What should I wear in the late spring and early summer? Try the denim “short” jacket, fashionable and high

Although I have entered

Late spring and early summer

Season, but

Suddenly cold and hot temperature

It is still necessary to appropriately increase or decrease clothes, especially girls in the north,

Facing the temperature change frozen in the morning and evening and hot salt at noon, you should arrange a coat for yourself.

As soon as the jacket was mentioned, there may be a small windbreaker in the minds of many girls.

The most popular in the early spring of 2021 is the “short” jacket of denim, which is fashionable and thin! Next, my cousin will give you the look of the 3rs of Amway in Amway ~

Look1: Short denim jacket+black radish pants

For those girls who have started to work in winter, like


This can

Perfectly outline your legs

The single items must be Amway! Otherwise, how can I get myself in this time!

If you want to make the whole set look thinner and tall, the cousin recommends that the girls choose black radish pants. Black itself has a very powerful lean effect. Coupled with the tailoring of radish pants, it can definitely make you easily become a leg girl ~

Of course, if your waist is slender enough and you are willing to show your good figure, you can also choose one

crop top style top

With this, this can be done

Easy to show your own small waist


Arrange another one

Short denim jacket

, After the upper body, you can not only improve the whole person more



,is acceptable

Further stretch the waist lines, coupled with the thin and high effect of black radish pants, the whole person will look taller.

What needs to be noticed is



You need to pay more attention to girls. usually,

In a perfect set, at most three different colors appear

, So girls are better to choose a pair of black shoes to match them.

Want to wear more


If you, the girls may wish to arrange a pair for themselves

Black Martin boots


Black high boot


, Step out of the exclusive to you in minutes



If you wear it like this, you can definitely become the most beautiful girl on the entire street. The return rate is full ~

LOOK2: Short denim jacket+denim radish pants

Maybe some girls will feel that it will be troublesome to consider the color matching when matching. If you are a little lazy, you may wish to change it to

Denim radish pants

Intersection Not only can you show your perfect figure, but you can also enjoy the fun without tangling coloring.


Because the proportion of denim elements in the whole set is very high, a large area of ​​denim blue can also bring people a fresh and natural feeling. Combining the visual impact of the perfect body curve, it can definitely make people first in the first place in the first place. Time to remember you ~

It needs to be noticed, although

Short denim jacket and denim radish pants

The combination of combination looks comfortable, but girls still need to use color matching to further enhance the overall visual effect.

The best choice is to put a CROP TOP -style white top inside the short denim jacket. In this way, you can use the collision between white and denim blue to create a refreshing freshness.

As for the shoes, you don’t need to worry about it too much.


Whether choosing a simple and comfortable sneakers or choosing a cool boots, it is a very good choice.

It is worth mentioning that girls can also use the color of the shoes and the overall echo ~ For example, replace the lady’s black short boots below with white boots, and they can echo the inner in the upper body.

The overall looks very nice!

Look3: short denim jacket+high waist underwear

See here,

If you think that short denim jackets can only be perfectly matched with radish pants, then you are wrong!

In fact, short denim jackets are still a real “

Versatile artifact


Want to make the whole set look at it

Sigh and high

If you are, girls can also choose to


High waist


It is also possible to match together

There is a long leg of one meter two in an instant ~

I usually like to go

Fresh style route

Girls, might as well “

White and denim blue


“The color matching is well used, and it is also very easy to achieve. You only need to keep white and denim blue in the whole set.

The combination of this younger sister is very worthy of learning and reference. She chose one in the short denim jacket

White inside

, The lower body is matched with one


White high waistline pencil pants

, Step on a pair again

Small white shoes

Aging and freshness ~

For those girls who are not particularly straight and have no particularly slender legs, they can replace pencil pants with white wide -leg pants. The “disadvantages” of the ministry are hidden.


more importantly,

Another perfect advantage of wide -leg pants is that it can improve the whole set of mixing feeling. Such a sense of drag can exactly the overall vertical visual effects, and the whole person will look taller.

Is it very nice?

If you also want to show your own body advantages and wear tall and thin Feel this spring, you may also try the combination of short denim jackets that burst into fire this spring and high waist. Your unexpected little surprise ~

Short denim jacket