3 year old children like toys – paper cut

When Anan used a scissors to cut paper, or last year’s last year, I was here, I was still a bit nervous. I didn’t expect Anan imitation, and the note was cut a few paragraphs according to the teacher’s request.

Later, we took the scissors with protective, and Anan was not too interested. It was forced to be passionate, then ran to play. Among the time, Anan did not cut back.


I consider the reason why Anan is reluctant to use the scissors because we have given him the consciousness of “scissors danger” that makes him impressed.

Now think about it, there is no need to be too deliberate or too much to tell him, and we just hide the scissors well. Now, it is more appropriate to talk about dangerous things when you operate.

Too early, he remembered the dangerous feelings, the rejection of the scissors. Now, he understands the correct use of the scissors and the result of incorrect use, remembering the action.

I have recently learned that the 3-year-old child is interested in the hands-on paper cuts, stickers, origami, and drawings, I screened a more comprehensive cut paper from a treasure.

A few days ago, I was isolated because rhinitis went to the new house. An An Mom said that after the courier was dismantled, Anan was very like, and she cut it for a long time.

Yesterday I and An An video, Anan also took the cut note from the bucket out of the phone around the phone. This is also quite unexpected, I didn’t expect Anan who liked.

Today I got home to accompany Ai’an play, I saw the origami of Zhang Xiaoyan on the table. I want to try this set of paper-cutting, I will pick up the scissors and start cutting, and Anan saw it, came over from my hand from my hand I grabbed the past, allocated from the scissors, telling me that it is like this. I am pleased to accept, and if I cut again, I really have half, just press down.

Paper-cut is not thick, a little bit thinner than 4 sheets, but it is still a bit hardness, cutting up and easy. There is a paper and painted paper with a half black line pattern, it is also possible to paint.

There are two scissors, one is a normal scissors with protective, and the other is a protective wavy line scissors. The blade is iron, in fact, I want a plastic scissors, although the paper-cut is not sharp, but as a transition is also good, you can also demonstrate the hand.

After I was cut, Anan took the wavy scissors to cut the slightly large piece of paper I cut into small pieces, put it in his broken paper bucket, watching Anan paper-cut speeches, my heart is a lot .