# # Capacity no bottom, is a suitcase, super fire ins

I don’t know my mothers.

Will you have this feeling:

Since there is a baby, the bag is, the more bought it,

And the previous light, small, good-looking Style is very different,

The only standard for the bag is now – enough big enough,

After all, the baby’s diaper, bottle, wipes …

Always carry!

Today, “Good Time”

Share several most in Mama,

Simple fashion, color-value, practical UP +,

Everything is so good to pick ~




October crystallization. Dunhuang joint Mummy bag

Mummy bag

Millennium Aesthetics and Modern Aesthetics

Linglu, Xiangyun Yingrui

Give the “Guardian Newbound”!

20L large capacity mummy bag

Science partition

Front independent aluminum foil insulation zone,

Wet separation zone

Refusing water, reject, travel is not afraid of small accidents ~


October crystallization. Multi-functional large capacity Mommy bag

20L, 30L PLUS two sizes

Total 15 patterns take the heart ~

Quantitative design,

Meet different travel needs


20L standard mummy bag, suitable for medium and long distance travel


30L Plus Mommy Pack, more suitable for long distance travel

Three-layer high-densified water


Large diameter design, built-in multi-function partition,

Aluminum foil insulation zone, dry and wet separation zone

Everyday is easy to manage ~


October crystallization. Refrigerated portable backpapers

Upside down two-layer design

All are composite insulation materials

Separate insulation package + ice separator

Double inside and outside

Sustainable preservation 14h

You can use the whole container, you can also split independently

“Small refrigerator” that is walking ~


October crystallization. Simple and low-resistance Mummy bag

Simple product appearance

Proportion, size is just right,


Tutimewed surface, dust-dust removal

Multi-pouch design, scientific division of labor

In-room pockets, 2 zippers

Meet your mother’s storage needs ~


October crystallization. MINI fashion Mummy bag

Colorful aesthetics, fashion trendy mummy bag

10L capacity, reduce bus

It looks light, real is super-installed

Bring your baby’s short trip,

Daily required under a packaging ~

Twice shoulders, shoulders, handcuffs

Removable dry wet separation zone,

Can be used for small bags,

Have multiple packages at a time ~

Which bag is my mother?

Let’s leave a message to share the words ~