This year I have a kind of shoes, called “naked heel boots”, which is thin and increased in western spirit. Who knows who wearing

When you are dressing up, you often ignore the choice of shoes. Many times you put a pair of small white shoes or black boots casually. There is no meritorious. It will neither destroy the overall match nor to add color to the overall. This year’s shoes are selected, it is recommended that you wear more “naked heels”. The western style is thin and it is particularly higher. It is super elegant and high -level to wear!

The style of shoes this year is really more and more, making people look at it, cool and handsome Martin boots, young white shoes, elegant naked boots … With everyone’s preference, some more foreign and design shoes have entered everyone’s sight. Today, I will bring you a fashionable and fashionable shoes- “naked heel boots”.

First: What is “naked heel boots”?


>>>> Shoes Analysis: Nude, Belt

To satisfy the nude color+heel boots, both boots or short boots can be called “naked heel boots”. The so -called nude color refers to solid -color boots. There is no extra color, simple and clean, and highlight the charm of solid color. In addition, in addition to nude color, naked heel boots are more simple than other boots, and there are no excessive decorations on the side zipper and upper. The position of the shoes is lower, the simpler the higher the more simple!

>>>> style refinement: elegant, temperament, commute


Why is nude heel boots so popular? It originated from the style of style, the shoes of the shoes are very smooth, the effect of modifying the legs of the legs is better. It is matched with simple colors, commuting and versatile, which is very suitable for office workers. Cool pants can be paired with any kind of bottom, don’t worry too much.


Second: How to wear “naked heel boots”?

Key points 1, color matching two or two echo (at least one place in the same color)


Naked heel boots, the same color, will look more durable. In the overall match, whether or down the top, it is recommended that you have at least one item to keep the same color with the naked boots. Like the group of apricot -colored nude heels with apricot coat, a large area of ​​apricot color is made of the ultimate gentleness, which looks gentle and elegant!

Large area of ​​two echoes will make the overall style more simple. Naked boots and hats form a small area of ​​echoes. Between one up and down, it instantly refine. Black naked heel boots, elegant and chic, with a certain color of the same color, adds a lot of delicateness. This combination formula is replaced with bright -colored naked boots, such as brownish yellow and reddish brown is also very suitable, and it is even more echoed in a small range.

Key points 2. The overall color tone is refreshing and clear

The temperature gradually warms up, and I hope that everyone will wear more light and bright colors. It is refreshing as clear as possible in the choice and color matching of naked boots to avoid thick and dull. If you really do n’t know how to match, I recommend that you try the following refreshing color matching:

Oatmeal+brownish yellow

Oats -colored sweater, with a khaki skirt, all belong to the earth color system, gentle and simple, in contrast to skin tone, the effect of brightening skin tone is very good. The matching is more gentle, the overall color is unknown, and the atmosphere is strong.

卡 Lake blue+khaki color

Lake blue coats, uncommon colors, are enough to be eye -catching. People with fair skin must try it. The face of the face is very good. A lot of low,

Bright and dark contrast, very layered


Essence This set of matching is used in the principle of light and dark. Everyone can learn more when dressing, and it is applicable to any pair of low -saturated shoes+bright colors.


紫 White+blue -purple

Wearing purple alone is easy to show older. Matching with white can make wear lighter and more age reduction. White naked heel boots with white coats, clean and simple, with purple base and white printed dresses inside. The combination of simplified combinations are both bright and not fancy!

Third: “Naked Heel Boots” matching guide


(1) Paired with cropped pants

Wearing boots, it is recommended that everyone with cropped pants. Do not accumulate between the boots and the feet, otherwise the ankle will be thicker. If the material of the naked heel boots is softer and the boots are tight, you can cover the boots mouth in the mouth of the boots. In trousers. In addition to choosing cropped pants, the width of the trousers is better than naked heel boots.

There is a dew space between the naked pants and the naked and boots, which can break the dullness instantly, even if the whole body is black, it will not press it! The exposed skin can be visually lengtherable to the purpose of increased.


TIPS: You can choose the nine -point pants, and the trousers can be lifted up with the trousers. It can also create the effect of exposed skin!

(2) With trousers, pay attention to the toe selection

Nurple pants are high and thin, but some people still like to wear trousers, which is warm enough! Wearing trousers with naked heels, the shape of the toe is worth noting. Choose the naked heels with a pointed head, extend the length of the upper, cover the upper of the trousers of trousers, and expose the pointed toe. It will not look too dull. With a little high heels, the legs are longer.

Look1: wide -leg pants+naked boots

The loose dark -colored wide -leg pants with black naked heel boots, the comparison contrast is light, choose the pointed naked heel boots, the lines extend from the ankle to the toe, super long legs! In addition, the lower version is relatively large, and the nude heel boots are more advantageous. It is more slender to maintain the lightness with exquisite naked heel boots.


Look2: small foot pants+naked boots

All pants that are tightened inward can be called small feet pants. The version is more slim, and it looks even more impressive. In this set of small foot pants+naked boots, the legs are good -looking to try the pants in the pants,

Put your trousers into the boots of naked heel boots

It looks lighter, but limited to naked boots with low tube. Or you can pick up your pants a little and leave some distance for naked heels to avoid bloating.


(3) With skirt, highlight the style


Naked heels with skirts can wear various styles, elegant or sweet, handle. The naked boots of the long tube are very suitable for women with poor legs. The loose boots are strong enough to cover the shortcomings of the legs. They are elegant with long skirts or short skirts! Intersection

▶ How to match naked heel boots and long skirts?

In early spring, we must remember to keep warm, knitted knitted dresses with high -heeled boots, reducing the area of ​​exposed legs, and warmer to wear. The knitted fabric is soft and soft. It will be better to choose a straight -type loose knitted dress, which is thinner and taller. There is some distance between the boots and the skirt, which looks taller.


The combination of nude heel boots is introduced here, elegant and foreign, this year is necessary! Have you learned these tips in the article?