Deep analysis of lactating mother’s winter wear, fashion and grounding

People who are familiar with Rong Mom know that I will have a phased summary of the children’s equipment from time to time, but there are very little. Because I am a baby mad, so the mobile phone is all photos, and the child is born to do anything cute. Just pick two unfamiliar can be a material. I have rarely mentioned my most direct reasons for a long time, I really can’t take it, and the photos of my mobile phone is also a phoenix righteous angle. I occasionally speaking is that the shoes are less half-head, and the photos of the whole live people are not more common. Today, why suddenly wants to talk about my mother’s own line of lead, because it is fast to double eleven, everyone is sure to be jumped, so I can’t help the woman’s heart, I can only give everyone. Add firewood. As a long-term full-time nuptor, Rong Ma will take the line of the usual and go out and see the people in the people. If you go out, I will give it to the fashion bloggers, I just want to talk about fashion fashion fashion today. In fact, it is a practical utility most practical) with a child to wear.

It’s coming soon, I am coming, the cold is frozen, and the people who are not washed with a past year, the practicality and comfort of the clothes are naturally better than its appearance. In addition, due to the special nature of the full-time mother, keep warm and comfortable in one, and the clothes must also have skin, prohibition, anti-modal characteristics, and the child is already tired, the clothes are uncomfortable or not moving, That is really a pro. I took the clothes of my favorite clothes in the past few years to collect the collections, there is no shortage of balls, because these clothes are really wearing the most frequent clothes in recent years.

1, leather pants! Leather pants!

Leather pants are the original intention of my most beginning to brew this article, the first recommended is leather pants! If you are still in pregnancy, you must have a winter good thing that you can’t miss. The biggest benefit of pregnant women wear is not only pregnant, it can wear. It can wear two years before birth. The mothers who have not recovered have not worried that they are not comfortable.


I have recently found that leather pants is very easy to use! From the first day of the National Day holiday, Xi’an began to rain, the wet cold weather made people a half-month to heaten, let us live! The weather that only wearing a thin t-shirt suddenly dropped to the plight of the plush, and I also rose directly from ordinary leggings to the leather pants. I found it on my leather pants. The world is so beautiful.

There are many advantages of leather pants: first, it is high, and I will no longer take a shower every day, but every night will give Idech and Great Poishes and have a sister and ankle, usually I sit together. The two legs of the child, the grandmother is rinsed with the plastic bottle of the eyes, and the method of care the ass is the private trick of the Rong Mom. Specifically, see →


Little baby’s buttocks are red and not red, only a bottle of oriental leaves


. But often washing the water, I saved my big sideware in my thigh. Especially Idea, because the texture of the little girl rushed to the water flow more dispersed. When the weather was hot, I didn’t feel it. I will do it later. This weather is cold, the pants are wet, ice, only two roads in front of me, or I will endure the wet body temperature, do it, or I have to replace the pants. And according to the recently, the full diapers, the full diapers, who met in the family, only one of my men, I can only give her one hand, the other hand of the Idean, rinse the ass, the idea is big in my leg. It is also getting less and less honest, often washing my two thighs, I don’t have to return to the trousers.

Moreover, it is not only waterproof and anti-urine! When a person cleaned the feces to clean the feces, he often worked for a chaos. According to the sister, it was often tempered, and he said that she was in the diapers. Every time she was a thing, the big sister was still angry … It is often something that is often in the trousers. I believe that a lot of nurse has been out of the mouth of urine printing. With a leather pants, as long as I immediately take a paper, I immediately improve the new, easily with Say. Byebye, no more worry-free pants than this.


The third is that leather pants are real thieves, and the warm effect is also a bar droplets! Buying a leather trousers in the winter, the winter riding electric car to send the boss, the kindergarten is not cold, the big wind is in the middle of the garden in the community is also easy, no pressure, do not believe you, the street opens three slam, sell Sweeping potato, which is not a leather trousers, there is a treasure mother in the community, talking about leather pants, the neighbors also say that her relatives are placed on Huashan, wearing leather pants, warmth in winter!


It is said that the ordinary working people like leather trousers in its practicality, but it does not mean that the pants must be the adjustment of the soil. In fact, it is still very strong, and it is more powerful. , Sweaters, fur, down jacket, no violation. However, it is a little higher than the body requirements, the legs are fine, and the model wears special beauty but wear it may not match the picture. I have to say that too thick legs will run, but for not too The pursuit of image is only to pursue practical warm mothers, this can also be ignored, and it is not too much to make a mirror.

But here still have to remind a sentence, it is possible that the child will take you not pleasing, such as Rong Dad, seeing me to wear the previous leather pants, he is very dislike: “Can you take the pants?” ! Painting like a silly scorpion ~ “The aesthetics of the straight man Wash ~ You just don’t worry, or I can also give you a wash in a month! “

I specially shot when I went out this morning.

Rong Mom has been in the first year of Huiyi, and the winter is in the winter. I have experienced the body of the body, so I don’t care very much. However, this year, when wearing a pregnancy, he found that the trouser leg is good, and it is completely non-posted and the leg line (but very comfortable.), This shows that I have thinned more than this year, but also describes this double 11 I should buy a small one of the trousers.

2, go out of breastfeeding clothes

Regarding breastfeeding clothes, you should not stay in the following to wear a cognition of breastfeeding in the month.

That is too small to look at the creativity of the people, who said that when the cow is beautiful? Which beauty you have seen it twists on the streets, when the child cried, he opened the skirt to feed the skirt. Can you feeding the street? Naturally it is ok.

As long as you search for “breastferen from fashion” in a treasure, you will have a lot of more than one or two hundred pages. There are onepiece’s small outlets, there are sweaters and dress with knitted materials, and there are also sweaters with home, or even the king of goods. Yang Mi’s explosion has a breastfeeding. These breastfeeding clothes are also very intimate according to the seasonal situation and different people’s needs, and the plus velvet is not even more than even from the M code to XXXXL, the price ranges from tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan, perfect Fitting a variety of people’s various occasions in breastfeeding, love the death of Ma Yun Dad!

The breastfeeding is really another great inventions of the 21st century. It makes the majority of breastfeeding moms to keep their dignity and elegance under the majestic in the public. When you want your baby, we can just find a place for no one, you will be ashamed, and you will be in winter. The wind blows a cool belly. Do you generally wear a lot, a few layers of white flowers It’s uncomfortable with the fat, you don’t feel uncomfortable, and others will feel that spicy eyes are not? With this breastfeeding, it is possible to minimally reduce the part of the dullet, even if the people who are blessed, I also dare to feed the road teeth.

Recently, the weather began to turn cold. One piece of sweater is not enough to be in the indoor, I recommend everyone to buy two or three breastfeeding autumn clothes matching. This kind of autumn clothing can not wear a bra, those who have just been brought to the baby are in the supply and demand, which is not yet necessary to balance the balanced, which can choose to release the self-inserted cup of breastfeeds. Those mothers in the breasts and chest can choose the breastfeeding bra with steel support. In the thoracket, the bra is looking at it. This kind of autumn clothes are wearing a breastfeeding sweater outside, basically satisfying the room temperature in 16 degrees, Outdoor can choose a jacket according to temperature and weather.


This is when I was feeding this morning, I specially shot, in order to let everyone aerage. In addition, leather trousers are really good, caught where to sit, no dirty, baby’s milk addiction, I can’t manage three seven seconds, just have a stool that has not been dry, I also dare to sit! Direct coat disuppence, sweaters open the lock, autumn clothes, then seamlessly, you are not embarrassed to sit on a male compatriots, he really can’t see it. The most important thing is that the waist and belly are good, not feel cold at all, and the perfect solution is constantly farting due to the cool fart caused by feeding …

Rong Mom said that there is no tabogen, saying that it is said that it is unrestrained in the unauthorized part. However, everyone has experienced people who have lived and marinated after delivery, and I also can’t do it when I treat a big girl. Euphemism.

Regarding the breastfeeding port setting of breastfeeding, there are many kinds, two pieces of direct lying, a buckle and zipper, zipper, also divided into a font and bilateral type.

These kinds of honor moms have, personal feeling is best to use, the yellow dotted line is breastfeeding. One hand can hold the baby, you can get a full set of milk movements. The baby doesn’t eat clothes whole whole. It is especially true for the little moon. Recommended, but the disadvantage is that there is tailoring design, not beautiful, and it is a breastfeeding.

Secondly, it is a zipper, one of which is more than a bilateral type, because a word type can only be breastfeed on both sides, when pulling it, one hand can do, another You can hold your child, but the disadvantage is that when you pull up, you must have your hands. Some of the children can catch your clothes and sit on your legs. But if you are a baby, you must have someone. Take your child to take a button, or you get up to put your child in the car or you can liberate your hands. If you have a leisurely hate, you may have a risk, it is better to go straight Single-handed clothes are so provincial.

And the bilateral type is more work more than a word shape. When you pull it, you have to use your hands. If you want to change the side, you have to pull it on this side and then pull the other side, it is very uncomfortable. Aged baby, in the middle of breastfeeding, I have to put my child next time, so I think it is not convenient for a baby who has children with a child, too little baby is not convenient, at least to wait until the child is sitting on your leg. If you don’t help him, you will not be able to grasp this balance and then consider this, such as today’s Ideas.


Although it is not convenient to feed, it is more invisible, and the style of the clothes is very beautiful. If you go out, you will take a friend to wear it or very good, but if you just take your child, pull and pull the lock design or Many inconveniences, Rong Mom still suggest that the two most convenient.

Finally, Rong Mom is the least recommended to buy it. The buckle itself is already in trouble. One day, I have to interrupt the buckle N, and the hidden eyes will usually be more smaller. Very small, taking it very much test hand fine action, bad, bad in the child, cry, you will immediately open the fire, I can’t open the button halfway or not, it is almost inevitable, sometimes it is. It is often faulty, especially affects the image of the mother’s cleanliness.


3, snow boots

How can I have snow boots in winter! First of all, it’s a hundred, jeans, woolen socks, small dress, and David, what clothes can step on the snow boots. Second, it winds, deactivated, rainy and snow, warm performance, superior. Second, it is soft and comfortable and white, and the key is to help the socks. Rong Mom is the most fear of the ankle, I am willing to use the socks to live in the legs, so the thick socks are all my favorite wear, really warm, but the only problem is that there is no longer travel shoes. Wear, because the painting is really …

I usually go shopping in the community. If I have to go to school, I will go to school to pick up Li Darong. I often don’t pay attention to this country’s non-mainstream. It is really influence my image in front of the parents of students. The snow boots are different, even my socks are too high, I am not afraid, I can pick Li Da Rong next to Li Da, return to the home and change the cotton slippers, I don’t have to worry about the legs in the trousers, because of the glory Dad is also dressed in this family, who is suspects who ~


Datong took him to the museum for 1 year and 9 months. At that time, I was pregnant for 6 months.


The most important thing is that the snow boots are so off, one hand is holding a cart, can you wear in minutes! Going home, don’t use your bending shoes, you don’t have to sit on the stool to make your strength to pull the boots, two feet are abrupt, take off each other, take off, one second to change cotton slippers! It is impossible to be convenient. Most of the mother who took the door and played a lot of experience. When I got home, my child didn’t fall asleep. When I wanted to sleep, I decided that you either hugged a sleek bear child or I can’t let go of the big crying bear child home. Is this time really don’t take off your shoes? Self-playing with children, I just love to wear boat shoes, a feet and can take off boots, because I don’t expect to use hand to remove shoes, ~

This pair of UGG is really awkward for my family. When Hua Li is in Japan, I can’t mention things in Japan. I can’t mention things. I pushed bicycle to buy vegetables back to two kilometers (for exercise reduction, Japan The weight of pregnant women is very demanding), and the soft and comfortable and slippery is also very good. The key is that the previous shoes before the feet have been swollen, only this pair is off. When I arrived at Huaiyi, I was still this pair. I wore a few years of sole or soft soft, and the rain and snow weather went out and won’t be wet. The print on the picture is the trace of my rain. I finger a fifth year. After two days, I will re-correct it in two days. It is a good Han … So, sometimes it is expensive, because I can wear a long time … …


In summary, everyone can make their own brain to bring the image of the child in the week, the top of the head sweaters under the skinny boots in the socks, this special grounding dress is accompanied by me for 4 years. (When Hua Li is like this), there is only one, comfortable, convenient and I have my own style. Rong Mom naturally does not oppose the pursuit of mother’s dress, but in the case of the occasion, we need to be beautiful, we will be good. When you want to see your child, you will be pragmatic. Who knows the child who knows, bad heart The thing is so much, you can save more provinces, wear a clothes.

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