14 days to transform 3000 free hotel special room Gansu construction, seven construction companies, “epidemic”

In the autumn in the autumn in 2021, it is necessary to commemorate and unforgettable in Gansu and Lanzhou. As a “hard disaster area” of the new crown epidemic in the province – Lanzhou, the provincial capital experienced the suffering experience of the Wuhan people. Under the leadership of the party and the governments of the party and the governments at all levels, all the Zhi Chengcheng, hand in hand, writing countless touching lungs, tears, there is a special team, they are not like white angels and other industries The hero fights in the “anti-vloising” line, but they are silent in obscurity, with their own sweat in just 14 days, 3,000 houses in Chengguan District are isolated, and the medical staff and The use of the isolation of the key crowd has laid an important foundation for the “anti-vlohemosis” in Lanzhou City.

Night phone voice calls military order

On October 26th, when Gansu Province, the party committee secretary, Chairman Feng Yonghui received the separation of hotel tasks from Chengguan District.

The epidemic is the order, prevention and control is responsibility. Feng Yonghui considers the detachable division of work after a moment. He called the deputy secretary of the company, and Li Jie, chairman of the trade union, requested Li Jie to arrange the implementation, and coordinate overnight. The person in charge of Seven Construction will be called, and the person in charge of the company, III company, and decoration company, requiring the above company to quickly urge the backbone of the blue project, and the construction team is bright, and it can be used to establish an isolation hotel.

A company quickly established the frontline headquarters of the Manager Liu Guodong as a member of the General Command, the leaders of the branch, while taking a group of young backbone project managers and coordinated coordination. According to professional division of labor, the headquarters forms a construction management group, the material procurement group, the logistics support group, and is responsible for the specific construction. Their main construction tasks are to set up a murder, buffer, quarantine channels and medical treatment rooms and electrical, drainage and other accessories.

14天改造出3000间隔离酒店专用房间 甘肃建投七建公司战“疫”立新功

One An Company has moved, convened the leadership team (expanded) meeting in the evening, and conducted internal mobilization with the organ arrangements, project managers, and labor teams, and established a work assault team to complete the preparation of the central isolation point. The commando was held by the company’s party branch secretary. Because of the shortage of personnel, Yi’an Company specially extracted a hero’s backbone forces from various departments, project departments and laborary teams.

Zhang Heng immediately contacted the production manager and project manager, established the Isolated Hotel Construction Leading Group, and organized the coordination of construction personnel and materials to enter the organization to fully organize organizational security. Their mission is to complete a number of freezes all the public areas of the hotel and the ventilation blocks in the rooms in the room. Grasted rooms Gano UV disinfection lamp, camera and switch, four isolation channels Gani UV light, lighting, switch And the medical waste fans, ultraviolet lamps, lighting, etc.

14天改造出3000间隔离酒店专用房间 甘肃建投七建公司战“疫”立新功

The decoration company has the largest workload, and manager Fan Wei summits team members on the morning of the 27th, and clear the rule of the hotel’s task as the current most important work, overnight. The company’s all party members and cadres fully play a pioneer model role, forming a party member commando, a young commando team, a young volunteer, and playing a model role in party members.

Party members and cadres take the lead in giving a hacker

After one night of emergency mobilization, the staff of the four companies overcome various districts prohibited in access, and the inconveniences such as traffic is difficult to arrive in the morning. Although the person is in place, the next difficulties come one after another.

First, the reform of the isolation hotel is different from the previous construction. This is that everyone has never done before; secondly, many shops have closed the door, and the various materials required by the project become a problem that needs to be solved; again, due to the epidemic Influencing, all restaurant stores do not open, hundreds of project construction workers face “no meal” dilemma; and due to the implementation of the road to the city, the smooth communication of construction vehicles also needs to be guaranteed. A part of the management area of ​​the city’s management and control is not recognized by the work of the branch and the seven construction companies.

The person in charge of Li Jie and the four companies actively engages with the leadership from the semicopproofing experts from Beijing and the city, district two-level health care department and epidemic prevention department, clarifying the specific and detailed construction plan, on the other hand, coordinating business people with government departments And vehicle travel problems, Chengguan District New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Conference Defense Assistance Leading Group Office issued a letter on the guaranteed work during the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic, for relevant personnel and vehicles, construction personnel It is only available to enter and out of the community and enter the isolation hotel.

The night has been deep, people have entered a dream, but in the isolation hotel, it is still a busy scene of the heat. All companies’ work groups are extremely active, and everyone has reported engineering progress and materials usage in the first time.

Although each quarantine hotel is doing a material demand plan before entering the field, it will suddenly receive a variety of temporary tasks, which completely disrupted the material supply rhythm. In order to protect the material, it can be supplied in time, and Ernan Company will contact Lanzhou and surrounding suppliers and warehouse calls overnight. In the warehouse in Yushong Heping Town, in order to solve the travel problem, through more than a dozen calls with the Market Authority, I finally made the green channel. In the early morning, the second point of materials finally transferred to Lanzhou.

“Although it is difficult to face time, the task is difficult, but in terms of quality assurance, we must also strictly manage, the whole, no dead angles to implement construction.” The head of the project said, while rushing to each floor, ” .

To ensure that each quarantine hotel renovation task can be completed on time, the decorative company leadership team squats on the spot. “As long as there is still a place to finish, we will not stop the lives in your hands, and then tired and tired.” The scene consumed. Everyone hits the post, overload operation, one room, one room to carry out carpet construction, ensuring a failure, one does not leak.

14天改造出3000间隔离酒店专用房间 甘肃建投七建公司战“疫”立新功

At 2 o’clock on the 27th, a member of the assault team member was in groups, and the batch went to the early preparation for isolation hotel. The assault teams closed more than 100 air-conditioned air outlets of each hotel with fingers and set up five isolation doors in the hotel, installing UV lamps and wireless cameras. Time, the task is heavy, and the commanders rushed to the isolation hotel from 7:00 in the morning, lasting more than 10 hours of continuous construction, they have been dry at 11 o’clock in the evening. When they are so busy, the assault teams have a rest. There is no time.

14天改造出3000间隔离酒店专用房间 甘肃建投七建公司战“疫”立新功

Due to the influence of the epidemic, the latent-loop management is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the construction units, and many labor personnel are not in place in a time. In the face of the urgent moment of the shortage of labor, the Dan’an Company manager mobilize the management personnel in the work group, all management Personnel actively “participate in the war” no one. Zhang Wenqi, who lives in Confuciusa, Anning District, received a call at 10 o’clock in the evening, and urgently hurried clothes ready to go. The wife asked inadvertently: “I have to go out to work overtime so late!” He said: “Now the staff is not enough, our cadres will take the lead.” Immediately, drive to the construction line.

Zhang Yan, who lives in Xigu, is a mother of one and a half years old. After the company duty during the day, after receiving the order at night, I will call the family to see the child, saying that I want to work all over time, I can’t go home. I immediately rushed to the construction site.

At each quarantine hotel construction site, the leader of the decoration company project was first agreed with the hotel’s person in charge, the head of the streets of the jurisdiction. After the program is determined, the projects shall immediately launch a deployment, organizing personnel to carry out construction work order. All project parties have a team member responsible. According to agreed construction programs combined with previous construction experience, the amount of works in the spot, timely reporting materials, and the construction materials are shipped immediately after the isolation hotel is immediately put into construction. In order to ensure the efficiency of the task, the project department implements closed management on the construction site, and their responsibility is responsible for people, division of labor collaboration, parallel operation, stereoscopic construction, separating the wall, isolating the door installation and outdoor garbage disposal station. They insisted on day and night in the first line, the problem solved in the front line, continued to fight in the first line, insisting 24 hours, two classes.

Isolated Hotel is not only tight, but also high. A company construction personnel strictly implemented the isolation construction requirements, according to the Guidance Group of the Qijian Committee, the CDC and the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control Experts, and is actively communicated with the semi-point of the isolation hotel, carefully survey the hotel house structure, according to “three There are two channels in the district, and the three districts are special areas and channels that are divided into medical staff and isolation. The three districts are cleaning areas, polluting areas and semi-polluting areas, and two channels refer to medical staff channels and isolation personnel. Epidemic management control requires scientific development plan, reasonably arranges construction work surface, do a good job in personnel, and carry out construction work. After the completion of the construction, self-examination of “three districts and two channels”, fire protection facilities, etc., ensuring no dead angles. When the health and epidemic prevention department, the public security fire department has an acceptance of construction quality, it is certain and praised. The staff of the Chengguan District Epidemic Prevention Station praised: “You have completed so many high-quality quarantined rooms in such a short time,” it is a miracle. “

Tiandao rewards the love of the border

Over time, northwestern hotels, Zhongshan Hotel, Summeli Hotel, Rhetorphine Hotel, etc. After successful renovation, it is completed and delivered. However, the weather is more and more cold, and the snow in November makes the temperature drop, the early morning, the cold wind wrapped in snow, and the people who rushed to the scenes of the site were cheerd. Li Jie, who only slept for 5 hours and shuttled on various construction sites. From the moment of the “epidemic” assembly number, he and the person in charge of each company, he stood in this anti-smoke-free anti-“epidemic “On the battlefield, there is a problem that you need to coordinate him, he immediately rushed to solve it, and he fought at the early morning every day.

At this time, he looked at these brothers and snowfighters on the construction site. Continuous construction operations, not only to endure cold weather, but also to overcome the discomfort in the body, some workers’ spine pain, but still insist on homework, The deputy manager of the decoration company is not a doctor, and it does not care about the body that has not healed. It doesn’t want to have a delicious meal. Every day, it is instant noodles, ham is full of hunger, and even drink a hot water. No, I would like to say that I said to everyone, “Everyone has worked hard, and there is no way to make everyone a good time. Every day, I have to do so heavy, I represent the company’s party committee to express condolences, And express your sincere gratitude. Although you know that you are very tired, you can’t make it feel hard, you have to add your strength … “Epidemic prevention and control work leading group requirements, every hotel is necessary to complete in the shortest time, this Everyone is clear. Everyone has no complaints, and it has been said that during the epidemic, we have a responsibility and obligation to complete this glorious task.

At this time, a company employee is in the outdoor isolation of the freezes. Although with a glove but still freezing hurts, the finger is numb and the mouth is hot, and all the participating people do not retreat, and always insist on the first line. Managers are also added to homoclasses, transport materials, paste films, making entries, and the like.

A company chief engineer Wang Wei is more than 16 hours in the project at the project every day, hungry to eat boxes or hot water bubbles, and it is difficult to take a nap on commuter vehicles. He examines the completion of the night shift task every morning, and then focuses on the actual progress, has targeted research drawings, material needs, and staff configuration issues. Then, the construction schedule is discharged down, and the key difficulties of restricting projects are solved one by one.

For only 14 days, more than 500 builders of the seven companies have been fighting for a day and night, and a total of more than 330 million yuan in various types of aid construction materials have been completed, and the Northwest Hotel, Zhongshan Hotel, Sumei Lan Hotel, Ruorine Hotel, Lanzhou Lily Flower Hotel, Yili Boutique Hotel (Zhongshan Bridge), Blueberry Jihua Hotel, Space Haiyi Hotel, Green Tree Hotel (Railway Station), Jinjiang Sunshine Hotel, etc. More than 3,000 room construction tasks . This extremely difficult task is to be completed in a lack of material, and the difficult environment is completed. This group of people are familiar with everyone. Casting copper wall wall of an epidemic prevention and control. They used a warmth of the heart and a pair of people who were hot and a pair of rough and strong hands to penetrate the cold and darkness, winning this epidemic prevention and control and attack war! (Zhang Shaojie Dude Wah)