Simple and easy to go to the sea and tied meat pine cookies than the supplement nutrition, but don’t want money

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Low-gluten flour 35 grams

Corn oil 35 grams

70 grams of whole egg liquid

White sugar 35 grams


Sesame Sea Tash Pine 20 grams

Practice steps

1, almost temperature eggs to take an egg yolk plus eggs 70g, corn oil 30g silose 35g low-gluten flour 35g seaweed pine 20g corn oil plus egg solution plus sugar. Stir to complete emulsification. It can’t see oil and granulated grains. Sieve low-gluten flour, stir until dry powder, faster delicate. Join the beings, mix well.


2, decorate flower bag spare. (My flower bag is bought by the oven, if there is no best to buy, the finished product will be very regular)

3, preheating Hai’s C40 oven, up and down 160 degrees for 12 minutes. Because the C40 oven precision temperature warming and my same oven temperature can be set. Other oven first baked a changing color change.


4, if there is the same Macaron mold with me, it is straightforward. if there is not. Direct baking pan oil cloth, squeezed a coin size.


5, it is slightly soft. It’s crisp in the future.

6, the tail meat pine biscuits are super delicious.

Nutritional effect of low-gluten flour

Yangxin, Yi Kidney, in addition to heat, thirst, indispension of dirty, annoyance, thirst, brickness, swelling, traumatic bleeding and burns.

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