The best moisturizing cream for word of mouth: Each one is true love, and you are a tender white skin

Astragalus cream

The third type is astragalus cream, the old domestic brand, the buyers are very many, the reputation is very good, the cheap and easy to use, so the repurchase rate is very high, so I often break the stock. Don’t miss it if you like this. This kind of cream is added. Chinese medicine ingredients can make our skin care more mild and non -irritating. At the same time, the maximum content of Chinese herbal medicines can help our skin whitening and freckle. Of course, although this cream effect is very good, and the price is very low. Buy more at a time. Buy more at a time. The last few of them will not be distressed at all, insist on use, and the effect of getting yellow is great.

花 cream

The main effect: moisturizing, anti -aging, antioxidant

Main ingredients: Lotus Extract: Antioxidant; “Seven Effect Curbers” developed uniquely developed by Fu Lei Shi, fix the skin in a better state to maintain the “first muscle” state of water tender, full, and transparent : It consists of two types of hyaluronic acid to reduce water loss while replenishing water; Asuka extraction: effectively repairing the water barrier, lasting moisturizing;


Suitable for skin texture: oily, mixed skin, more suitable for mature muscles

The texture is the kind of water condensate, which is slightly thinner than frost, so the upper face is very comfortable and has no thickness, easy to push away, the feeling of use is refreshing and not greasy. Leishi Fresh Lotus Cream is a fragrant cucumber. This fragrance may make you fall in love with it accidentally.


The tight moisturizing cream of the Lotus Lotus is also known as the Lotus Lotus Anti -Old Cream. It is a cream with anti -aging, antioxidant and moisturizing effects, and is also the hottest one in the Lei Lei Poetry Cream.


The texture is relatively thin, refreshing and non -greasy, and it is more suitable for oily skin or oily skin. Dry skin is best used together. The effect will be better.

FAB emergency cream

This first aid cream is used for the editor’s autumn and winter love. As a oil skin, I really feel easy to use. Girls who recommend oil and mixed -oil skin can be used as repair and first aid when the skin is severely dehydrated. After use, it feels not oily.

Its paste is this milky white frost that looks thick, but it is well absorbed. The core ingredient is colloid oats and murmide, which can be comparable to the “mystery of the sea blue” of the lady’s cream. The cheap effect is good ~

Huayu Ji Rose Cream

Keywords: tiring tightness, anti -early old, whitening and hydrating antioxidant

Use season: spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons


It is said that a bottle of Huayu collection of rose cream is equivalent to five effects of lotion, lotion, beauty liquid, mask, and cream. It contains Malaysian rose essential oil and rose pure dew, which can whiten, hydrate, brighten the skin tone, and can significantly resist aging, repair fine lines, heal fine lines and dull problems. Let our skin have the touch of moisturizing Q bombs anyway, and it emits the tender and luster of water from the inside out.

Because I often stay up late, the skin pores are thick and dull, and the cream is really the blessing of my sensitive muscle. The texture of the gel is very thin and light. This texture can make the skin faster and better. Absorb, dig a small tuo to feel the gentle texture on the face, moisturize each inch of skin, the ductility and permeability are very good after applying the cream that is quickly absorbed to show matte texture. The skin is serious recently. After the cream is moisturizing, the skin becomes smooth, soft, and the most important gloss also increases the skin hydration, and the complexion of the whole person will be improved;

Especially staying up late, apply a layer at night, the skin is like applying a protective film. The skin is very soft and slippery when I get up the next morning. I can’t see the traces of staying up late. Obviously white and moisturizing, moisturizing and firmer.

The best moisturizing cream for word of mouth: Each one is true love, and you are a tender white skin