4.5 square meters to create a private gym dumbbell tablet.

Hello everyone, I am Lao Hu.

During this time, Lao Hu has shared his overall ideas for building the gym and the final determined specific plan in the article published yesterday.

Starting from this article, Lao Hu will gradually share with you the selection process and evaluation of various equipment used in private gyms.

Today, I will make a detailed evaluation of the barbells purchased by Lao Hu. Before the beginning, let’s review the overall ideas of the private gym. This helps the friends who first see this article.

Lao Hu’s private gym is planned to be established within an area of ​​4.5 square meters, including the following main fitness equipment:

1 -frame squat frame,

2 2.2 meters long, 20 kg weighing Olympic lever bars,

3 One multi -function weightlifting stool,

4 200 kg barbells,

5 A pair of Okgan dumb bell rods,


6.5 square meters of rubber floor pad,

You can realize dumbbell flat bench press, dumbbells upper collateral, dumbbells underneath bench press, oblique bench press on barbells, barbell flat bench press, barbells underneath bench press, seated position (dumbbells, barbells), sundial barbell arm flexion, sitting position Leg flexion and stretch, bend your legs, squat on barbells, barbells hard, barbell rowing, t -bar rowing, sitting row, pulling down, ropes (horizontal poles) down, pull -ups up, double bar arms flexion, ropes pulling, ropes, ropes, ropes, ropes, ropes, ropes, ropes. Low two -headed bending, priest chair bending and other common actions.

We continue to evaluate barbells.

Barbells are the source of load we used during training, and they are also the most familiar training equipment for every friend who loves bodybuilding training. However, many friends, like Lao Hu, are very familiar with the use of barbells, but they don’t know much about barbells itself.


Let’s take a look at the specific types of barbells first?

Types of a barbell tablet


The main function of barbells is to provide load during training, so most barbells are composed of metal as the main material.

Figure: MC lacquer slices

1 lacquer slices

Painting slices are more common in barbells. Its main material is iron. A layer of paint is made on the surface of the barbell tablet. This barbell has the advantages of small volume and relatively light taste. Among all barbells, the cost is relatively medium.

After a careful comparison of Lao Hu these days, there are two kinds of paint slices on the market. One is shallower, which is called MX tablets (above). A little error (Lao Hu consulting the seller said that each error is about 0.2 kg), the price is cheaper, the price per kilogram is about 6-8 yuan.


Figure: dark, feet heavy paint slices

Another kind of lacquer slices are darker, but the weight is sufficient, and there is almost no error in each piece of weight (this is the same as the actual measurement, there is no error), the price is relatively high, the price per kilogram is 7 ~ 10 yuan.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The advantage of baking slices is that the size is small, the cost is low, and the taste is lighter.

The disadvantage is that there is no soft protective layer. When the barbells are in contact with the ground or other objects, it is easy to wear other objects.

Figure: vining film

2 packs of film

The film, as the name suggests, adds a layer of glue or plastic material outside the iron core material. The surface of the barbell tablets is softer than the paint tablet. There are two most used on the market. All black, the surface is softer (compared to lacquer slices). This kind of film is low in film, but it tastes stronger and has a strong smell of rubber.

Figure: Flying Film

The other is called Fei Ling tablet. The surface of the flying tablets is wrapped in hard plastic. The touch is harder (softer than the paint slices).

The price of vin films and flying slices is similar, which is slightly higher than the baking piece of paint. The price per kilogram is between 8 and 11 yuan.

The advantage of the film is soft wrapped on the surface, which has a protective effect (anti -wear) on other objects. It will not be too cold to touch it with your hands at low temperature.

The disadvantage is that the taste is heavy. It takes a long time to disperse the smell of the rubber (the taste of the flying tablets is smaller than the vinyl). The thickness of the film is larger than the paint. Around centimeters.

Figure: electroplated tablet

3 electroplating tablets

Electroplating refers to electroplating on the surface of the iron barbell. The surface of this piece is a bit as smooth as the mirror, and the thickness in several barbells is the thinnest. Therefore ), There are also many can add a connector to a small barbell. Because it is a plating process, the cost of this dumbbell tablet is slightly higher, and the price per kilogram is generally about 10 yuan.

The advantage is that the volume is small and more used on the dumbbell (2.5-3cm pore diameter), because at the same volume, the electroplated chip is heavier than other types of barbells. In addition, it has almost no taste.

The disadvantage is that because it is an electroplating surface, the noise is large and the electroplated chip cost is high, so it is used less on the barbell tablet (5cm pore diameter).

Figure: whole glue film

4 full glue

The whole film is mainly composed of glue, and the barbell core material uses metal. This kind of barbell has a good shock absorption effect. Many occupational weightlifting teams use this kind of barbell tablet, which can fall vertically on the ground in a high place without causing too much damage to the ground. More than 30 yuan.

The advantage is that it has a good shock absorption effect. Many people with dumbbells or barbell habits are more suitable for use. Because the cost is very high, the flavor of the barbells is light and the touch is very good.


The disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the thickness of the barbells is large. Therefore, this type of barbells are basically 5cm pores, which are rarely used on dumbbells.

Figure: Environmental protection film

5 environmental protection film

The surface of the environmental sheet is composed of PVC plastic, which is similar to the surface material of Feiling tablets. However, its core material is a mixture such as the irrigation cement, so the cost is low, and the lowest in the above -mentioned barbell pieces. Generally between 3 and 5 yuan per kilogram.

The advantages are first of all, low cost, very cheap, very cheap! The taste is small, almost no taste. Relatively durable (Lao Hu has a pair of 40 kg of environmentally friendly dumbbells, which has been used for two years without any changes).

The disadvantage is that the volume is large, because the irrigated cement and other core materials are used as a load, so it is much thicker than other types, so this kind of barbells are almost used on dumbbells.


The above five types are the most common barbells on the market. The advantages and disadvantages between them have been detailed above. The price provided in the article is for reference only (this data comes from Lao Hu inquiring online).

Lao Hu finally chose paint slices, which is the kind of paint with a little more expensive and deep color. The reason for the selection is as follows:


The taste is small (according to the pro -test, the taste can be acceptable), which is more conducive to physical health.


The cost is cheap, and the purchase price of Lao Hu is 7.5 yuan per kilogram (including freight)


The size is small, and the barbells are thin. Of the total 200 kg barbells purchased by Lao Hu, 5 kg of barbells have 22 pieces, because they can be commonly used with dumbbells (paired with Ao poles with a pore diameter of 5 cm).

Olympic dumbbell rods with a length of 50 cm. You can put a maximum of 5 kilograms of dumbbell tablets at a single side. At most, the weight of the dumbbells can reach 54 kg (4 kg of dumbbell rods + 10 tablets 5 kg), which can meet the large weight Training needs.

Alright! Today, Lao Hu’s evaluation of the dumbbell film is close to the end. I believe that like Lao Hu, you want to create a private gym, you already know what kind of barbells you want.

In the next article, Lao Hu will continue to evaluate other equipment of the private gym, so stay tuned.


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Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages: