Don’t buy the lamps! 4 points to choose like this, so that your family has a skyrocketing value, 10 times better than neighbors

Do not ignore the purchase of the lamp, because the lighting design determines the style of the entire home, which is very important.

Last time, we asked Gongtou CEO to write a lot of articles to share with you, do n’t stand up! The design of the living room and kitchen lights, so as not to pay IQ taxes, “explain

Porch, living room, restaurant, kitchen

The lighting reminders of lighting and decoration design in each region are reminded.

After understanding the main point of avoiding the pit, the selection of lamps is also the key to the face value.

Today we have summarized 4 purchasing strategies. In this era of looking at the value, buying lights not only depends on whether it is beautiful,

Lighting materials, crafts, details, color temperature, color rendering, wattage, etc. are very important

It will make the whole family look more refined.

How to choose lamps?

You can take a look at your home decoration or preparing to decorate.

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▲ The color temperature or illuminance of the restaurant will cause emotions to be irritable and disadvantaged, usually maintaining the illumination at 50-100lux.


Do you choose the lamps and match the decoration style?

The ceiling layer, function, style, etc. at home will focus on the selection of lamp lighting, especially the decoration style.

If your family is a Nordic style, the old man in the family says that it is necessary to match a crystal lamp, then … it will not be coordinated.

So when buying lamps,

Fully consider the matching of lamps and house style


Do not buy a lamp and hang it casually.

The following selection


6 common lamps


It is convenient for you to quickly understand!

Nordic lamps, new shapes and changes

Common Nordic -style chandeliers include fireflies chandeliers, molecular lights, magic bean lamps, duckbill lamps, all -copper chandeliers, and plant lights. The shapes are more novel and simple.

The color selection of the lamps is mainly black, white, and gold.



Light luxury lamps, showing exquisite atmosphere

Light luxury with light luxury and exquisiteness, representing quality life style

This style is also popular nowadays.

Light luxury style lamps are mainly based on copper, zinc alloy, gold plating, etc. The classic lights have simple crystal lamps, and sometimes the popular lightless lamp design is very suitable for light luxury style.



American lamps, full of classical feelings

The most classic American style lamp shape is a multi -lamp -like cup -shaped ceiling, which is more concise and generous than the European -style lamps, which is much simpler.

Materials prefer brass elements, full of classical feelings.


European -style lamps, overflowing retro literary arts

European lamps are full of gorgeous decorations, exquisite shapes and good lines.

, Bring a magnificent and gorgeous feeling.

European classical lamps will also be made of dark paint, rust and other materials, full of simple and elegant taste.


Chinese lamps, fluttering elegant atmosphere

Chinese style lamps use hollow or carving in shape, with symmetrical layout, and the shape pursues simple and beautiful.

The shape of pure Chinese lamps is more classic, the new Chinese lamps are more modern, and the new materials have Chinese elements.

The colors of Chinese lamps are mostly red, black, yellow, etc. At a glance, they will think about it: Chinese style lamps, Chinese style lamps have high style recognition.


Modern lamps, three -dimensional geometric creativity

Modern simple style is mainly ceiling lights and chandeliers. In the shape, most of them like circular, triangular, rectangles, etc. In terms of design, simple atmosphere.


The color is relatively diversified. Except for black and white, modern style lamps like cute candy colors are very eye -catching.

The light source temperature of the lamp, determines that your home is cold or warm?

The color temperature of the lamp determines whether your home is warm or cold. The color temperature of the lamps on the market is mainly: yellow yellow 3000K, warm white 2500k, white 4000K, white 5000K, white or blue 6000K.

Different color temperatures will actually have a certain impact on people’s emotions. Warm and relaxing people are comfortable, and the cold color makes people think clear.

Family lamp color temperature is recommended to choose 3000-4000K. It is recommended to use 4000-4500K in kitchen, study, toilet lamp color temperature, etc. It is recommended to choose 3000-3500K.


Beware of this, the lamp show color rendering index

The colorful color RA refers to the light to the surface of the object,


Light with high color rendering index, more real color, light color explicit index, easy to distort, look tired after a long time.

Below RA50 is “poor”, RA50-70 is “general”, RA70-80 is “good”, and 80 or more is “excellent”.

RA <70 is used on public roads, RA70-80 is used on the court, workshop, etc.

Family use suggestions Ra> 90 is more appropriate

The lamps will mark this indicator, pay attention when choosing.

In the room lamps, do you have any bottom?

Watshu mainly refers to brightness. This indicator is also very important for the lighting at home.

Reference suggestions for each space tile duration:



It is recommended to have a downlight of 5W.


living room

Be sure to be transparent and bright. Watsh number is recommended to calculate the bulb tile digital per square meter, 20-30㎡ is recommended to 60-80W, 30-40 square meters recommended 100-150W, 40-50 square meters 220-280W, 50-50- 70㎡ recommended 300-350W, etc. If there is a reading area in the living room, a separate reading light source is added.



It also needs sufficient brightness, without leaving dark areas, Watshu is recommended to calculate the light bulb tile counting per square meter, 3-5㎡ is recommended to 8-13W, 5-10 square meters are recommended by 13-25W, 10-15 square meters are recommended for 25-38W Essence



It is recommended that 16W lamps, it is best to install an additional low -warming lamp, and it is too dazzling to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.



The recommendation is soft, 5-10 square meters of 13-25W, 10-15㎡ recommended 25-38W, 15-20㎡ recommended 38-50W,> 20 square meters to recommend more than 50W.

There are a lot of online lamps shops. In order to buy your home lamps, remember to see more comparisons.

The lamps must be planned in advance during the decoration design stage. Pay attention to the voltage, installing wiring, switching positions, etc., which is also convenient for your designer to unite all styles of the whole house decoration. Don’t ignore it!

After all, a lamp, you don’t see a day, it is more than one year!

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By this 5 points! The indoor lighting is arranged right, so that the thousand yuan home has a sense of high level of 10,000 yuan


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