psychological age, eager young, enjoy life, full of active optimism is their unique group character. “Yixiang Li Ying” costumes pursue the quality of life, we take fashionable backbone, we will take the lead in smelling the fascinating breath, we know the elegance of independent and concealed; in the fashionable wind After 10 years of baptism, “Yixiang Li Ying” strong brand charm has become increasingly highlighted, “Yuxiang Li Ying” charm and confident, we taste the sweetness of life, chewing the happiness! This is our new era, the new era, representative of Yixiang Li.

Yellow shadow women’s clothing can understand the charm of life, and the shadow of the shadow is comfortable and fashionable, and the elegant and excellent design, fashion and concise coincidence, comfort and easy peers; pay attention to the unique view of nature; comfortable natural fabric, meticulous process, let These different materials have meticulous feel and rich characteristics due to their unique expression.


CC & DD, born in 1982 in the British Virginislands, brand name from the founder Cindy, Candice sister name. Cindy, Candice sisters love fashion, but also feeling that the fashion is on the high talle of the public, so determined that the fashion is popular, and the CC & DD brand is positioned as the “parity fashion” affordable. CC & DD costumes are known in the simple fashion style, not simple and stacking fashion elements, but taking highlights into the work, but fashion does not be taught, and there is more intellectual and affinity. In addition, CC & DD apparel is also committed to promoting the British culture, and will celebrate the Yinglun Fashion.

CC & DD women’s fashion women aged 20-30 as the core audience, providing them with a full range of life scenes such as workplace, business travel, leisure, entertainment, gathering. CC & DD, “parity fashion” advocate.


Hand women, fashion balance multi-face life. Flourish, personality, simple, multiple self-limited, real and fascinating show, fashion, the role is changing, the Korea is constant, the fashion is fashionable, so that fashion tentacles can be.

Korea, the most practical fast fashion costume is a style that is not defined. Because this world has a variety of beauty. In fact, everyone is a small planet, no need to close, and call the resonance. Harmon is doing the harvest of this moment with you!


日韩风格女装品牌有哪些 商场常见日韩风女装品牌推荐

Inlife Yunfu was born in 2006, inspiration from the romantic country France, highlighting the human body and natural beauty, stylish but not out of life, “everything stem from life” is the best interpretation of Inlife, fully deducting women in modern urban Confident, elegant, free and easy. Products focus on design of style detail; combination of overall color, integration, style, to meet the needs of modern women in various ways, reflecting “meeting, original, style” and life combined with life.

Everything stems from life is the best interpretation of Inlife Isafu brand, and Inlife Isafu is also a classic designer brand, product age is positioned 25-45 years of children! The elegant is elegant is the ultimate pursuit of Inlife, Yunfu, the simple and generous and unflassed nodes, making it more fully showing the soft breath of the Oriental women, becoming a female fashion information transmission leader.


The graceful brand series of “fashion, warmth, elegant” style is known, MANXiang brand fully highlights urban intelligible women’s calm, bleak, mature, introverted personality, product combination of frontier market epidemic elements, beautiful colors, Expressive knowledgeable, pleasant, confident, and comfortable life. Its exquisite craftsmanship, a good plate, has always been in the past few years, and has won the extensive recognition and favor of urban women.

The customers of Mentumen Women’s products are mainly from fashion pursuit of perfect sexual women. They all have high knowledge conservation and aesthetic ability, with strong consumption and consumer demand, they are new, self-confident, self-reliant, self-reliable Women in the times are the mainstream of the times and is also a powerful support for the brilliant and splendid in Mentholam.


日韩风格女装品牌有哪些 商场常见日韩风女装品牌推荐

“NA-WAIN” in Chinese name; advocate fashion, elegant, sexy, dynamic dress, pursue noble taste, unique self-international clothing culture, natten women’s strength to serve independent confidence between 25-38 years old, love Life, pursuit of fashionable modern urban women.

日韩风格女装品牌有哪些 商场常见日韩风女装品牌推荐

From found to date, “NA-Wain” tornado, has been adhering to elegant, fashion and romantic modern city style, with fashion design, superb craft, unique fabric style with fashionable romantic, natten women’s elegant breath All the way spread from Hangzhou to the whole country …


Ivli Eifini women’s brand design is divided into three phases: Ivli Eifini women’s brand: aroma woman, will be sentimental, happy and elegant.

Aquadia Woman: The popular style of the Roman Tiki atmosphere in the popular seasons, the Ivli women’s brand is based on the simple impression, focusing on emphasis on the details. There is a delicate little girl who is cleaned, and sometimes it will return a bit of sexy.

They will be sentimentary: Ivli women’s brand is mainly based on natural boundary, eucalyptus, orange, red, green, and green. The focus of the same color is the natural symbol of this group.

Happy Elegance: In the fashion, I want to be rendered in a lively and happy atmosphere. In the 1960s POP style, the illusion of the 1970s, the forgery of the 1980s, the different changes in the different times, but basically rough And elegant, with a simple style to show a happy impression style design.

Handu clothing

Handu clothing is a “Han Feng Fast Fashion” brand, consumers are 18-35 years old urban fashion people. Handu has a women’s brand “hstyle” and men’s brand “AMH”, mainly operating fashion women’s clothing, children’s wear, fashion men’s clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Handu clothing has more than 100 professional fashion selectioners and designers, and has a close, comprehensive partnership with more than 800 Korean fashion brands, and is updated. , Cost-effective, rapidly winning the city’s young fashion people.

Han Duxu is committed to creating “Han Feng Fast Fashion” urban fashion people’s clothing brand, adhering to the brand concept of “Han Feng Fast Fashion”, introducing South Korea’s latest fashion element time to China, and China with China The aesthetic combination, “Fast Korea Fashion” is performed. Handu House has become a well-known fashion brand in China.

Minimalist style

The design of the simple style is committed to finding a strong personalized consciousness of the beauty of the people in the inner beauty. It has found a self-explosive point in the introverted temperament, which contains an elegant temperament. Romantic, unhappy temperament, as well as superfluous self-show. The design of minimalist style comes from our own mysterious, mind metaphor, inner belonging, and the beauty of natural beauty in daily life.


In the design of simple, elegant, fashion design as the heritage, the epidemic elements of the market, color mining and broadness, pay attention to the process, and the details of the designers, the designers have pursued their comfort, relaxing, natural, formed, formed Unique brand culture and charm. Ideality and yearning for freedom, independence, love life, pursue fashion, the idea of ​​art, literature, philosophy to maintain open chests, and integrate the tide of classical, modern, avant-garde Haikawa.

Take a personalized design language and high-quality process material to dress up modern women. Beautiful colors, simple lines, natural textures, reflecting women’s beauty, delivering fashion, nature, urban, and sensuality.

It is not a simple costume, but a perfect combination of culture, art, human aesthetics and fashion. She shaped women’s infinite beauty, but also the expression of wisdom and art, is the perfect interpretation of contemporary women to pursue self, is a new clothes of fashion aesthetics.

日韩风格女装品牌有哪些 商场常见日韩风女装品牌推荐

What are the Japanese and Korean style women’s brands? The above is a common Japanese and Korean women’s brand, which is a common Japanese and Korean women’s brand, hoping to help everyone, more women’s brand information, welcome to pay attention to women’s network 43er.com.

What are the Japanese and Korean style women’s brands?

What are the Japanese and Korean style women’s brands?

What are the Japanese and Korean style women’s brands?