How good is the “loose” in winter? Japanese mature women tell you, these 3 are the most beautiful

For older women, when choosing to wear, they often ignore the pants, and lock more eyes on the top of the top. A qualified dress is also very important. If you want to combine the combination of comfort and fashion first, it is recommended to be loose, such as loose straight pants, wide -leg pants, or skirts, all of which are all skirts, all of which are all all skirts. It is a very suitable winter installation choice for older women.

Loose straight pants are not as exaggerated as wide -leg pants. It adds some width to the ordinary straight version, which is more suitable for older women and slightly fat women.

The biggest feature of this loose straight pants is the shaping of the leg lines. For example, the vertical fabric in the figure, the created straight pants shape will make the leg lines look long and straight, and they are handsome.

Of course, some straight pants can also form a simple contraction or development trend on the legs of the trousers. This type of pants is more obvious on the shape of the leg lines. For example, shrinking can highlight the position and lines of the ankle, and make concessions from a visual perspective. The proportion is more perfect.


The slightly open style allows the lower body to present a very beautiful arc, with a pink top, showing a girlish atmosphere.

In the matching, straight pants can be said to be one of the most versatile pants. The slightly loose feeling also makes you very comfortable to wear. You can match a simple sweater like in the picture, or choose the waist on the upper body to choose the waist waist. The style is also very good.


The need for items to make our figure is more obvious, the thin effect is OK, and it is more friendly for small children.


Second, wide -leg pants


The second is the matching of wide -leg pants. Wide -leg pants and loose straight pants are different. Wide -leg pants will make the whole person stronger, and the modification of the leg lines is not great. Therefore, the combination of trousers and pants will be more difficult for straight pants.


Although the comparison of the two sets is wide -leg pants, the left looks taller and beautiful, while the right side is casual and lively. So what should I match?

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For women who want to show the air field, it is best to recommend that you choose long -leg pants in the picture, it is best to grow to the mop, so that the visual effect can lengthen the leg lines.

If the upper body can choose short items, then the whole person looks very tall and very aura.

Then if you want to take a literary style or college style, wide -leg pants may be more suitable for you, and wide -leg pants are very good.

On the one hand, you can choose such short boots to wear exquisite and capable aesthetics. On the other hand, you can also choose such board shoes to wear fashion and freedom, which is very age -reducing.

When it comes to loose items, how can I not mention the skirt? The skirt that has no restrictions on the leg lines. While maintaining women’s softness and elegance, it is also very versatile, becoming the new favorite of many women in winter.

The version is rich. For example, the picture on the left is a large skirt, and the picture on the right is an A -line skirt, each with its own charm.

It is still necessary to choose a black skirt and any color, and it can be easily matched, and it is also in line with the atmosphere of winter. The black skirt chose a shallow sweater to cooperate, combining deep and beautiful to create a unique temperament.


Whether it is a solid color skirt or a printed skirt, older women can easily hold it. The solid color will make people more gentle and elegant, and printing can enhance the sense of fashion of wearing. You can choose according to your preferences.


The above is some loose installations that you introduce to you. The loose items can make people look more comfortable and elegant. Let’s get together!